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7274BugMerge TG only if it is set as immutable1.30.0During platform start up, merge changed transferable graphs (TGs) only if they are set as immutable (@Immutable: true@ in MANIFEST.MF).
7278BugEmpty do-block causes an internal compiler error1.30.0
7279BugA lambda inside runProc causes an InternalCompilerError1.30.0
7284BugSCL Module Editor does not open if an error location is invalid1.30.0
7285SupportUpgrade to Eclipse Collection 8.1.0 and fastutil 7.2.1, remove gnu.trove21.30.0Updated external dependencies: Eclipse Collections 7.1.0 to 8.1.0, fastutil 7.0.13 to 7.2.1. Removed unused GNU Trove 2.1.0 dependency.
7288SupportUpdate to tycho, relengUpdated platform to build with Tycho 1.0.0 instead of 0.26.0.
7257EnhancementResourceCollectionVariableMap for defining custom variable spaces in SCL1.30.0
7258EnhancementsclChildRule template for defining child rules with SCL code1.30.0
7264EnhancementBetter updating of SCL module tree1.30.0Better updating of SCL Module Browser tree.
7270EnhancementImproved Statement API in Simantics/DB1.30.0, scl, db, apiAdded @possibleStatement@ and @isAsserted@ functions to @Simantics/DB@ SCL API.
7271EnhancementConsole printing enhancements for documents (Simupedia)1.30.0
7272EnhancementSupport updating named Graphviz windows instead of always creating a new window1.30.0
7273EnhancementResolve some dependency problems with db.client.feature1.30.0
7275EnhancementFix E4WorkbenchUtils.getMPartById to create the part if not already created1.30.0
7277EnhancementEnhancements to modelled tests; isolated SCL CommandSession, Test dependencies, support for large variables1.30.0Enhancements to modelled tests: isolated SCL-commandsession, Test dependencies, support for storing large variables for assertions and comparison
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7295BugFix ExcelImport stackoverflow1.30.0
7299BugFail-safe import fails to create ExternalEntities as root resource's children1.30.0Fixed fail-safe import to support external entities as root resource's children.
7300BugFail-safe import fails to create correct ExternalEntities if they have slashes in their names1.30.0Fixed fail-safe import to support external entities which have slashes in their names.
7306BugTransferableGraphUtils.getObjects returns 0 indicating objects that are not found although 0 is a valid ID in tg1.30.0
7308BugAsyncContextMultiProcedure finish needs to receive context1.30.0Context passing was missing in many places. It is needed to utilize this procedure in many cases.
7309BugConsistsOfProcess fails to handle cases where children have no names1.30.0Children with no names are now handled correctly as blanks in transferable graphs.
7316BugImproved error locations for invalid field access1.30.0-
7317BugAdd .gitkeep files to ontology plugins src-folders1.30.0
7319BugPrint AssertionError to SCLReportingHandler1.30.0Add printing of AssertionErrors to SCLReportingHandler which were previously silently ignored by the reporting logic
7320BugOrdering of RouteGraphs RouteLines is nondeterministic1.30.0
7322BugUnsupportedOperationException while compiling an SCL-module1.30.0, scl, CHR-
7323BugRouteGraphUtils.readConnectionStyle not taking into account completely missing connection type definitions1.30.0, diagram, connectionDiagram connection loading now takes into account that connections might not have any connection type information.
7324Bugorg.apache.commons.collections and gnu.trove3 are required dependencies of org.simantics.databoard but missing from feature1.30.0, graph-compiler, databoardFixed plug-ins included by feature based on the dependencies of org.simantics.databoard.
7325BugFilterCRWriter does not work in Linux1.30.0Fixed incorrectly implemented CR filtering in graph compiler
7334BugShared libraries tab does not list shared libraries from model browser1.30.0, regressionFixed empty shared libraries property tab to list shared libraries (regression from #7303)
7335BugCommonDBUtils possibleRelatedString/Integer were not "possible"1.30.0
7336BugLayer0Utils.claimAdaptedValue does not support type adapting 1.30.0
7342BugPolling and PollingFunction not working correctly1.30.0Fixed regressions due to recent optimizations in Simupedia
6878FeatureShow compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the tests1.30.0, 1.29.0Show compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the tests
7250FeatureModularization of CHR rules1.30.0Added a new toplevel SCL declaration, ruleset, that allows reuse of the same rules and constraints in multiple functions
7330FeatureUtility for tracking the total size of a directory tree using Java NIO WatchServiceutility, 1.30.0Added new utility class for tracking the total size of a directory tree. Implementation uses Java NIO WatchService.
7344FeatureView for used SCL expressions1.30.0Introduced a new view which can be used to browse SCL-expressions instantiated to for example components properties. The view can be opened from <code>Window > Show view... > Used SCL Expressions</code>
7327SupportGraph Compiler depends on gnu.trove2, which was removed1.30.0, graph-compiler
7175EnhancementAcorn acquire mutex policy refactoring1.30.0, refactor, acornFixed Acorn to not flood System.out with unnecessary prints
7276EnhancementMake prettyPrintTG available via SCL from Simantics/DB-module1.30.0Introduced new function <code>prettyPrintTG</code> for printing Simantics tg's to human readable format
7296EnhancementImprovements to SCL module tree1.30.0Improvements to the organizations of SCL modules in module tree (SCL Development perspective)
7297EnhancementImproved PDF export wizard diagram selection tree user experience1.30.0, pdf, export, wizardImproved PDF export wizard usability and extracted a NodeTree for easier implementation of similar node selection trees.
7298EnhancementAutomatic refresh to SCL Console1.30.0Added an option to automatically refresh SCL console when modules are changed without need to press refresh-button
7301EnhancementMore relaxed file name encoding utility1.30.0New @URIUtil.encodeFilename2@ utility which URI-encodes (%nn) only the absolutely necessary characters to produce valid file names.
7303EnhancementDocumentRequest performance enhancements (Simupedia)1.30.0This update gives a notable performance boost for Simupedia applications
7305EnhancementAdd inclusion filter to modelled STS tests1.30.0Added inclusion filter to modelled STS-tests. The filter can be used via system property <code>org.simantics.tests.modelled.singleTestIncludeFilter</code>
7307EnhancementSCL module header enhancements1.30.0SCL language features are now enabled in the module header with syntax module { features = [...] }
7315EnhancementFixes to SCLLabelRule definitions1.30.0Ontological fixes related to SCL label rules
7326EnhancementBetter handling of exceptions in Java->SCL interface1.30.0Improvements to exception handling in Java to SCL function calls
7328EnhancementAllow external specification of TG Root type URIs to ModelTransferableGraphSourcediagram, export, transferable-graph, 1.28.1, 1.30.0Allow external specification of transferable graph file Root identity type URIs for ModelTransferableGraphSource. This makes it possible to extend the default logic for constructing these type URIs, e.g. for special diagram export purposes.
7338EnhancementUse parent name in JUnit STS test identifiers1.30.0Use parent name in JUnit STS test identifiers
7339EnhancementIntroduce Layer0Utils.addL0Identifier to prevent possible differentiation of code1.30.0Introduce <code>Layer0Utils.addL0Identifier</code> to prevent possible differentiation of code
7340EnhancementDiagram to SVG enhancements and stabilization1.30.0
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7346BugUnresolved CHR constraints with dots in the name are handled incorrectly1.30.0Bugfixes in CHR relation name resolution
7348BugNew GUIDs are not generated for copy-pasted diagram elements1.30.0, 1.28.1Fixed diagram copy/paste operations in diagram editors and model browser to regenerate GUID identifiers for all diagram elements.
7349BugIWorkbenchPartSite.getShell invocation from the wrong thread in ResourceEditorSupport1.30.0Fixed invalid thread access to @IWorkbenchPartSite.getShell@ problem from @ResourceEditorSupport@.
7350BugFail safe import and pretty print does not work correctly with resources without names and are incorrectly treated as internals1.30.0Codes related to transferable graph exports now better support cases where there are missing names for resources that are connected to root with L0.PartOf
7352BugSCL expression compilation leaks memory1.30.0A workaround preventing memory leak in expression compilation
7363BugAbstractCompileStructuralValueRequest may use wrong RuntimeEnvironment in some cases1.30.0, scl
7364BugFix BrowseContext.scl as LabelDecorator.decorateLabel can return null1.30.0
7365BugCHR constraint from an included ruleset is activated multiple times1.30.0Bugfix to CHR execution related to modularized rules
7373BugUncommon Acorn deadlock1.30.0There was a possibility of deadlock in Acorn. It occurred mainly in accordance with cancel.
7378BugUse single SCLOsgi.MODULE_REPOSITORY for
7380BugisImmutable can NPE1.30.0
7393BugDescriptionTooltipRule throws and logs an unnecessary exception when it gets an input with no description1.30.0Fixed DescriptionTooltipRule to now throw unnecessary exceptions when its input does not have a description.
7401BugSubscription CSV export crashes with IllegalArgumentException when given subscriptions with variableId containing non-decodable %nn hex digits1.28.1, 1.30.0Made subscription CSV exporter variable ID URI unescaping safe so that exporting doesn't crash with IllegalArgumentException if subscription variable ID contains non-hex-encoded character combinations like @%.AI@.
7407BugEXPERIMENT_STATE_READ needs to be triggered on state change1.30.0, 1.28.1This external read needs to be triggered for graph listening of experiment state to work.
7413BugRVI.fromResourceFormat parses GUID RVI parts incorrectlysubscription, db, variable, RVI, 1.28.1, 1.30.0Fixed @RVI.fromResourceFormat@ GUID RVI part parsing. It was previously skipping over the first character of the part.
7294FeatureCreate an editor for modelled STS variables for easier debugging1.30.0Introduced a new editor for viewing STS-testing variables
7362FeatureCreation of new SCL modules in SCL module browser1.30.0A context menu action for creating SCL modules in SCL development environment
7369FeatureSCL Module editor improvements1.30.0Added Java camelCase breaking in SCL module editor. This feature enables the behavior familiar from Eclipse's Java-editor where CTRL (SHIFT) + RIGHT_ARROW/LEFT_ARROW navigate text.
7371FeatureSupport for select keyword for CHR constraints1.30.0Support for select ... where ... construct for querying CHR relations
7372FeatureCopy URI context menu action to model browser1.30.0Copy URI context menu action to Model Browser for development mode
7382FeatureIgnore multiple modelled tests via context menu action1.30.0
7385FeatureOpen diagram from issue1.30.0Navigation code from issue to diagram was enhanced to support more cases.
7091EnhancementTemporary files should be deleted actively1.30.0, 1.28.1The temporary commit file possibly created by a DelayedWrite request is now deleted immediately after the delayed write data has been flushed to the database. Previously all temporary files created by DelayedWrite requests were left in the @<workspace>/tempFiles/delayed/@ folder until the tempFiles folder was manually cleaned or cleaned by restarting the software for the same workspace.
7092EnhancementDelayed write should not write small files1.30.0, 1.28.1The temporary commit file created by a DelayedWrite request is no longer created if the amount of committed raw data is smaller than 512 kB. From that point on the commit log is flushed to a temporary file as before.
7355EnhancementDynamic appearance of terminals and connections1.30.0Most aspects of diagram graphics can now be customized by G2DNodeModification and SymbolCodeStyle
7375EnhancementSimplify Expression interface1.30.0Removed unused methods and replacing some methods by visitors in SCL compiler Expression interface
7379EnhancementpossibleVariable into Simantics/Variables1.30.0Added new function to @Simantics/Variables@: @possibleVariable@.
7383EnhancementImprove PrettyPrintTG performance1.30.0
7384EnhancementMore set related functions to SCL standard library1.30.0Added fromList and toList functions for handling Set.T
7386EnhancementMinor SCL tools improvements1.30.0<pre>* A new error type for failed imports that are shown only after other errors and have their own icon * Definition location for data type constructors * Improved content assist for nested namespaces</pre>
7410EnhancementSimantics/Diagram#diagramsUnder1.28.1, 1.30.0Added new SCL function to @Simantics/Diagram@: @diagramsUnder :: DiagramFolder -> <ReadGraph> [Resource]@.
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7478FeatureSelectionProcessor backwards compatibility aidselection, 1.30.0Allow defining @SelectionProcessor@ contributions in ontologies by instantiating the the @SEL.SelectionProcessorContribution@ type.
7388EnhancementJsonNode support with Data/Json1.30.0Jackson Databind JsonNode support added to SCL module @Data/JsonNode@ using @Data/Json@ module.
7390EnhancementConfigurability for Layer0 List modelling1.30.0, sclAdded @createListWithType@ function to @Simantics/DB@ SCL module. Also added @L0.List.ElementPredicate@ relation to allow list-type assertion -based specification of the used list-to-element relation. The changes allow the creation of lists where the list elements also contain inverse relations back to the linked list.
7391EnhancementIssue context modelling enhancements1.30.0, issue


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