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3059BugComment metadata accumulates to following writes from earlier writes with empty change setsDB client2011-12-23 03:48 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3074BugApros6 bugs 4028. After importing icon profiles for LARA the system hangs.DB client2012-01-10 02:32 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm2.00
3079BugWorkbench search produces browser exception with XP and IE72012-01-11 01:08 am2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3081BugDisable debug/profiling/logging information in ModelTransferableGraphRequest2012-01-11 11:39 am2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3084BugAdd key binding for contextualHelp command2012-01-11 05:44 pm2012-12-29 10:57 am0.00
3087BugRemove duplicate ViewpointSelectorQueryProcessor class from browsing framework2012-01-11 07:30 pm2012-12-29 10:57 am0.00
3088BugPrevent removal of diagram elements in mapping2012-01-12 12:48 am2012-12-29 10:57 am0.00
3089BugDiagram runtime model management problems with route graph connections and undo/redo.2012-01-12 01:49 am2012-12-29 10:58 am1.00
3090BugMonitor copy paste fails with connection monitors2012-01-12 02:48 am2012-12-29 10:58 am0.00
3092BugWriteGraph.deny policy changed for virtual graph requestsDB client2012-01-12 12:30 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3095BugSelection view for SVG images freezes2012-01-12 02:24 pm2012-12-29 10:58 am0.00
3096BugApros6 bugs. When lifting an output signal flag, two connections are left to the terminal.2012-01-12 06:33 pm2012-12-29 10:58 am0.00
3104BugJoining a split in a branched connection fails2012-01-13 01:48 pm2012-12-29 11:01 am0.00
3108BugFix the npe problem in Apros bugs 4210.2012-01-13 03:04 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm1.00
3109BugRemove org.simantics.data from simantics.psf2012-01-13 04:23 pm2012-12-29 11:01 am0.00
3110BugSupport file name case-insensitive image import for jpeg, png, gif and svg2012-01-13 05:14 pm2012-12-29 11:01 am0.00
3111BugFatal slowdown in dependency handling2012-01-13 09:28 pm2012-12-29 11:02 am0.00
3112BugLarge writes consume lots of memory and fail2012-01-14 01:02 am2012-12-29 11:02 am0.00
3113BugWidget is disposed in TimerContribution2012-01-16 09:03 am2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3116BugNPE in SWTWikiBrowser2012-01-16 11:17 am2012-12-29 11:03 am0.00
3117BugDocument view editing fails on block-selection of text2012-01-16 11:25 am2012-12-29 11:07 am0.00
3119BugRoute graph connection split sets wrong initial flag types2012-01-16 05:02 pm2012-12-29 11:04 am0.00
3121Bug(Databoard) Create class from Datatype /To2012-01-17 02:40 pm2012-12-29 10:56 am0.00
3122BugEditorNamingService crashes with non-existing resource inputs2012-01-17 04:40 pm2012-12-29 11:04 am0.00
3131BugView toolbar glitch in Eclipse RCP2012-01-18 10:55 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3132BugMake Eclipse 3.7.1 available for target platform use2012-01-19 12:01 am2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3139BugBatch validation issues have broken issue context definitions2012-01-22 12:36 am2012-01-23 02:03 pm0.00
3062FeatureAdd support for modelling and invoking help contexts2012-01-10 08:33 am2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3063FeatureDB client refactorings2012-01-10 08:34 am2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3065Feature(APROS) Renaming support for the symbols of component types /H2012-01-10 09:21 am2012-12-29 11:25 am0.00
3066FeatureFix metadata in canceling of transactions /Ka2012-01-10 10:13 am2012-12-29 11:13 am2.00
3068FeatureFix automatic db testing for regression and others suites /Ka /Ja2012-01-10 10:18 am2012-12-29 11:13 am2.00
3070FeatureFix erroneous broken ordered set - message from Graph Debugger with L0.List2012-01-10 10:25 am2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3071FeatureSomething freezes for example after Apros profile import and show profile view.2012-01-10 10:45 am2012-01-23 02:02 pm1.00
3072FeatureWrites with nothing but metadata need to produce correct revisions.2012-01-10 10:50 am2012-12-29 11:13 am2.00
3080FeatureRefactoring of declaration of connection point definitions2012-01-11 10:14 am2012-12-29 11:25 am0.00
3085FeatureGraph Debugger lookup using URIs2012-01-11 05:53 pm2012-12-29 11:26 am0.00
3097FeatureModelled view refactoring2012-01-12 11:20 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3098FeatureWorkbench selection model refactoring2012-01-12 11:22 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3099FeatureCreate a view for showing documentation for workbench selection2012-01-12 11:25 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3102FeatureIssue system refactoring2012-01-13 08:20 am2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3115FeatureUndo support to org.simantics.structural.flattening2012-01-16 11:13 am2012-12-29 11:25 am0.00
3076SupportCreate stable branch2012-01-10 08:34 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3083EnhancementChange default subscription interval from 0.0s (infinite) to 1.0s2012-01-11 05:43 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3100EnhancementChange L0 change set validator to interpret relation domain/range as a disjunctionDB client2012-01-12 11:26 pm2012-01-23 02:02 pm0.00
3101Enhancement(Apros #4201) Emphasize terminal-populated component type connection points in model browser2012-01-13 02:28 am2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3103EnhancementImport SVG files to bottom of diagram by default, not front2012-01-13 10:08 am2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3105EnhancementTerminology clarification for users: component types have terminals, not connection points2012-01-13 01:50 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3106Enhancement(Apros) Use Dependencies index to get rid of specific Modules index 2012-01-13 02:34 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3118EnhancementAdd Tapio's changes to simantics repository.2012-01-16 04:09 pm2012-12-29 11:22 am0.00
3135EnhancementUI command handler activeWhen criteria makes contents of views jump unnecessarily when activated/inactivated2012-01-19 02:28 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
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3120Bug(History) Refactoring "History2" /ToExperiment2012-01-17 02:38 pm2012-01-26 12:51 am0.00
3142BugRemove composite redundancy from RVI format.2012-01-23 02:22 pm2012-12-29 11:06 am1.00
3145BugFix trunk project set2012-01-24 08:07 pm2012-12-29 11:04 am0.00
3147BugHandle RouteTerminals in RouteGraph.IntervalCache.create2012-01-25 11:21 am2012-12-29 11:04 am0.00
3154BugReadGraph.getPossibleValue(Resource) does not work with custom datatypes. 2012-01-25 04:10 pm2012-02-02 12:15 am
3157BugSupport exporting TG from virtual graphs2012-01-25 07:16 pm2012-12-29 11:07 am0.00
3160BugSelection view scene graph loader leaks DB listeners2012-01-25 10:55 pm2012-12-29 11:07 am0.00
3163BugPrevent firing of metadata listeners for virtual writes2012-01-26 01:53 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3164BugAll changes to statements should produce component modifications in DependencyChanges2012-01-26 01:55 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3165BugRefactoring of db utilities2012-01-26 01:56 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3166BugAllow exclusion of joins in ConnectionSet2012-01-26 01:57 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3167BugRefactoring and optimization of dependency issues2012-01-26 01:58 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3171BugDiagram connection splitter produces invalid flags2012-01-27 12:32 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3174Bugos.platform.ui feature should include os.image feature2012-01-30 10:50 am2012-02-02 12:15 am0.00
3177BugUpdate plug-in version dependencies to Eclipse wikitext plug-ins2012-01-30 03:16 pm2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3178BugTgResourceUtil stack overflows with recursive type variants2012-01-30 04:38 pm2012-02-03 10:52 am0.00
3184BugCopying connections on diagram is broken2012-02-02 11:02 am2012-12-29 11:08 am0.00
3185BugFix SWT resource leaks2012-02-02 12:28 pm2012-02-06 10:52 am0.00
3191BugTerminalInformer does not nullify status bar error message to show messages2012-02-03 02:37 pm2012-02-03 02:40 pm0.00
3141FeatureTG format change regarding value representation in graph compiler2012-01-23 02:11 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am1.00
3152FeatureAdd toString into StructuralChanges2012-01-25 02:26 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3153FeatureMove experiments folder from ProjectViewpoint to product specific ontologies /TuModel browser2012-01-25 03:37 pm2012-02-02 12:15 am0.00
3156FeatureEvents view changes for Apros2012-01-25 07:15 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3170FeatureImplement integration of virtual graph into persistent graph.2012-01-26 09:57 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3173FeatureSupport context discovery and selection in GraphExplorer2012-01-27 03:41 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3190FeatureCreate a stress test for virtual graphsDB client2012-02-03 01:27 pm2012-06-15 10:18 am0.00
2967SupportVirtualGraph corrupts when lots of data is written into itDB client2011-09-23 03:15 pm2012-06-15 10:18 am1.00
3161SupportMerge trunk to stable for sprint 2012-1 /Tu2012-01-25 11:09 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3192SupportRemove deprecated ModellingSelectionProcessor2012-02-03 05:02 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3146EnhancementMove generic PerformDefaultAction into org.simantics.ui2012-01-25 09:35 am2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3155EnhancementRename Default monitor template to Simple 2012-01-25 06:39 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3158EnhancementModelled dialog modifier support for fonts2012-01-25 09:15 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3159EnhancementPrevent no-op TranslateElement operations on diagram2012-01-25 10:53 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
3162EnhancementSave and load History to IC. Write with Basetime (time shift).2012-01-26 12:54 am2012-12-29 11:22 am0.00
3180EnhancementHistory should support variable sized entries2012-01-31 09:19 am2012-12-29 11:22 am0.00
3182EnhancementRefactoring Simantics-facades2012-02-01 02:16 pm2012-12-29 11:13 am0.00
3193EnhancementColumn space grabbing for BasicPropertyTab2012-02-03 05:02 pm2012-12-29 11:16 am0.00
  2012-3 30 Collapse all/Expand all
2965BugCan't set ISelectionProvider for multiple property tabs in TabbedPropertyTable /Tu2011-09-19 11:32 am2012-02-27 09:50 am3.00
3175BugCSV Issues /To2012-01-30 01:30 pm2012-02-21 04:34 pm0.00
3186BugFix FetchChangeSets routine in ManagementSupport interface.DB client2012-02-02 04:45 pm2012-02-27 09:50 am3.00
3189BugResourceBindings with references to disposed Session services are left in Bindings cache (shows with unit tests).2012-02-03 07:59 am2012-12-29 11:32 am0.00
3196BugAdd ConsistsOf statements to TG in graph compiler /H2012-02-06 11:24 am2012-02-27 09:49 am2.00
3204BugFix potential NPE and duplicated work bug in StyleBase /Tu2012-02-08 04:03 pm2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00
3205BugFix AbstractVariable.browseProperties bugs /Tu2012-02-08 08:19 pm2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00
3207BugAdd custom matching strategy for resource editor inputs /Tu2012-02-09 12:25 am2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00
3214BugFix org.lobobrowser.cobra for JDK7 /Tu2012-02-09 05:44 pm2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00
3216BugFind out why ensureLoaded fails mysteriously.DB client2012-02-10 06:04 pm2012-02-27 10:28 am8.00
3227BugLabels should be removed when disconnecting flags /Tu2012-02-20 01:53 pm2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00
3228BugGenerate labels for flags that become diagram-locally connected during cut-paste operation /Tu2012-02-20 03:39 pm2012-12-29 11:20 am0.00

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