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7313BugDragging diagram profile monitors to charts or subscriptions no longer workschart, subscription, dnd, 1.28.1, 1.29.0, regressionFixed workbench drag-and-drop regression that caused dragging diagram profile monitors to charts and subscriptions in Model Browser to fail.
7332BugInclude missing org.apache.lucene4 and com.lowagie.text features in org.simantics.sdk featurereleng, 1.29.0, 1.28.1org.simantics.sdk feature was missing org.apache.lucene4 and com.lowagie.text features.
7328EnhancementAllow external specification of TG Root type URIs to ModelTransferableGraphSourcediagram, export, transferable-graph, 1.28.1, 1.30.0Allow external specification of transferable graph file Root identity type URIs for ModelTransferableGraphSource. This makes it possible to extend the default logic for constructing these type URIs, e.g. for special diagram export purposes.
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7348BugNew GUIDs are not generated for copy-pasted diagram elements1.30.0, 1.28.1Fixed diagram copy/paste operations in diagram editors and model browser to regenerate GUID identifiers for all diagram elements.
7401BugSubscription CSV export crashes with IllegalArgumentException when given subscriptions with variableId containing non-decodable %nn hex digits1.28.1, 1.30.0Made subscription CSV exporter variable ID URI unescaping safe so that exporting doesn't crash with IllegalArgumentException if subscription variable ID contains non-hex-encoded character combinations like @%.AI@.
7407BugEXPERIMENT_STATE_READ needs to be triggered on state change1.30.0, 1.28.1This external read needs to be triggered for graph listening of experiment state to work.
7409BugCommandContextImpl context state value assignment merging is broken1.28.1, 1.31.0After this fix merging of same value that was already present does nothing.
7413BugRVI.fromResourceFormat parses GUID RVI parts incorrectlysubscription, db, variable, RVI, 1.28.1, 1.30.0Fixed @RVI.fromResourceFormat@ GUID RVI part parsing. It was previously skipping over the first character of the part.
7091EnhancementTemporary files should be deleted actively1.30.0, 1.28.1The temporary commit file possibly created by a DelayedWrite request is now deleted immediately after the delayed write data has been flushed to the database. Previously all temporary files created by DelayedWrite requests were left in the @<workspace>/tempFiles/delayed/@ folder until the tempFiles folder was manually cleaned or cleaned by restarting the software for the same workspace.
7092EnhancementDelayed write should not write small files1.30.0, 1.28.1The temporary commit file created by a DelayedWrite request is no longer created if the amount of committed raw data is smaller than 512 kB. From that point on the commit log is flushed to a temporary file as before.
7410EnhancementSimantics/Diagram#diagramsUnder1.28.1, 1.30.0Added new SCL function to @Simantics/Diagram@: @diagramsUnder :: DiagramFolder -> <ReadGraph> [Resource]@.
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7517BugTextGridNode declares invalid event mask compared to the events it needs to handle1.28.1, 1.31.0, diagram, profile, monitor, regressionFixed @org.simantics.diagram.elements.TextGridNode#getEventMask@ to return correct mask with respect to the events the node needs to handle.
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7665BugDatabase index replace operation does not fire index query listenersregression, 1.31.0, 1.28.1, db, indexingFixed database query listener firing missing problem from database index replace operation.
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7280SupportSimantics 1.28.1 release engineeringreleng, 1.28.1


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