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2809FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want to see plots in a 2D chart with specified constant y-axis scales
2836FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want to see milestone events as vertical markers in time series charts
2837FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want to control which milestone events are shown in a time series chart
2838FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want to see milestone event descriptions on the chart
2834FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want binary trends stacked on top of each other
2835FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want binary trends rendered as filled polygons instead of lines
2185FeatureClosedAs a modeller, I want to zoom in and out of charts using mouse wheelTuukka Lehtonen
716SupportClosedUpdate org.apache.lucene to latest releaseTuukka Lehtonen
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3067TaskClosedIntegrate Tapios tests into db test suite /KaKalle Kondelin
3077TaskClosedCreate project set or CQUERY for materializing stable branchTuukka Lehtonen
3078TaskClosedCreate branches in SVNTuukka Lehtonen
3125TaskClosedBranch for building stable SDKTuukka Lehtonen
3126TaskClosedJenkins build for stable SDK (w+w/o source)Tuukka Lehtonen
3136TaskClosedCreate build site & resource maps for stable branchTuukka Lehtonen
3074BugClosedApros6 bugs 4028. After importing icon profiles for LARA the system hangs.Kalle Kondelin
3072FeatureClosedWrites with nothing but metadata need to produce correct revisions.Antti Villberg
3071FeatureClosedSomething freezes for example after Apros profile import and show profile view.Kalle Kondelin
3070FeatureRejectedFix erroneous broken ordered set - message from Graph Debugger with L0.ListAntti Villberg
3068FeatureClosedFix automatic db testing for regression and others suites /Ka /JaAntti Villberg
3066FeatureClosedFix metadata in canceling of transactions /KaAntti Villberg
3121BugClosed(Databoard) Create class from Datatype /ToToni Kalajainen
3063FeatureClosedDB client refactoringsAntti Villberg
3097FeatureClosedModelled view refactoringAntti Villberg
3102FeatureClosedIssue system refactoringAntti Villberg
3098FeatureClosedWorkbench selection model refactoringAntti Villberg
3099FeatureClosedCreate a view for showing documentation for workbench selectionAntti Villberg
3062FeatureClosedAdd support for modelling and invoking help contextsAntti Villberg
3065FeatureClosed(APROS) Renaming support for the symbols of component types /HHannu Niemistö
3079BugClosedWorkbench search produces browser exception with XP and IE7Tuukka Lehtonen
3076SupportClosedCreate stable branchTuukka Lehtonen
3081BugClosedDisable debug/profiling/logging information in ModelTransferableGraphRequestTuukka Lehtonen
3080FeatureClosedRefactoring of declaration of connection point definitionsHannu Niemistö
3083EnhancementClosedChange default subscription interval from 0.0s (infinite) to 1.0sTuukka Lehtonen
3084BugClosedAdd key binding for contextualHelp commandTuukka Lehtonen
3087BugClosedRemove duplicate ViewpointSelectorQueryProcessor class from browsing frameworkTuukka Lehtonen
3088BugClosedPrevent removal of diagram elements in mappingHannu Niemistö
3089BugClosedDiagram runtime model management problems with route graph connections and undo/redo.Tuukka Lehtonen
3090BugClosedMonitor copy paste fails with connection monitorsTuukka Lehtonen
3092BugClosedWriteGraph.deny policy changed for virtual graph requestsTuukka Lehtonen
3095BugClosedSelection view for SVG images freezesAntti Villberg
3085FeatureClosedGraph Debugger lookup using URIsTuukka Lehtonen
3096BugClosedApros6 bugs. When lifting an output signal flag, two connections are left to the terminal.Hannu Niemistö
3100EnhancementClosedChange L0 change set validator to interpret relation domain/range as a disjunctionTuukka Lehtonen
3101EnhancementClosed(Apros #4201) Emphasize terminal-populated component type connection points in model browserTuukka Lehtonen
3103EnhancementClosedImport SVG files to bottom of diagram by default, not frontTuukka Lehtonen
3059BugClosedComment metadata accumulates to following writes from earlier writes with empty change setsKalle Kondelin
3104BugClosedJoining a split in a branched connection failsHannu Niemistö
3105EnhancementClosedTerminology clarification for users: component types have terminals, not connection pointsTuukka Lehtonen
3106EnhancementClosed(Apros) Use Dependencies index to get rid of specific Modules index Tuukka Lehtonen
3108BugClosedFix the npe problem in Apros bugs 4210.Kalle Kondelin
3109BugClosedRemove from simantics.psfTuukka Lehtonen
3110BugClosedSupport file name case-insensitive image import for jpeg, png, gif and svgTuukka Lehtonen
3111BugClosedFatal slowdown in dependency handlingAntti Villberg
3112BugClosedLarge writes consume lots of memory and failAntti Villberg
3113BugClosedWidget is disposed in TimerContributionTuukka Lehtonen
3115FeatureClosedUndo support to org.simantics.structural.flatteningHannu Niemistö
3116BugClosedNPE in SWTWikiBrowserTuukka Lehtonen
3117BugClosedDocument view editing fails on block-selection of textAntti Villberg
3118EnhancementClosedAdd Tapio's changes to simantics repository.Kalle Kondelin
3119BugClosedRoute graph connection split sets wrong initial flag typesTuukka Lehtonen
3122BugClosedEditorNamingService crashes with non-existing resource inputsTuukka Lehtonen
3131BugClosedView toolbar glitch in Eclipse RCPTuukka Lehtonen
3132BugClosedMake Eclipse 3.7.1 available for target platform useTuukka Lehtonen
3135EnhancementClosedUI command handler activeWhen criteria makes contents of views jump unnecessarily when activated/inactivatedTuukka Lehtonen
3139BugClosedBatch validation issues have broken issue context definitionsAntti Villberg
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3142BugClosedRemove composite redundancy from RVI format.Antti Villberg
3141FeatureClosedTG format change regarding value representation in graph compilerTuukka Lehtonen
2967SupportClosedVirtualGraph corrupts when lots of data is written into itKalle Kondelin
3120BugClosed(History) Refactoring "History2" /ToToni Kalajainen
3145BugClosedFix trunk project setTuukka Lehtonen
3146EnhancementClosedMove generic PerformDefaultAction into org.simantics.uiTuukka Lehtonen
3147BugClosedHandle RouteTerminals in RouteGraph.IntervalCache.createHannu Niemistö
3152FeatureClosedAdd toString into StructuralChangesAntti Villberg
3153FeatureClosedMove experiments folder from ProjectViewpoint to product specific ontologies /TuTuukka Lehtonen
3154BugClosedReadGraph.getPossibleValue(Resource) does not work with custom datatypes. Tuukka Lehtonen
3155EnhancementClosedRename Default monitor template to Simple Tuukka Lehtonen
3156FeatureClosedEvents view changes for AprosTuukka Lehtonen
3157BugClosedSupport exporting TG from virtual graphsTuukka Lehtonen
3158EnhancementClosedModelled dialog modifier support for fontsTuukka Lehtonen
3159EnhancementClosedPrevent no-op TranslateElement operations on diagramTuukka Lehtonen
3160BugClosedSelection view scene graph loader leaks DB listenersTuukka Lehtonen
3161SupportClosedMerge trunk to stable for sprint 2012-1 /TuTuukka Lehtonen
3162EnhancementClosedSave and load History to IC. Write with Basetime (time shift).Toni Kalajainen
3163BugClosedPrevent firing of metadata listeners for virtual writesAntti Villberg
3164BugClosedAll changes to statements should produce component modifications in DependencyChangesAntti Villberg
3165BugClosedRefactoring of db utilitiesAntti Villberg
3166BugClosedAllow exclusion of joins in ConnectionSetAntti Villberg
3167BugClosedRefactoring and optimization of dependency issuesAntti Villberg
3170FeatureClosedImplement integration of virtual graph into persistent graph.Antti Villberg
3171BugClosedDiagram connection splitter produces invalid flagsAntti Villberg
3173FeatureClosedSupport context discovery and selection in GraphExplorerAntti Villberg
3174BugClosedos.platform.ui feature should include os.image featureTuukka Lehtonen
3177BugClosedUpdate plug-in version dependencies to Eclipse wikitext plug-insTuukka Lehtonen
3178BugClosedTgResourceUtil stack overflows with recursive type variantsToni Kalajainen
3180EnhancementClosedHistory should support variable sized entriesToni Kalajainen
3182EnhancementClosedRefactoring Simantics-facadesAntti Villberg
3184BugClosedCopying connections on diagram is brokenTuukka Lehtonen
3185BugClosedFix SWT resource leaksTuukka Lehtonen
3190FeatureClosedCreate a stress test for virtual graphsAntti Villberg
3191BugClosedTerminalInformer does not nullify status bar error message to show messagesTuukka Lehtonen

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