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6919BugNew4Cancel does not restore changes to clustersets2018-02-16 05:13 pm

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7713BugNew4Acorn: Deadlock during snapshotting2018-02-13 11:48 pm

7724BugNew4Acorn: Cluster memory usage book-keeping problems2018-02-13 11:48 pm

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6895SupportNew4Documentation/help guidelines2018-01-25 02:38 pm

6921SupportNew4Document the current logging mechanisms in Simantics2017-01-30 12:17 pm

6935EnhancementNew4Experiment around with AERI2017-01-04 01:54 pm

6981FeatureNew4Incorporate MathJax in the wiki documentation system2017-01-17 12:23 pm

6990BugNew4InternalCompilerError with SCL CHR rule definitions2017-05-30 10:51 am

6991BugNew4ReadGraph.getAssertedStatements does not do proper shadowing for functional properties in inherited types2017-02-06 12:22 pm

6992SupportNew4Add support/instructions for writing database (regression) tests for the platform2018-02-16 05:19 pm

6993EnhancementNew4Generate Help-Contents dynamically for all components and libraries2017-01-20 10:44 am

7001EnhancementNew4Support for STS unit testing2018-01-25 08:08 pm

7005BugNew4"Installed groups" project information in the database is not updated when new features are installed2017-04-26 01:03 am

7009BugNew4Acorn related deadlock v22018-02-16 03:59 pm

7061BugNew4Document SCL effect semantics2017-03-02 05:12 pm

7089EnhancementNew4Refactor structural synchronization SDK2017-03-21 11:38 am

7093FeatureNew4Exception support in SCL2018-01-25 08:07 pm

7130BugNew4Shared library export fails if a shared library is not selected2017-04-05 02:53 pm

7143EnhancementNew4G3D NodeMap interface changes2017-04-18 01:45 pm

7239BugNew4Cached value of a Variable referencing an asserted property is not updated when a literal is added 2018-01-25 02:38 pm

7247BugNew4Allow for multiple threads with SVGCache2017-05-30 10:37 am

7248EnhancementNew4Contributions to Ctrl+Shift+R2018-01-25 02:38 pm

7249EnhancementNew4Include profile monitor bounds to diagram bounds2017-05-30 10:37 am

7256BugNew4SCL console refresh modules button does not detect changes in external module files2017-05-30 10:37 am

7262BugNew4Prefer the symbols defined in the same module when resolving symbol references2017-06-01 12:04 am

7310BugNew4SysDyn property view for variables is broken2018-02-16 03:54 pm

7360EnhancementNew4Fix and improve TG discovery support in TG export/import2018-02-16 03:53 pm

7361BugNew4Broken tab contribution sorting causes missing contributions2018-01-25 02:38 pm

7445EnhancementNew4Implement console buffer size limitation for SCL Console2018-01-25 02:38 pm

7451BugNew4Support renaming SCL modules and scripts while editor is open2017-08-26 11:21 am

7502BugNew4RouteGraph rendering ignores duplicate RoutePoints with identical coordinates2017-09-25 09:00 am

7620BugNew4Shared library dependencies not updated when migrating to new version2017-11-15 09:03 am

7641BugNew4Cancelling transaction does not work after performing nested delayed sync write2017-11-24 12:53 pm

7652BugNew4It's possible to delete same item in model browser multiple times2017-11-30 01:56 pm

7725SupportNew4March 7th webinar2018-01-25 02:35 pm

7726SupportNew4Move services to a cloud VM2018-01-25 02:40 pm

7729BugNew4Deleting a large shared library takes few minutes if SCL Issues view is open2018-01-29 03:36 pm


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