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6906BugCluster sets are written to wrong directory until first DB snapshot is madeacorn, db, 1.27.0Fixed a bug in Acorn which caused the cluster sets being written to wrong directory until the first DB snapshot was made.
6936BugPrevent EditorPart memory leaks in ResourceEditorSupportdb, client, leak, ui, editor, 1.27.0Fixed editor part memory leak in editor implementations that use @org.simantics.ui.workbench.ResourceEditorSupport@. For editors that store a lot of data and never release that data when disposed, the repercussions could be quite bad filling up the JVM heap very quickly.
6937BugImprove request update behaviour in EntityInstances and OntologiesFromLibrary1.22.3, 1.27.0Fixed @EntityInstances.QueryIndex.isImmutable@ and improved browsing and update behavior of @OntologiesFromLibrary@ request. Previously the request could potentially do large amounts of needless database browsing while looking for ontologies in the Projects library.
6941BugMultiLineInputDialog leaks SWT font resources1.27.0Fixed SWT native font resource leak from @org.simantics.utils.ui.dialogs.MultiLineInputDialog@.
6904EnhancementSave cluster sets only when creating DB snapshots1.27.0, db, acornPerformance improvement to Acorn. Save cluster sets only when creating DB snapshots.
6926EnhancementUpdateComponentUids shall create a map from old UIDs to new UIDs1.22.3, 1.27.0, migration of UIDs in synchronization structures when importing models
6929EnhancementAllow specification of Locale to FormattingUtils.significantDigitFormatutility, 1.27.0Allow specification of Locale to FormattingUtils.significantDigitFormat.
6939EnhancementDon't save repeated commands into SCL Console history1.27.0SCL Console history does not anymore save repeated commands.
6942EnhancementDon't prevent deletion in model browser anymore when different types of entities (resources) are selectedmodel, browsing, 1.27.0Model browser now allows removing resources of completely different type at the same time. Previously an error dialog was shown when the selection Removed Model Browser node removal prevention
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6940BugNatTable 1.4.0 does not work properly if display scaling is used in Windows 71.27.0Fixed problems in NatTable 1.4.0 when display is scaled in Windows 7
6947BugComponent type editor configuration property Lift Property action does not remove existing L0.DomainOf relations from lifted (copied) relationuser-component, 1.27.0Removed L0.DomainOf statements that are copied to new relations lifted in component type editor from source relations
6953BugSome enhancements to GraphLayer-related utilities for Diagram layersdiagram, layers, 1.27.0Adding functionality to diagram layers & utilities
6959BugBroken machintosh-style CR line feeds in adapters.xml filesrefactor, 1.27.0-
6945SupportInclude missing components from Platform SVN trunk to Git repositoryreleng, 1.27.0, gnuplotIncluded @org.simantics.gnuplot@ front-end and @org.simantics.msvc.runtime.{,x86,x86_64} in the Simantics SDK build.
6944EnhancementAdd stack trace to document server event handler error messagessimupedia-studio, 1.27.0-
6952EnhancementAdd SCL support for exporting subscription data as CSV1.27.0SCL API for exporting subscription data as CSV in same format that user interface CSV export does
6960EnhancementDeprecate org.simantics.utils.datastructures.BinaryFunction in favor of java.util.function.BiFunction functional interface1.27.0Deprecating Simantics-specific BinaryFunction in favor of builtin Java BiFunction
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5920BugSCL GraphModuleSourceRepository.ModuleListener is not aware of situations where SCLMain is deleted (e.g. with model delete)1.27.0Bugfixes to SCL module change listening mechanism
6901BugCHR relations don't support parameters with type ()1.27.0- (included in the release note of another item)
6943BugGraph based SCL modules leaked when dependencies change1.27.0Fixed a memory leak related to recompilation of graph based SCL modules when their dependencies change.
6979BugSCL console file drop problems1.27.0Fixed SCL Console file drop problems
6980Bugwinterwell.markdown contains broken toolbar menu contribution extensions1.27.0Removed UI contributions from winterwell.markdown plug-in that are broken on the Eclipse 4 platform.
6982BugPossibleVariable request performs getVariable instead of getPossibleVariable1.27.0Fixed @PossibleVariable@ database request to actually do @getPossibleVariable@ instead of @getVariable@.
6987FeatureCompilation warnings and support for deprecated annotation1.27.0Support for compilation warnings in SCL code. Show warnings when deprecated functions are used.
6994SupportAdd missing org.simantics.db.{tests,testing} plug-ins to platform git repository1.27.0
6948EnhancementSupport purely variable based dynamic issue sources in issue viewissue, 1.27.0Support for @DynamicIssueSource@ type issue sources that are presented in the Issues view fully based on the Variable interface. This leaves the VariableBuilder and variable node manager the freedom to implement the actual backing issue model in whichever way it likes.
6995EnhancementInclude parser generator used to generate SCL parser to SCL plugin and remove its Antlr-dependency1.27.0-
6996EnhancementIgnore instance definitions for Eq and Hashable1.27.0SCL code referring to deprecated type classes Eq and Hashable is ignored so that it is possible to write definitions that work also in older Simantics platform versions.
6997EnhancementSupport JSON input for dragging property variables to charts/subscriptions to create new items1.27.0Added plain text JSON DnD target support for model browser chart/subscription nodes and time series chart editor.
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6938EnhancementReplace printing to stdout/stderr by logging [1.27.0]1.27.0Many places writing debug information to stdout or stderr have been replaced by proper use of SLF4J logging facilities.
6984EnhancementMinor improvements to CHR implementation [1.27.0]1.27.0Bugfixes to SCL CHR implementation
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6915SupportSimantics 1.27.0 release engineering1.27.0


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