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7402BugSCL compiler throw InternalCompilerError with recursive definition that is not exported or used1.31.0
7403BugPropertyMap.get does not return null if there is no mapping for the key1.31.0
7404BugA critical bug in SCL compiler making error messages suck big time1.31.0
7405BugImprovements to resolving primitive properties in document server1.31.0
7409BugCommandContextImpl context state value assignment merging is broken1.28.1, 1.31.0Changed document server CommandContext implementation merge to do nothing if merging two same values. Previously such a merge would include both same values to the context key's value list.
7414FeatureAdd a constructor for Dynamic type1.31.0Added Dynamic constructor for pattern matching Dynamic values
7411EnhancementSimupedia document diagram connection point direction fixes1.31.0Fixed Simupedia document @commandRelation@ and @commandExecutorRelation@ connection points which are now modelled properly as outputs instead of inputs. Document connection directions should now appear to be a bit more logical.
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7416BugRemove useless constructor from class GraphLayerUtil1.31.0
7418BugModelImportWizard.doImport does not import the model to specified target1.31.0
7423BugAdd org.eclipse.userstorage to desktop feature1.31.0
7431BugWrong context variable to domainChildren query in StandardGraphPropertyVariable1.31.0
7435BugElementPainter produces infinite bounds with transformed selection shapes1.31.0
7436BugMissing location information in some SCL expressions1.31.0, scl, compilerAdded missing location information to some SCL expressions, e.g. CHR rules and string interpolation.
7447BugAdd missing jersey-client to target platform and force osgi-resource-locator version to 2.5.0b321.31.0
7459BugSCL compiler does not prevent importJava with two equal value names1.31.0, scl, compilerFixed SCL compiler to prevent importJava with multiple equal names
7460BugVariable type is null, if error happens when type checking pattern1.31.0, scl, compilerFixed SCL pattern variable type checking to not leave variable type as null if type checking fails, which caused an NPE later during compilation.
7461BugUnimplemented StructuralRVIResolver.getPossibleRVI1.31.0Implemented @StructuralRVIResolver.getPossibleRVI@.
7464BugSWTKeyEventAdapter does not support '*'1.31.0Fixed diagram @SWTKeyEventAdapter@ for producing '*' for canvas keyboard event handlers.
7474BugSpecify exported package version to org.slf4j.api1.31.0, loggingAdded exported package version information to @org.slf4j.api@. This is necessary to get plug-ins to pick the correct version of the SLF4J API.
7496BugPlatformUtil.getGraph() to catch throwables instead of five different exceptions1.31.0Improved exception handling during platform startup and ontology installation for better diagnostics in case of malformed input transferable graphs.
7498BugSCL compiler does not always resolve obvious disambiguities1.31.0, scl, compilerImprovements to SCL compiler type resolution.
7500BugFunctions using CHR ruleset might be resolved before ruleset declarations1.31.0, scl, CHRSCL CHR rulesets are now resolved before the functions using the rulesets.
7517BugTextGridNode declares invalid event mask compared to the events it needs to handle1.28.1, 1.31.0, diagram, profile, monitor, regressionFixed @org.simantics.diagram.elements.TextGridNode#getEventMask@ to return correct mask with respect to the events the node needs to handle.
7521BugFix missing FunctionalRelations1.31.0, ontologyAdded missing @: L0.FunctionalRelation@ instantiations into diagram and graphfile ontologies.
7523BugUpdate diagram element graphics when symbol graphics change1.31.0, diagramThe queries used for loading of defined diagram elements now also depend on the element's class definitions. This means that diagram graphics now update more reliably when an instantiated symbol's graphics are changed.
7527BugNPE-safety for Button selection listener1.31.0Fixed NPE problem from @org.simantics.browsing.ui.swt.widgets.Button@ selection provider factory handling.
7530BugApplication effect missing after resolved ambiguous referencescl, compiler, 1.31.0Fixed problem with missing effects after resolving an ambiguous reference.
7533BugRemove merge semantics of CommandContext keys1.31.0@CommandContext@ merge semantics changed: values for same keys are no longer merged into lists of values but replaced with a single value from the merged context.
7535BugAllow only selecting models in the model export wizard1.31.0, wizard, model, exportOnly allow selecting actual models in the model export wizard.
7542BugPlatform features do not update into local bundle pools because feature versions remain the same without .qualifier1.31.0, relengFixed platform SDK builds to use @.qualifier@ in each feature's version to make target platform updates work better for all clients.
7544BugNPE from TimeSeriesEditor.ActiveRunListener1.31.0Fixed NPE from @TimeSeriesEditor.ActiveRunListener@.
7545BugFix ConstantLabelDecorationRule to not use Display for creating FontDescriptor if one is missing1.31.0, headlessPrevent ConstantLabelDecorationRule from using @Display@ for creating a JFace @FontDescriptor@ in corner cases to support headless running.
7546BugDiagram to SVG does not render existing CanvasContext correctly1.31.0, diagram, svgFixed DiagramToSVG functionality to not render already removed elements.
7550BugAdd Eclipse-BundleShape: dir directions for Tycho to include unpacked plug-ins in products1.31.0, relengFixed Simantics Desktop product Tycho build to include some plug-ins in unpacked fashion. This change was needed because Tycho does not respect the @unpack@ attribute in feature.xml but only the @Eclipse-BundleShape@ directive in bundle manifests.
7551BugImproved disposal of DirectorySizeTracker1.31.0Improved disposal robustness of DirectorySizeTracker introduced in #7330.
7553BugLucene index creation executor is not shut down and threads are not daemons1.31.0, indexingLucene index creator executor now creates daemon threads to not block the JVM from shutting down. Also fixed a potential NPE from @IndexedRelationsSearcherBase.initializeIndexImpl@.
7554BugTrying to add change that already exists1.31.0, db, clientCluster loading fix that fixes a problem causing TG to database writes to fail with "Trying to add change that already exists" errors.
7555BugDiagram to SVG sometimes is not capable of rendering selections1.31.0, diagram, svgWorked around for Diagram to SVG selection rendering problems.
7556BugSceneGraph NodeEventHandler should work in headless environments1.31.0Fixed G2D scene graph @NodeEventHandler@ class to work also in headless environments.
7558BugClosing svg tag not added by SCLScenegraph1.31.0, svg, diagram
7559BugIncorrect location information when reporting imports of deprecated modulesscl, compiler, 1.31.0Fixed SCL compiler location information for import declarations.
7560BugDeprecate Extras/HashMap1.31.0, scl, module, deprecation@Extras/HashMap@ SCL module is now deprecated. Use @MMap@ instead.
7565BugAsync transaction count not declared volatile but accessed from multiple threads1.31.0
7566BugAsynchronously applied styling missing from exported diagrams1.31.0, diagram, profileDiagram painting using ISceneGraphProvider now waits until all database transactions have completed in an attempt to ensure that all dynamic styling has been applied before rendering the diagram.
7567BugAdd throw function to builtin module1.31.0SCL now has a built-in function @throw@ for throwing Java exceptions.
7568BugReinitialize diagram editor when element is switched1.31.0, workaround, diagramAdded mechanism to force reinitialization of a diagram editor. The mechanism is used to work around problems in diagram element graphics not refreshing when their InstanceOf information is changed while the diagram is open.
7570BugNo change metadata for modifications in virtual properties1.31.0, db, change-informationDon't write change metadata for virtual property value changes in @DependenciesRelation@.
7571BugIncorrect handling of effects in edo1.31.0, scl, compilerFixed SCL effect handling in @edo@ which previously dropped effects unintentionally.
7574BugEAmbiguous does not implement resolve1.31.0, scl, compiler
7577BugStringIndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving issue path1.31.0Fixed StringOutOfBoundsException problem corner case in issue path resolution.
7578Bugorg.simantics.LZ4 native DLL loading keeps piling up temporary DLL files in windows1.31.0, compression, majorFixed LZ4 native dynamic library loading logic to use OSGi bundle data area for storing the extracted native library instead of the system's temporary directory where the libraries previously kept piling up. Previously extracted library files are validated against the JAR-contained version using MD5sums to prevent tampering.
7580BugSVGNode assignments are not always applied in rendering1.31.0, diagram, svg
7581Bug{,Sync,Async}ListenerAdapter shall not implement isDisposed to force user to define listener life-cycle1.31.0, db, client, listener, life-cycleClients are now forced to implement isDisposed themselves even when extending any database ListenerAdapter base implementation. This was done because listener life-cycle is too important an issue to be overlooked by default.
7582BugPrevent NPE in InvertBasicExpressionVisitor.possibleInvertibleExpressionReferencedProperty1.31.0Prevent NPE in @InvertBasicExpressionVisitor.possibleInvertibleExpressionReferencedProperty@.
7592BugArray indexing bug in Databoard Set binding getAll methoddataboard, 1.31.0Fixed bad array indexing bug in all Databoard Set binding getAll method implementations.
7600BugUse java.nio.file API to get better information on why directory creation fails1.31.0
7603BugMigrating import can create temporary import root resources with overlapping names1.31.0, import, migrationFixed migrating transferable graph import logic to create uniquely named temporary root directories for the imported material. Previous code caused import failures to TG data that was imported within the same wall clock time second.
7211FeatureDB baseline1.31.0Added database baselining feature that allows faster program startup at the expense of disabling automatic ontology plug-in installation/updating. See #7211-8 for more info.
7374FeatureSCL REST API1.31.0, scl, api, RESTSCL REST API for executing SCL commands via HTTP requests. See SCL module @Server/RESTSCL@.
7426FeatureSCLProgressMonitor implements IProgressMonitor1.31.0Added SCLProgressMonitor implementation of IProgressMonitor.
7433FeatureMake Either type available in Java1.31.0, scl@Either@ type is now available in Java as well as SCL.
7448Featurejava.nio.file.Files SCL API1.31.0, scl, apiAdded SCL API for @java.nio.file.Files@. See modules @Charset@ and @Files@.
7450FeatureSCL script storage, editing and validation support1.31.0Implemented support for creating SCL script entities in the database along with a validating workbench editor for scripts. Scripts can be executed from the Model Browser context menu or from the script editor directly through the context menu or by pressing @CTRL+R@.
7453FeatureSwitch component type of the component between group of alternatives1.31.0Modelled feature for switching the type of a component type instance directly from the diagram editor's context menu. Requires modelling switching groups and switching alternatives in your own ontology. See @bundles/org.simantics.modeling.ontology/pgraph/Switching.pgraph@ in the repository for the related ontology.
7458FeatureEditing of texts inside SVG elements1.31.0, diagram, inline, edit, svgSupport for direct inline editing of texts inside dynamic SVG -based diagram elements.
7508FeatureNew type class MonadE and corresponding monad syntax with edo keyword1.31.0, scl, preludeSCL Prelude: introduced new type class @MonadE@ and corresponding monad syntax with @edo@ keyword.
7519FeatureConfigurable branch point radius1.31.0, diagram, connection, branchingAdded configurability for diagram connection branch point radius through @org.simantics.diagram.connection.ConnectionVisuals@.
7528FeatureSeparate output-only console for SCL script execution1.31.0, scl, scripting, consoleAdded separate SCL Script Output console view that is like SCL Console but has no input field, nor toolbar buttons besides the button to clear the console.
7540FeatureListenable queries in SCL1.31.0, scl, dbIntroduced new SCL function @subqueryL@ in @Simantics/DB@. It makes a new asynchronous read request with a function to handle the request result. The @isDisposed@ function parameter is used to determine if the listener is still alive or not.
7541FeatureSCL module deprecation flag1.31.0, scl, deprecationAdded new module header field @deprecated@ to mark a whole module deprecated with a specific message. For example @Extras/HashMap@ now has the following header:<pre> module { deprecated = "Use module MMap instead." }</pre>
7549FeatureAdd Marker-support to Logging-module1.31.0, logging, sclAdded SLF4J Marker support to SCL Logging module.
7562FeatureProcedural SCL modulesscl, compiler, procedural, module, 1.31.0Introduced procedural modules, which are modules whose content is calculated by SCL code. Procedural module must define a value @values@ with type @[ProceduralValueDefinition]@. When module is then imported with @procedural:@ prefix, all values in the list are seen as definitions of the module. The functions for defining procedural modules are defined in @SCL/ProceduralModule@. In particular <pre> valueDefinition :: Typeable t => String -> t -> ProceduralValueDefinition </pre> is used to define each value.
7569FeatureAdd character highlighting to SCL module editor1.31.0, scl, module, editorMatching character (e.g. parenthesis) highlighting has been added to the SCL module editor.
7576FeatureProgress monitoring to Pgraph compilation1.31.0, ui, usabilityAdded progress monitoring for PGraph compilation.
7358SupportMove to Eclipse Oxygen 4.7 target platform1.31.0Move Simantics to Eclipse Oxygen (4.7) target platform.
7415EnhancementOptimize shallow index queries to only query data from the requested index root1.31.0, perf, optimization
7419EnhancementExport org.simantics.modeling.ui.sharedontology.wizard package1.31.0
7420EnhancementMore type information for diagram elements1.31.0
7421EnhancementDiagram to SVG to support selection cycling1.31.0, diagram, svg, selectionAdded selection cycling support for SVG-based diagrams.
7427EnhancementCorrect error markings for import errors in SCL editor1.31.0, scl, editor, annotationCorrect error markings for import errors in SCL module editor.
7428EnhancementAdd predicatesOf function to Simantics/DB1.31.0, db, client, scl, apiAdded @predicatesOf@ function to SCL module @Simantics/DB@.
7429EnhancementUpdate jsoup version to target platform "jsoup": from 1.7.2 to 1.8.3. It is used by Simupedia.
7430EnhancementMinor fix to Serialization module1.31.0, sclMinor fix to SCL @Serialization@ module: added missing <Proc> effect to @ioSize@.
7434EnhancementDouble-click in issue view opens the issue context in diagram1.31.0Double-clicking in issue view now opens the diagram containing the main issue context resource if possible.
7438EnhancementSupport labels for property children1.31.0
7439EnhancementSpeed up SCL Console output speed1.31.0, scl, console, optimizationSCL console output speed improved by buffering console output and consolidating display thread task scheduling.
7441EnhancementAdd rounding to Simupedia connection linessimupedia, 1.31.0Simupedia document diagram connection liens are now rounded to improve diagram readability.
7442EnhancementOption to pass custom TG configuration to exportModel function1.31.0Added option to pass TransferableGraphConfiguration2 to ModelingUtils.exportModel.
7443EnhancementIgnore stray routelines when loading route graph connections1.31.0, diagram, connection, robustnessImproved robustness of diagram connection loading by ignoring stray route lines.
7452EnhancementMake the diagram editor opened from an issue configurable1.31.0Allow configuring the diagram editor opened from issues via a new diagram composite property @MOD.PreferredDiagramEditorID@.
7456EnhancementActivate imported model if there are already no activated models1.31.0Activate imported resource, if there are no other active models and the resource is a Model.
7457EnhancementMake a default ComponetType prefix an assertion1.31.0, structural, ontologyDefault @L0.HasGeneratedNamePrefix@ value "" is now asserted in @STR.ComponentType@.
7462EnhancementPublish OntologicalRequirementTracker as LifeCycleProcess1.31.0Published OntologicalRequirementTracker as a modelled LifeCycleProcess in the modelling ontology.
7463EnhancementLink PlatformUI Model to the ontology1.31.0Assert @L0.IsLinkedTo@ relation to @PlatformUI@ ontology for all @Platform.Model@ instances.
7465EnhancementBetter support for ontological profiles1.31.0, diagram, profile, sclImproved support for defining profiles in ontologies and making them discoverable and usable by the Profile view.
7466EnhancementFont property for DIA.TextElement1.31.0, diagramEditable font property for @DIA.TextElement@.
7467EnhancementMore descriptive label for PlatformUI shared ontology1.31.0
7470EnhancementSCL function for migrating all instances of component type in a model1.31.0Added simple SCL function @changeAllComponentTypes@ in module @Simantics/UserComponent@ for migrating all instances of a component type in a model with a single call like @changeAllComponentTypes model oldComponentType newComponentType@.
7477EnhancementListUtils.create alternatives for creating new lists by type with WriteOnlyGraph1.31.0Fixed ListUtils functions after previous changes done in #7390 (release 1.30.0) to contain also versions of @create@ -functions that work with @WriteOnlyGraph@.
7480EnhancementIcon support in IListItem1.31.0Added icon support for via @String getIcon()@ method.

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