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6931FeatureSCL module should be able to specify bundle for class loading1.28.0Added module header feature to SCL language. Module header must be in the beginning of the module. However, comments are allowed before the header. Header has the following form:<pre> module { field = value, field = value } </pre> Currently field name classLoader is supported. It makes it possible to specify which classLoader is used to resolve importJava declarations.<pre> module { classLoader = "" } </pre>
7008EnhancementRemove stderr logging from CompileSCLMonitorRequest1.28.0
7011EnhancementLabelContribution logs all DatabaseExceptions, including PendingVariableExceptions which is thrown all the timebrowsing, db, logging, 1.28.0Removed logging of @PendingVariableExceptions@ from @org.simantics.browsing.ui.model.labels.LabelContribution.getLabel()@ which was the main source of useless log proliferation.
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7022BugFix org.simantics.ui.workbench feature dependencies1.28.0
6882FeatureAcorn purgedb, acorn, client, 1.28.0Acorn database purge feature allows minimization of the disk space required by the database by flattening the database history and removing garbage cluster data altogether.
7034EnhancementUse SWT/AWTChassis without volatile image rendering1.28.0Implemented option in AWT G2D chassis to bypass rendering into separate VolatileImage before rendering to the Graphics context provided by the rendering framework. At least in some cases this seems to speed up frame rendering time.
7042EnhancementEta reduction SCL compiler optimizationscl, 1.28.0Added a new compiler optimization (eta-reduce). Adds new optimization to SCL compiler that transforms the following code<pre> \someParameters = f someOtherParameters someParameters' </pre> to<pre> f someOtherParameters </pre> with the following restrictions:<pre> * someParameters and someParameters' are lists of equal variables or the type is () * someOtherParameters does not refer to variables in someParameters or the lambda expression itself or something depending on it recursively </pre>
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7056BugInclude org.simantics.desktop.product in SDK builds1.28.0Added org.simantics.desktop.product plug-in to SDK builds.
7062BugAvoid NPE in diagram generic text element scene graph node initialization1.28.0,, 1.22.3More robust generic diagram text element scene graph initialization to prevent NPE when such an element is included as part of symbol graphics.
7057EnhancementSet plugin start levels in desktop products so that maven built product can be launched1.28.0, maven, productSet plug-in start levels for desktop products properly to allow products built with Maven to be launched.
7064EnhancementSupport both Variable and Resource inputs in standardIssueContexts function1.28.0Fixed standard implementation of the @ISSUE.contexts@ property to support both @Variable@ and @Resource@ input contexts.
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7074BugIncorrect filtering condition in file deletion1.28.0
7023SupportGet rid of javax.vecmathrefactor, 1.28.0
7066EnhancementText undo/redo support for documentation view markup source editor1.28.0Normal text editor undo/redo support for Documentation view markup source editor text field. Uses Mylyn Wikitext MarkupSourceViewer.
7076EnhancementSort editor adapters by default1.28.0
7077EnhancementPrefer WorkbenchSelectionUtils when obtaining Resource from selection1.28.0
7078EnhancementSVGNode reference counting breaks with assignments1.28.0
7079EnhancementUse single available diagram profile if no other information is available1.28.0
7080EnhancementNavigate to substructure1.28.0, sclSupport resolving editor adapters and applying them to open workbench editors (see @Simantics/Workbench@ SCL module) and model configuration substructure navigation through user components. This is required to support operation UIs to allow navigation from one diagram to another.
7081EnhancementsclAssertion template into MOD1.28.0, for-developersAdded @MOD.sclAssertion@ pgraph template with parameters @%property %expression %valueType@.
7084EnhancementEmbed fonts in diagram PDF export1.28.0, pdf, diagram, exportAdded used font embedding to platform PDF export wizards. Only text that is rendered as text (Graphics2D.drawString, etc.) will affect the list of embedded fonts.
7085EnhancementSupport L0.loadString in CompilePGraphs1.28.0
7087EnhancementStructural synchronization: add ModuleUpdateContext.getModuleType()1.28.0Added @org.simantics.structural.synchronization.base.ModuleUpdateContext.getModuleType()@.
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7026BugSimantics/Simulation: possibleActiveRunVariable should return Maybe Variable1.28.0, scl, apiChanged (/fixed) @possibleActiveRunVariable@ function in @Simantics/Simulation@ to return @Maybe Variable@ which it should have returned in the first place.
7027BugProject feature dependency injection is broken1.28.0
7075BugHardening of DB index integritydb, 1.28.0Ensure that index dirtyness indicator file is handled more safely, i.e. it is actually synced to disk when it should be.
7101BugNot possible to open declaration of SCL module from import with relative path (F3)scl, 1.28.0Support Open Declaration of SCL module (F3) also for imports using a relative path.
7036SupportExperiment state request1.28.0
7028EnhancementHistory sampling improvements1.28.0
7035EnhancementPredicate by label request into Layer0Utils1.28.0, for-developersAdded @Layer0Utils.getPossiblePredicateByLabel@.
7050EnhancementSupport selection view in org.simantics.document.server1.28.0
7088EnhancementSCL compiler code generation improvements1.28.0, scl, compilerTail call optimization for the SCL compiler.
7098EnhancementImproved symbol library group filtering1.28.0Symbol library filtering changed to show whole symbol group if filter matches the symbol group name.
7099EnhancementRemove useless Executors2 from org.simantics.utils.threadutility, 1.28.0Removed useless @org.simantics.utils.thread.Executors2@ class.
7100EnhancementLambdaification of org.simantics.utils.FileServiceutility, 1.28.0
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7102BugFix comparator long-standing comparator bugs in 2D framework event handler sorting which previously forced us to use @-Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true@ VM option to prevent the use of TimSort in @Collections.sort@. Now this option should no longer be necessary.
7106BugOpening symbol code editor / symbol drop handler code editor failsuser-component, 1.28.0
7109EnhancementUse node bounds for defined elements1.28.0Primarily, get node bounds from the scene graph nodes for defined elements (like symbols) instead of retrieving the bounds from @IElement@.
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7116BugContextualHelp handler is brokenregression, 1.28.0Fixed ContextualHelp F1 key handler which was broken since 1.24.0 (#6446).
7112FeatureOption for automatic text flipping in scene graph TextNode to make text readable in all casesdiagram, 1.28.0Added option to G2D scene graph @TextNode@ implementation to automatically flip the rendered text so that the text always flows in a chosen direction or not. See TextNode method @setAutomaticTextFlipping(TextFlipping type)@.
7107EnhancementNew diagram style implementation to support showing terminal names on configuration diagramsdiagram, profile, 1.28.0Added diagram profile style implementation @org.simantics.modeling.ui.diagram.styleConnectionPointNameStyle@ that can be used to define a diagram profile that visualizes connection point names next to the symbol terminals on the outside of the bounding box of the symbol. The implementation employs the mechanism added to @TextNode@ in #7112.
7117EnhancementReplace use of deprecated BinaryFunction with BiFunction etcrefactor, deprecated, 1.28.0Deprecated many functional interfaces from @org.simantics.utils.datastructures@ in favor of @java.util.function@ interfaces @BiConsumer@, @Function@ and @Supplier@.
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7140BugApplying parameterless functions (currentModel) ignores effects like <ReadGraph> scl, compiler, 1.28.0, 1.29.0Fixed bug in SCL compiler that caused it to discard SCL function effects (e.g. @<ReadGraph>@) for functions that have no parameters like @currentModel :: <ReadGraph> Resource@.
7142BugInvalid use of WorkbenchSelectionUtils methods in several placesselection, utility, 1.28.0Fixed WorkbenchSelectionUtils to include methods for retrieving Resource and Variable selection decoding methods with RequestProcessor argument. Several classes were using @WorkbenchSelectionUtils@ invalidly without passing @ReadGraph@ to it as the current @RequestProcessor@.
7149BugUpdate batch issues for open diagrams crashes with NPEregression, issue, 1.28.0Fixed NPE from update batch issues for open diagrams action.
7152BugRemove extra line number indicators in status bar for SCL module editor1.28.0Removed duplicate line number indicator contributions from status bar of the SCL module editor.
7153BugImprove (lessen) memory use of transferable graph imports that use NamespaceMigrationStepmodel, import, migration, optimization, 1.28.0Optimized memory use of @NamespaceMigrationStep@ by writing modified @TransferableGraph1@ back to disk before importing it into the database.
7155BugTime series chart editor axis update fails to remove hidden items from sightchart, 1.28.0Fixed time series chart editor to correctly update trend axes when chart items are hidden/unhidden.
7000FeatureSupport of streaming output to SCL console1.28.0, scl, console, loggingIntroduced @SCLReportingWriter@ for streamed output writing to SCL console. files not up-to-date in gitreleng, 1.28.0
7131EnhancementSupport selecting whether Executor.execute provided by SWTThread is sync or asyncutility, 1.28.0@org.simantics.utils.threads.SWTThread@ can now be constructed so that its @execute(Runnable)@ method schedules the runnable to be executed asynchronously.
7150EnhancementAutomatic table column resizing for SCL Console Manage Imports dialog1.28.0Added automatic table column resizing to SCL Console Manage Imports dialog.
7167EnhancementExport also dynamic issue source contents into issue CSV export fileissue, export, csv, 1.28.0Issue list CSV export now also exports contents of dynamic issue sources originally implemented in #6948.
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6999EnhancementMinor enhancement to Scenegraph attribute dialog1.28.0
7014EnhancementAdd some robustness to FileImportService1.28.0Fixed FileImportService to throw exceptions forward.
7172EnhancementParametrize DisposingPolicy with max dispose queue lengthdiagram, 1.28.0, for-developersParametrized @DisposingPolicy@ with max dispose queue length. DisposingPolicy is used to limit the amount of instances of a single type of workbench editor that are kept alive or loaded. Editors can take up a lot of memory which means that it is only feasible to keep a selected number of them in memory at any given time.
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7184BugHeadless BrowseContext tests call JFaceResources.getFontRegistry which requires a Display1.28.0Fix BrowseContext tests to support headless unit testing by removing usage of JFaceResources.getDefaultFontDescriptor from label decoration logic.
7187BugUse platform Name/Label visualization mode setting in external reference flag text computation1.28.0, 1.29.0Text shown in external reference type diagram flags now obeys the currently selected Name/Label model that can be controlled from the @Switch Name/Label Visualization Mode@ button in the main toolbar. Previously the text shown in normal diagram external reference flags was always preferring to show the Label property of diagrams and related modules and if labels were not defined, the Name property would be used instead.
7218BugLabels may be in wrong order when generating integer switch in SCL compiler1.28.0, 1.29.0Fixed an SCL compiler bug that occurred when matching integers that are listed in non-increasing order.
7220BugEnsure callback is invoked for all invocations of ExperimentUtil.scheduleShutdownActiveExperiment1.28.0, 1.29.0ExperimentUtil.scheduleShutdownActiveExperiment now ensures the provided callback is invoked in all cases.
7240BugStreamingTransferableGraphImportProcess assumes that index root is a cluster set1.28.0Fixed normal transferable graph import logic to work more robustly with older TG file versions that have varying levels of cluster set information.
7241BugLayerCleanupMigrationStep is too eager1.28.0Fixed LayerCleanupMigrationStep to not attempt removing immutable stuff and processing the imported index roots dependencies as well.
7246EnhancementAdd Simantics/Diagram#positionToVector to complement positionToDoubleArray1.28.0Added Simantics/Diagram#positionToVector to complement positionToDoubleArray for supporting current diagram template SCL formulas calculating scenegraph node transforms as @Vector Double@.
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7103FeatureSupport tg discovery in export/import1.28.0, 1.29.0
6916SupportSimantics 1.28.0 release engineering1.28.0, releng


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