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7710EnhancementRejected4ListInfo and ListInfoRequest for caching elementPredicate and inverse

7321BugRejected4Initialization of index failed due an exception in deletion of a index folder

7302BugRejected4Default property editing should not write literals that are exactly same as asserted

7161FeatureRejected4jsonValues parsing function into Simantics/DB

6928EnhancementRejected4Use Logger instead of stdout/stderr for diagnostic printing

6873SupportRejected4Test sysdyn on top of 1.25 / Antti

5281BugRejected4Create new version of UC within a model fails when UC is instantiated in a diagram

5034EnhancementRejected4Replace Variable.get[Possible]PropertyValue(graph, String) invocations with more direct methods where available


3389BugRejected4BrowserComponent leaks memory

3367BugRejected4Unopened modelled views create unnecessary listeners /A

3343SupportRejected4Regression test failure changes /Jenkins

3133BugRejected4Build and publish javadoc for 1.5, 1.6, stable and trunk

3086EnhancementRejected4Workbench search trim enhancement: choose action dialog for URI/$ResourceID inputs

2898TaskRejected4Make GraphExplorerImpl work when SWT.VIRTUAL is removed from the SWT Tree.0.00

2894FeatureRejected4As a modeller, I want to export certain revision of the database

2821FeatureRejected4As a developer, I want to use virtual graphs to create a transient modification to the database

2790FeatureRejected4As an administrator, I want to control who can publish and synchronize to the version control server

2458BugRejected4Workaround in DependenciesRelation

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3070FeatureRejected4Fix erroneous broken ordered set - message from Graph Debugger with L0.List

  Hannu Niemistö 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6036BugRejected4Deadlock during workbench startup in SCL module compilation

  Jani Simomaa 2 Collapse all/Expand all
7610EnhancementRejected4Add insertBefore to ListUtils

4293BugRejected4Document editor can't be opened

  Kalle Kondelin 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6743BugRejected4Strange DnD initialization problems

  Marko Luukkainen 2 Collapse all/Expand all
6405BugRejected1TransferableGraph based copy paste seems to change some double values

6059SupportRejected4Create Simantics DB Linux build

  Tuukka Lehtonen 5 Collapse all/Expand all
7263SupportRejected4Simantics 1.30.0 release engineering

6795SupportRejected4Backport platform changes for 1.22.3 to support Simupedia-based Apros Operation UIs

6794SupportRejected4Simantics 1.22.3 release engineering

5563BugRejected4Compile ProCoreServer for (Ubuntu) Linux and Mac OS X

3902EnhancementRejected4Investigate how to invoke Eclipse standard copy handler from Simantics StandardCopyHandler to enable copying of text to SWT clipboard


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