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7682BugReplace OrientationRestorer TimerTask usage with ScheduledExecutor1.32.0Replace use of @Timer@ and @TimerTask@ with @ScheduledExecutor@ in G2D @OrientationRestorer@ to prevent the system from piling up timer task executions while the machine is sleeping.
7686BugDisable forced model activation after migration1.32.0Fixed automatic imported root (model) activation (see #7456) to be both optional and written correctly into the @activations@ virtual graph.
7689BugMinor fixes for SCLExpressionIssueProviderscl, issue, 1.32.0
7690BugBTree creates multiple child resources with the same name1.32.0Fix for graph database B-Tree structure node naming uniqueness.
7692BugTimeoutingRequest uses listener as procedure1.32.0, db@RequestUtil.TimeoutingRequest@ now supports also @Listeners@, not just @Procedures@.
7694BugAdd missing feature requirement from org.simantics.tests.modelled.ui.feature1.32.0
7698BugExtent of variable frames is too largescl, compiler, 1.32.0Fixed variable frame extent too large problem in SCL compiler. See test case in issue description for more information.
7699BugPossibility to edit graph files in external editor with listening supportdb, listener, editor, 1.32.0Support write-back of externally edited files that are stored in the graph database. The implementation uses @WatchService@ to listen to changes in the temporary files written to the file system from the database for opening in the external editor initially. When the user saves the file in the external editor, the WatchService listener triggers a write-back of the file to the database.
7705BugAdd more Throwable & Exception handling functionality to Prelude SCL module1.32.0, scl, preludeImprovements to Throwable/Exception handling in SCL Prelude.
7695FeatureCompilation of SCL expressions from SCLscl, expression, compiler, 1.32.0New module SCL/Expressions that have functions for compiling and executing SCL-expressions.
7667EnhancementAdd edit menu to desktop applications1.32.0, desktop, menuAdded Edit main toolbar menu to @org.simantics.desktop.ui@ so that all products based on the Simantics Desktop product will have an Edit menu with standard editing actions included.
7671EnhancementStyle support in IListItem1.32.0Added style support for via @String getStyle()@ method.
7680EnhancementAdd MMap.clone1.32.0Added function @clone@ to SCL module @MMap@.
7681EnhancementHTTP/Client SCL module for HTTP requestsscl, api, http, 1.32.0New SCL module @HTTP/Client@ for performing HTTP requests with standard JAX-RS APIs.
7683EnhancementFind SCL references in SCLModuleEditor with Ctrl+Shift+G1.32.0, search, key-bindingSupport the standard Eclipse IDE @CTRL+SHIFT+G@ key binding in SCL module editor as well for searching for references to the symbol under the keyboard cursor.
7687EnhancementnameOfFile into File module1.32.0, scl, apiAdded @nameOfFile :: File -> String@ to @File@ module.
7703EnhancementAdd function pmap1.32.0, scl, apiAdded function @pmap :: (a -> <Proc> b) -> [a] -> <Proc> [b]@ to @Async@ module.
7707Enhancementwrite method to Files.scl1.32.0, scl, apiAdded function @write :: Path -> Vector Byte -> Vector OpenOption -> <Proc,Exception> ()@ to @Files@ module.
7708EnhancementCDATA support to Data/XML1.32.0, scl, apiAdded functions @addCDATA@ and @getCDATAs@ to @Data/XML@ module to support CDATA handling.
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7715FeatureType information to the JSON about the resource that is dragged and droppedselection, json, 1.32.0Added variable or resource uri and full type uri information to dragged JSON data for inspection in DnD target clients.
7717FeatureGeneric InstanceOf migration stepmigration, 1.32.0Added MigrationStep to change single @L0.InstanceOf@ statements in instances of specified types.
7718EnhancementCache database requests done in NodePropertyTester using RequestUtil1.32.0
7720EnhancementCleaner dependencies for org.simantics.issues.feature and org.simantics.issues.ui.feature1.32.0, refactor


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