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7040BugSynchronization issue in AbstractActionContext1.22.2.1, 1.22.3Fixed race condition from SCL sequence system (@AbstractActionContext@) which could cause isStopped() to return true while a sequence is still being executed.
7062BugAvoid NPE in diagram generic text element scene graph node initialization1.28.0,, 1.22.3More robust generic diagram text element scene graph initialization to prevent NPE when such an element is included as part of symbol graphics.
7065BugInclude scl/ folder in org.simantics.newuoa library buildreleng, SCL modules to build in the @org.simantics.newuoa@ optimization library.
6926EnhancementUpdateComponentUids shall create a map from old UIDs to new UIDs1.22.3, 1.27.0, migration of UIDs in synchronization structures when importing models


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