Simantics 1.22.3 Closed Issues

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6876BugDocument server should use variable value request with binding1.22.3, 1.25.0@org.simantics.document.server.Functions.getPropertyValueCached@ now uses @VariableValueWithBinding@ request instead of the bindingless version to retrieve the value as originally intended.
6875EnhancementVariableValueWithBinding request1.22.3, 1.25.0Added @VariableValueWithBinding@ database request to allow result caching for @Variable.getValue(ReadGraph, Binding)@ calls.
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5656BugInstances implementation returns results from linked shared libraries twice upon model index queriesindexing, search, 1.25.0, 1.22.3
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6903BugShared library import wizard does not show errors to user at allui, wizard, 1.22.3, 1.26.0Shared library import wizard now handles exceptions better than before by actually showing the problems to the user and not closing the wizard in such cases. Previously any exceptions would simply get printed to the console and the wizard would just close without a trace of what went wrong.
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6937BugImprove request update behaviour in EntityInstances and OntologiesFromLibrary1.22.3, 1.27.0Fixed @EntityInstances.QueryIndex.isImmutable@ and improved browsing and update behavior of @OntologiesFromLibrary@ request. Previously the request could potentially do large amounts of needless database browsing while looking for ontologies in the Projects library.
6926EnhancementUpdateComponentUids shall create a map from old UIDs to new UIDs1.22.3, 1.27.0, migration of UIDs in synchronization structures when importing models
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7040BugSynchronization issue in AbstractActionContext1.22.2.1, 1.22.3Fixed race condition from SCL sequence system (@AbstractActionContext@) which could cause isStopped() to return true while a sequence is still being executed.
7062BugAvoid NPE in diagram generic text element scene graph node initialization1.28.0,, 1.22.3More robust generic diagram text element scene graph initialization to prevent NPE when such an element is included as part of symbol graphics.
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6797BugEntityInstances can report duplicates indexing, search, 1.25.0, 1.22.3Fixed EntityInstances index searching implementation to not return duplicate results when a model is linked to an ontology that is marked as global.


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