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4583BugProfile monitor offset manual editing not possibleselection, view, ui, edit
4713BugClassCastException when removing route line (Shift-R)diagram, connection
6169BugTG import fails with null indexRoottransferable-graph, import
6571Bugequals/hashCode for CompileStructuralValueRequestdb, structuralAdded missing @equals@/@hashCode@ for @CompilerStructuralValueRequest@.
6572BugAllow for textual editing of properties with custom modifiergraph-explorer, editAdded a mechanism to @GraphExplorer@ @Labeler.getModifier@ to allow the client to prefer a textual modifier if supported. Indicating this preference can be done by providing the edited column key with a '#' prefix. The system will first use the '#' prefixed column key to ask the associated ModifierRules for a modifier. If that fails, it will fall back to asking for a modifier without the '#' prefix to match the old behavior.
6589BugSCL: NPE when referring from type alias to another type alias declared latersclFixed bugs SCL compilation when a type alias refers to another later defined type alias.
6590BugNPE in GraphExplorerImpl2
6613BugSCL text editor's content assist didn't work with relative importsscl, ui, editorFixed SCL text editor's content assist to work with relative imports.
6617BugFixing NPE in SWTChassis when changing Eclipse theme via preferences
6622BugUpdated SCL module fails to notify update listeners
6623BugInclude unformatted monitor value in MonitorTextGridResult for enhanced database query identification in profile monitorsprofile, monitor, diagram
6633BugDocument linking ontology has invalid Bundle-Nameontology
6635BugAllow for null component in SCL value compilation requestscl
6646BugMinor fix for GraphDebugger to prevent it from crashingdebugger
6647BugAdding few <Proc> effects to "Document/All" modulesclAdded missing <Proc> effects to to @Document/All@ functions @putValue@ and @putString@.
6648BugMinor enhancements for debugging SCL (implementing toString() methods etc)
6658Bug(Fixed) Search-field in Help -> Contents gave infinite nullpointerexceptionshelp
6673BugURIStringUtils.needsEscaping does not work according to URIStringUtils.escape databoardURIStringUtils escape/unescape methods changed to not escape any non 7-bit ascii characters anymore. Unescape works as before but escape/needsEscaping now works by only escaping the following characters: @' ', '%', '#', '/', '&'@. '#' and '/' are URL segment/fragment delimiters and they need to be escaped in names. '&' characters are escaped to avoid them being interpreted as SGML entities. All other characters are left as is and we rely on standard Java 16-bit unicode strings.
6689BugGraph compiler allows duplicate statement declarations resulting in e.g. unnecessary ontology merge
6690BugGraph compiler should listen all file changes inside graph-folderThe graph compiler plug-in now listens to changes in all files under the @graph/@ folder in a plug-in to ensure that also changes to files included with @L0.loadBytes@ trigger recompilation of files.
6692BugDuplicate and otherwise erroneous ontology definitions in Simantics Platformontology, platform, startup
6694BugFixing database regression test executiontesting, db
6697BugTwo SCL compiler bugfixes
6698BugVariableLabelPropertyRule problematic/removed data handling fixselection
6701BugComparison between an empty cell and 0 should be truespreadsheet, excelFixed spreadsheet comparison between empty cell and 0 to return true accordingly.
6702BugDisable error reporting of unsolved subsumptionsscl
6711BugChartData supports only one active experiment per modelchart, experiment
6718BugMove semaphore in IndexedRelationsSearcherbase to finally to prevent deadlocks
6720BugFixing infernal syncGraph() SCL-function to be more blocking and to make it more meaningfulFixing implementation of SCL @syncGraph@ function to be more blocking and more meaningful. It now uses @ServiceActivityMonitor@ session service to wait until the system is not doing anything.
6723BugSCLNodeManager refers to wrong property URIscl, variable
6741BugResource value stream should return -1 on read when no more bytes are availabledb, clientFixed InputStream implementations returned by the database client library to return @-1@ on read when no more bytes are available. Previously the implementations would throw unexpected exceptions.
6756BugModelingUtils.fileDialog does not work with multiple extensions
6770BugActionContext contributions do not bubble downbrowsing
6788BugAdd takeWhile function to Preludescl, preludeAdded @takeWhile@ function to SCL @Prelude@ module.
6837BugBetter bounds calculation for diagram flags scene graphdiagram, profile, monitor, flag, templateScene graph node bounds calculation fixes for diagram flags that are bound to diagram template flag tables.
3832FeatureUtility for loading of RouteGraph from a connection in the databasediagram, connection, utility, refactor
5039FeatureTooltip in GraphExplorer based viewsgraph-explorer, tooltipAded basic tool tip contribution support for GraphExplorer content provisioning mechanism. Tooltips can be customized by providing a database adapter for @TooltipRule@ and attaching it to a viewpoint. There is currently only one existing implementation, i.e. DescriptionTooltipRule which looks for @L0.HasDescription@ property from the content Variable's predicate or content Resource and shows that in a separate tooltip shell.
6530FeatureSimantics Dynamic Help (F1) based on Shared Ontologiesshared, ontology, help, docInitial version of dynamic help contributions based on Simantics shared ontologies. See issue description for more information. SCL-module Added SCL-Module @URL@ for class
6568FeatureSpreadsheet overhaul and improvementsspreadsheet
6600FeatureSCL issue viewscl, issueAdded new view @SCL Issues@ that lists issues found in all the SCL modules available in the currently running platform.
6606FeatureImprovements to document history handlerdocument-server1) Handle document changes asynchronously using worker threads, 2) Throttle updates to max 20 per second, 3) Prune histories with no active listeners, 4) Interfaces for document subscription
6608FeatureRead variant's datatype in SCLsclSupport reading a variant's datatype in SCL using new function @datatypeVariant@.
6609FeatureResource copying in SCLsclNew SCL function @copyTo@ in @Simantics/DB@ for copying a single resource using basic transferable graph export/import logic.
6610FeatureCreate temporary directory in SCLscl@createTempDirectory@ added to @File@ SCL module.
6641FeatureSCL equationsscl
6653FeatureShare project org.simantics.fileimport/ui for enabling easy drag and drop import for supported file extensions (e.g. .r, .fmu etc)utility, importNew platform component @org.simantics.fileimport@ contains an OSGi service based framework for providing implementations for importing domain-specific files into the Simantics database as libraries or models. These features are currently employed by the Simupedia Manager component for managing deployed product installations through a web interface.
6654FeatureNatTable based GraphExplorernattable, graph-explorerFirst version of an "Eclipse Nebula NatTable": based Simantics @GraphExplorer@ implementation. Because NatTable does not require native UI resources for each row of the widget it can be used to visualize much larger data masses than previous SWT Tree based GraphExplorer implementations.
6681FeaturePoll listener for document serversimupedia
6704FeatureColor / ColorGradient UI improvementsutility, uiAdded new generic SWT-based color picker dialog and an improved version of the color gradient editor that allows mouse drag style linear color gradient editing.
6724FeatureDrag support for scene graph nodesdnd, ui, events, propagation, perfSupport DnD sourcing from scene graph nodes, i.e. from the diagram editor. Also includes quite major bugfixes to the 2D scene graph event propagation handling.
6725FeatureAdd Koloboke API and Koloboke Compile to target platformAdded koloboke-compile to the SDK build target platform for custom and lean high-performance map and set implementations.
6726FeatureModelled SCL tests and UIscl, testing, uiIntroduced new framework for so called modelled SCL tests. It is now possible to use the Simantics desktop workbench applications for creating shared libraries for storing and running SCL test code. This test code can be used to invoke any SCL APIs that installed features provide to test their functionality. The framework provides a similar Unit Test view as Eclipse JDT does for JUnit Java tests. It also has a separate view for checking SCL code coverage of the modelled tests. The code coverage reporting currently only reports code coverage percentages per module. The coverage is calculated on a branch basis in the JVM bytecode generated from the SCL source code.
6731FeatureGeneric implementation of NewDocumentFolder actionfor-developers
6735FeatureInterface for document server to read FileDocumentssimupedia
6745FeatureDiagram Profile Templatesprofile, template, for-developersAllow definition of templates for diagram profile configurations in the ontology.
6766FeatureURI escaping via document request interfacesimupedia, for-developersSupport URI escaping through
6798FeaturePossibility to hide a property from generic selection view properties tabselection, viewAdded new property @ that can be used to hide properties from the standard/generic Variable-based Properties tab of the Selection view.
6801FeatureXML Date/Time primitive handlinginteroperability
6821FeaturePossibility to skip bytes when reading InputStream in SCLsclAdded @skip :: InputStream -> Long -> <Proc> Long@ function to @Stream@ SCL module.
6833FeatureTest RExp inheritance in SCLR, scl
5952SupportRun SCL regression tests in Jenkins with coverage analysisscl, ciAdded support for analysing coverage of executed SCL code.
6475SupportMigrate from svn to gitmigration, relengA large body of work has been done to move the majority of the Simantics Platform SDK codebase from SVN into Git/Gerrit. The related documentation can be found from the developer wiki at
6683SupportAdd jackson JSON core library to target platform external dependenciesscl, jsoncom.fasterxml.jackson.core.jackson-core is now a part of the Simantics SDK build platform.
6774SupportMove Simupedia specific interfaces to Simupedia plugins
6813SupportBundle org.apache.poi 3.15.0 as a third-party bundle for git platform external-components repositorythird-party
6827SupportBundle org.apache.batik 1.8.0 for git platform external-components/manual repositorythird-party
6830SupportInclude Jackson XML/CSV bindings in external platform componentsthird-partyAdded jackson-dataformat-{xml,csv}, jackson-annotations, jackson-databind, jackson-module-jaxb-annotations, woodstox-core and stax2-api as external components to the platform.
6831SupportGit branch of simantics FMIL supportFMI
6835SupportRemove deprecated README file
6514EnhancementEnable user components to see their own SCLModule definitions without including them to the index roots SCLMainuser-component, scl, scriptingAllow a procedural or scripted user component to see its own SCL module definitions automatically without including the modules in the index root SCLMain. This makes user components more self-sufficient and re-usable.
6550EnhancementConfigurable diagram profilesdiagram, profileUsually diagram profiles are used from ontologies, which prevents storing any data into them. Configurable Profiles are copied into the model to allow storing the Profile related configuration.
6551EnhancementChange org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Simantics into an internal class and rename to SimanticsInternalplatform@org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Simantics@ has been undeprecated and moved to @org.simantics.db.layer0.internal.SimanticsInternal@ to prevent its accidental use outside of the platform internals.
6574EnhancementPerformance of naming strategyperf, db, indexingImproved index-based naming strategy implementation performance by database request caching.
6575EnhancementPerformance of document propertiesdb, variable, document-serverImproved caching of document variable property reads.
6576EnhancementBetter error reporting for Layer0Utils.getSingleDomainOfdb, client, utility, layer0Improved exception information content in @Layer0Utils.getSingleDomainOf@.
6577EnhancementChildN terminal for document widgetsdoc, diagram, terminalAdded a non-functional @ChildN@ terminal (more than one connection allowed) for document widgets.
6581EnhancementFormulaFunctions now recognize excel error values and handle them the same way as excel wouldspreadsheetImproved error value handling in spreadsheet cells to more closely match how Excel handles them.
6588EnhancementExcelImport now finds column and row sizeexcel, import, spreadsheetExcel import now finds column and row sizes from Excel files.
6592EnhancementImproved character escape rules in SCL string literalsscl
6595EnhancementSupport Inf and NaN in graph filesdataboardSupport @Inf@ and @NaN@ floating point values in .pgraph ontology files.
6596EnhancementMerge and modify db codes for easier javacore usagedb, server, client
6601EnhancementPlatformUI now shows property tab for shared ontology selectionsplatform, uiShow also Properies tab in the Selection view for shared ontology selections.
6624EnhancementRemove dependency on org.lobobrowser.cobrawikiRemoved dependency on external @org.lobobrowser.cobra@ library that has not been developed for a long time.
6627EnhancementNew Spreadsheets are immediately synchronizedspreadsheet, synchronizationPreviously new spreadsheets would be unusable until a cell had been edited, the Spreadsheet Editor closed and the Spreadsheet opened again. The synchronization of the SpreadsheetEngine, SpreadsheetLines and SpreadsheetLine was done only upon opening a sheet with cells that had values in them. Now, empty Spreadsheets are synchronized immediately to initialize their structure.
6629EnhancementImprovements to XML scl modulescl
6630EnhancementAdd rounding to Preludescl
6631EnhancementUtility to find predicate by name based on L0.HasDomainutilityAdded @Simantics/DB@ function @possiblePredicateByName@.
6632EnhancementMoved Import Images action to platformimportAdded import images action for importing SVG images to the database.
6638EnhancementNew SCL module editor
6640EnhancementImported excel files using ExcelImport are now guaranteed a unique namespreadsheet, excel
6642EnhancementSCL compiler improvements from development branch
6643EnhancementSCL exception handling (matching)
6644EnhancementAdded support for TreeTableCells to be found and used by SCL. Also expanded available functions in DB and Variablesspreadsheet, docAdded SCL functions: @Simantics/DB/superTypesOf@ and @Simantics/Variables/propertiesClassified@
6645EnhancementMinor enhancements for GUID.scl modulesclAdded SCL @Show@ instance for @GUID@ data type.
6652EnhancementAdded new, helpful description to Hyperlink Widget target descriptiondoc, simupedia
6656EnhancementUse InvocationTargetException.getCause() in cases where a new exception is constructed to be thrownCleaned up error case exception chain stack traces by chaining @InvocationTargetException.getCause()@ in places that were previously chaining @InvocationTargetException@ itself.
6659EnhancementSpreadsheetCell value evaluation improvementsspreadsheetSpreadsheet cell value evaluation improvements: 1. Circular references now support iterations in the same way excel does. Default number of iterations is set to 100. Iteration can be enabled or disabled. Disabling iterations and providing a circular reference between cells will provide same result as before, a Circular~Ref FormulaError. 2. AstIdentifiers no longer provide IllegalStateExceptions, rather, they provide a @#NAME?@ FormulaError.
6665EnhancementAdded new function for importing FMU models to SCLFMI-StudioNew @importFMI@ SCL function in @Simantics/FMIStudio@ for importing FMU models.
6669EnhancementPossibleModel changed to PossibleIndexRoot in a few important locations related to FMU Models and their functionality outside their default locationFMI, db

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