Simantics 1.26.0 Closed Issues

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6885BugImport/export menuitems missing from Simantics Desktop product1.25.1, 1.26.0
6886FeatureRemove a file on the R serverR, 1.26.0, scl, api
6887FeatureAcorn cancel1.26.0, major, db, cancelFirst version of transaction cancellation for the Acorn database.
6888FeatureMerge feature/scl to master branchscl, major, 1.26.0Major SCL improvements. See issue description for full list.
6881SupportPlatform release schedule and artifact specsreleng, 1.26.0
6889EnhancementRun modelled STS tests in alphanumeric order in case of equal execution prioritytesting, 1.26.0Run modelled SCL tests (STS) in alphanumeric order when execution priorities are equal to keep order deterministic.
6890EnhancementShow modelled STS tests in model browser in execution ordertesting, 1.26.0Show modelled SCL tests (STS) in execution order in model browser.
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6851BugSCL module repository deadlock1.26.0, scl, deadlockFixed a deadlock from the SCL module repository implementation.
6894BugParsing if-then-else in SCLregression, scl, 1.26.0Reverted if-then-else related parsing changes from #6888, i.e. the possibility to have if statements without else, because it would have caused too many backwards incompatibilities.
6897BugBetter error message if type annotation has different number of parameters than the function definition1.26.0Improved error message when an SCL function type annotation has a different amount of parameters than the function definition itself.
6902BugFiles.writeFile opens the same file twice for writing with RandomAccessFile1.26.0, databoardFixed @org.simantics.databoard.Files.writeFile@ to not open the same file for writing twice.
6903BugShared library import wizard does not show errors to user at allui, wizard, 1.22.3, 1.26.0Shared library import wizard now handles exceptions better than before by actually showing the problems to the user and not closing the wizard in such cases. Previously any exceptions would simply get printed to the console and the wizard would just close without a trace of what went wrong.
  2017-01 2 Collapse all/Expand all
6898EnhancementImproving robustness of exceptions and improving behaviors in erroneous situations1.26.0Minor improvements to exception error message informativeness and error situation handling in the 2D diagram framework and the DB client library.
6900EnhancementImprovements to CHR implementation based on feedback [1.26.0]1.26.0Small improvements to SCL CHR(Constraint Handling Rules) implementation: proper error messages when pattern recognition fails.
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6918BugAcorn cancel-related deadlock1.26.0, db, acorn, cancelFixed deadlock case from Acorn transaction cancellation feature.
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6884BugFixing modelled STS tests to not include nested JUnit suites in order to Jenkins/Buckminster to work1.26.0
6879SupportSimantics 1.26.0 release engineering1.26.0, releng


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