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7016FeatureFail-safe import1.29.0Added logic to transferable graph (TG) import that creates @L0.ExternalEntity@ instances in place of entities that were not found in the database during import, instead of failing the import entirely. The logic also knows how to overwrite existing @L0.ExternalEntity@ instances with the real data when it is imported.
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7140BugApplying parameterless functions (currentModel) ignores effects like <ReadGraph> scl, compiler, 1.28.0, 1.29.0Fixed bug in SCL compiler that caused it to discard SCL function effects (e.g. @<ReadGraph>@) for functions that have no parameters like @currentModel :: <ReadGraph> Resource@.
7145BugModel export broke down due to internal resource changes1.29.0, regression
7163BugModelBrowser.handleDrop action should be run in SWT thread1.29.0ModelBrowser.handleDrop now asynchronously invokes the drop action callback in the SWT UI thread.
7148FeatureContributed profile entries1.29.0Added simple support for index-based contribution of diagram profile entries. Any instances of DIA.ProfileEntryContribution will be found from the model/ontology indices and used automatically.
7157FeatureinstantiateUnder function property for types1.29.0
7158FeatureSCLDropAction1.29.0Allow modeled ActionBrowseContexts to define DnD drop actions using SCL code.
7162FeatureGeneric instantiation based on instantiateUnder1.29.0Support generic type instantiation based on the @L0.instantiateUnder@ method property that can be defined for @L0.Type@s.
7164FeatureRVI support in Simantics/Variables1.29.0Lifted some RVI related functions to the @Simantics/Variables@ SCL API.
6998EnhancementAnnotate DB write-interfaces with @FunctionalRelation and make necessary code changes for lambda usagedb, client, lambda, 1.29.0Allow writing plain database write requests using Java 8 lambdas in cases where VirtualGraph doesn't need to be specified.
7054EnhancementSupport SVG generation from scenegraph1.29.0, diagram, svgInternal diagram rendering changes to support rendering a diagram's contents into an SVG document.
7118EnhancementMove graph file document codes around a bit1.29.0Refactored some @org.simantics.document.ui@ utility code into @org.simantics.document@.
7120EnhancementSlightly improved diagnostics in ExtendedUris1.29.0
7121EnhancementGuard against NPE in ConnectionRelationLabelDecorationRule1.29.0
7125EnhancementChange Diagram copy-paste implementation to enable customization by overriding1.29.0
7141EnhancementMinor SCL compiler improvements1.29.0
7146EnhancementSymbol code style into platform1.29.0Built-in diagram profile based support for simple dynamic SVG symbols via SVG template assignments.
7159EnhancementEmpty RVI literal in L01.29.0Added @L0.EmptyRVI@ for use in default RVI assertions.
7160EnhancementpossibleFromDynamic coersion function in Simantics/DB1.29.0Added @possibleFromDynamic@ coercion function to @Simantics/DB@ SCL module.
7166EnhancementBasic Linux & MacOSX support for org.simantics.nativemem inspection1.29.0Simple cross-platform (Win, Linux, MacOSX) support for retrieving native process memory usage details. Currently supports Current/Peak RSS for Linux and and Peak RSS only for MacOSX.
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7154BugSome fileimport enhancements1.29.0
7156BugGet rid of Trove21.29.0Got rid of uses of @gnu.trove2@ plug-in.
7134FeatureMap some ListUtils functions to SCL1.29.0
7168EnhancementUse Thread.stop to terminate execution in SCL Console after grace period1.29.0
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7124BugMore robust Acorn database rollback logic1.29.0Major improvement to how Acorn DB handles rollback. Previously there was a chance that the implementation destroyed the entire database if user removed snapshot directories but forgot to remove the @main.state@ file. The information stored in main.state is now regarded as cached information only and if it seems invalid or cannot be read, the same normal rollback logic will be performed every time. Another enhancement is that rollback will now automatically store the revisions deleted by the rollback procedure in timestamped @<workspace>/db/recovery/yyyy-M-d_HH-mm-ss/@ folders for later inspection and debugging. Previously the code just deleted all the extra revisions. Manually removing the @db/recovery@-folder is always a safe operation to perform.
7182BugExternalEntities found incorrectly1.29.0, regressionFixed URI to @L0.ExternalEntity@ resolution problems in transferable graph import logic. If there was a segment in a URI pointing to an external entity instance in the graph, with white space in it, TG import failed to replace the @L0.ExternalEntity@ instance with the matching data when it was imported. Spaces are now escaped properly.
7183BugHeadless org.simantics.SCLScriptRunner application does not process launch arguments1.29.0Added @-disableIndex@ and @-databaseId@ argument support to headless @org.simantics.SCLScriptRunner@ application.
7186BugAcorn main.state file should only be written at database session shutdown time1.29.0Fixed Acorn backup provider to not write database main state information to disk. Writing that file should only be done when the database session closes. The bug caused unexpected loss of database snapshots that were written after a backup had been performed and the program was killed forcibly, e.g. by a system reboot.
7187BugUse platform Name/Label visualization mode setting in external reference flag text computation1.28.0, 1.29.0Text shown in external reference type diagram flags now obeys the currently selected Name/Label model that can be controlled from the @Switch Name/Label Visualization Mode@ button in the main toolbar. Previously the text shown in normal diagram external reference flags was always preferring to show the Label property of diagrams and related modules and if labels were not defined, the Name property would be used instead.
7203BugFileImportService fails to match file extensions1.29.0
7204BugAdd org.simantics.db.testing plugin to SDK build1.29.0
7206BugStyleBase runs cleanup in wrong thread1.29.0Fixed invalid thread access bug from diagram profile style base implementation.
7209BugRouteGraphNode styling with a custom class does not workregression, 1.29.0
7215BugNamespaceMigrationStep breaks imported tg1.29.0Fixed a bug where model import failed because of changes in TG format.
7218BugLabels may be in wrong order when generating integer switch in SCL compiler1.28.0, 1.29.0Fixed an SCL compiler bug that occurred when matching integers that are listed in non-increasing order.
7220BugEnsure callback is invoked for all invocations of ExperimentUtil.scheduleShutdownActiveExperiment1.28.0, 1.29.0ExperimentUtil.scheduleShutdownActiveExperiment now ensures the provided callback is invoked in all cases.
7229BugCompilePGraphs takes previous bundled version of ontology as a dependency1.29.0
7231BugCalculating bounding box for dynamic symbol fails if its SVG contains empty TSpan1.29.0, workaroundWorkaround for dynamic symbol bounding box calculations involving empty SVG TSpans.
6923FeatureExplicit export annotation for SCL modules1.29.0Added explicit export annotation for SCL modules. It allows defining a list of exported symbols in the module header and it looks like this:<pre> module { export = [foo, bar] }</pre> When using export list, @private annotation is not supported anymore and all symbols not exported are effectively private.
6924FeatureSupport for .field access to record fields1.29.0Added a new SCL language feature for referring record fields by .field syntax.
7178FeatureMaven graph ontology file builder pluginbuild, maven, graph-compiler, 1.29.0Created a maven plugin org.simantics:graph-builder-maven-plugin for compiling graph files and checking file for missing entries.
7214FeatureSlight change of semantics / optimization, treat $ exactly like function application1.29.0Changed the behavior of $ -operator in SCL so that it now works exactly as function application in all cases.
7225FeatureAn action to show a pgraph representation for any resource contained in an ontology1.29.0
7230FeatureInitial support for pgraph listing for shared library bundles1.29.0
7242FeatureSCL Development perspective1.29.0Added a new perspective for SCL module development containing tree browser for SCL modules, issue view and console.
7243FeatureAdd Jersey Client to target platform1.29.0
7245FeatureDecompilation of compiled SCL classes1.29.0
7119EnhancementDynamic positioning of elements and terminals in G2D1.29.0Support dynamic positioning of elements and terminals in G2D diagrams based on fetching the information from the contents of the scene graph.
7177EnhancementRounded connections1.29.0Added option to diagram ontology and loaders to define diagram connections to have rounded corners. To control rounding, use the Double-valued @G2D.HasRounding@ property which sets the rounding radius. Zero value means no rounding.
7180EnhancementConfigurable font for FlagNode1.29.0Made the font of flag nodes configurable.
7181EnhancementSimantics/PGraph#compilePGraphs SCL API for compiling shared ontologies into TGs1.29.0, sclAdded @Simantics/PGraph#compilePGraphs@ SCL function for compiling shared ontologies into transferable graph files.
7192EnhancementInstanceOf tester (VP.Test)1.29.0
7193EnhancementSupport VP.Test in action browse context contribution1.29.0
7194EnhancementInitial selection for diagram viewer should be the diagram itself1.29.0
7195EnhancementGenericReadBase2 without the unused template parameter1.29.0
7196EnhancementSingletonRead base class1.29.0
7197EnhancementListIndexRoots request1.29.0
7198EnhancementUse ListIndexRoots in migration1.29.0
7205EnhancementChange Diagram copy-paste implementation to enable customization by overriding1.29.0
7208EnhancementPerformance enhancements for DiagramToSVG1.29.0, perf, diagram, svg
7216EnhancementRemove deprecated OldTransferableGraph11.29.0
7217EnhancementSome SCL enhancements for logging and test executing1.29.0
7219EnhancementRemove deprecated code related to SCL1.29.0
7224EnhancementPrettyPrintTG enhancements1.29.0
7226EnhancementConsole printing enhancements for documents (Simupedia)1.29.0
7227EnhancementMake NodeContext builtin keys available through Simantics/All1.29.0
7238EnhancementBrowseContextTable enhancements1.29.0
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7173BugSpreadsheet fixesspreadsheet, 1.29.0
7251BugFixes to variable implementations1.29.0
7252BugOpenDefaultEditor should not cache adapters that cannot be opened (with priority < 0)1.29.0Fixed @OpenDefaultEditor@ to not cache editor adapters that cannot be opened by default, i.e. ones that have priority < 0.
7260BugCode generation removes derived definitions that are marked private when export is used1.29.0SCL code generation fix to prevent removal of private derived definitions when export header is used.
7253EnhancementDiagram to SVG enhancements1.29.0
7259EnhancementMore SCL set manipulation functionsscl, api, 1.29.0Added @Iterator.filter@ and @MSet.filterInPlace@ SCL functions.
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7147BugBroken tab contribution sorting causes missing contributions1.29.0Partial fix for missing tab contributions in the selection view. See #7361 for remaining work.
7313BugDragging diagram profile monitors to charts or subscriptions no longer workschart, subscription, dnd, 1.28.1, 1.29.0, regressionFixed workbench drag-and-drop regression that caused dragging diagram profile monitors to charts and subscriptions in Model Browser to fail.
7329BugURIDocumentRequest fails if IConsoleSupport service is not foundregression, 1.29.0
7332BugInclude missing org.apache.lucene4 and com.lowagie.text features in org.simantics.sdk featurereleng, 1.29.0, 1.28.1org.simantics.sdk feature was missing org.apache.lucene4 and com.lowagie.text features.
6878FeatureShow compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the tests1.30.0, 1.29.0Show compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the tests
7103FeatureSupport tg discovery in export/import1.28.0, 1.29.0
7105FeatureModelling default namespace prefix to use for imported modules or ontologies1.29.0, scl, importAllow definition of @defaultLocalName@ property for SCL modules and ontologies. In textual modules defaultLocalName can be set in the module header. For ontology modules, use @L0.Ontology.defaultLocalName@ property. When either mechanism is used, importing the SCL module or ontology in question will be automatically imported using the specified namespace.
7144EnhancementGeneric Model Import1.29.0Added generic import wizard for models to the platform. It performs a generic transferable graph data container import for files with format @model:1@.
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7114SupportSimantics 1.29.0 release engineering1.29.0, releng


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