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6412BugCut-paste problemscutFixed DefaultCopyHandler to not create copies when cutting is performed.
6509BugLift properties does not collect properties with deep hierarchyuser-component
6547BugPrevent reinitialization of chart editor vertical rulers every time anything changes in TrendSpecchart, usability, merge-me, merge-trunk-to-1.22Prevent reinitialization of chart viewer vertical rulers every time the chart configuration is changed in any way.
6586BugMore robust resolution of format decimal separator symbol for CSV formatterchart, subscription, copy, exportMore robust decimal separator use for CSVFormatter used by subscription export and chart data copying to clipboard.
6666BugImmutability enforcement improvements in user component facilitiesstructural, user-component, read-only, editor, lockingComponent type interface editor and SCL script/module editors now recognize the immutability of a user component based on whether it is locked/published or not. When it is immutable, the editors are read-only.
6670BugDiagramToCompositeMapping3 leaves garbage behind in component-based connectionsdiagram, mappingDiagramToCompositeMapping3 was fixed to leave less MOD.DiagramConnectionToConnectionSpecial garbage relations behind in component-based connections. For details, see issue description.
6671BugDIA.HasTransform defines L0.RequiresValueType "Vector Double" so G2D.Transform needs to define L0.HasValueType as well to avoid low level validation issuesontologyPrevent ridiculous amounts of low-level validation issues from @G2D.Transform@ by adding an @L0.HasValueType@ definition for it.
6677BugDiagram connection Joiner does not work with merged flagsdiagram, flag, connection, joinFixed diagram connection Joiner bug that caused it to remove merged flags when joining diagram-local flags of which the other one is merged and has many counterparts. Joiner now leaves merged flags in place during a single join operation.
6682BugDiagram connection tool removes wrong connection when attaching a connection to a disconnected flag in another connectiondiagram, connection, joinFixed a bug from the diagram connection tool that caused it to remove the wrong connection when joining two existing connections together by attaching to a disconnected flag in the other connection. The tool needed to remove the connection that doesn't have any component mapped to it. Previously it was done the other way around which caused the removed mapped component to be undesirably regenerated by the diagram mapping.
6685BugTypical synchronization re-connection validation failuretypical, synchronizationFixed typical synchronization problem that prevented synchronization of a typical master change where a terminal of an element was reconnected to another element.
6700BugObjectUtils.objectEquals does not work for array-typed argumentsdataboard, utilityAdded deep comparison of array-typed arguments to @org.simantics.databoard.util.ObjectUtils.objectEquals@ by using @java.util.Objects.deepEquals@ from JDK 1.7.
6752BugEvent view should hide all return events when Hide Return Events or Active Events Only is selectedevents, uiFixed events view to hide *all* return events when *Hide Return Events* or *Active Events Only* is selected. Previously those selections were only hiding return events that were associated with a starting event.
6403FeatureChanges to allow Simulation Server support for SCL
6484FeaturePlain Browser in modelled SWT viewsbrowsing, swtAdded support for creating plain SWT Browser widget in modelled SWT user interfaces.
6488FeatureGraph contribution for resource editorseditor, contribution, dbAdded support for contributing database resources editor adapters by modeling them in the ontologies. See "Modeling.pgraph changes": for the related ontology.
6490FeatureCSS editor for wiki documentsdoc, wiki, css, editorAdded an editor for default model CSS definitions that are used for styling wiki documentation page HTML output.
6491FeatureDocumentSettings for wiki documentsdoc, wikiA wiki document's margins are now configurable from the index root resource properties.
6518FeatureEditing plugin modules in Simantics workbenchscl, editorImprovements to SCL module navigation for developers. The workbench now supports 1) Viewing and editing of SCL modules in Simantics plugins (if in development mode). 2) Open definition (C-S-d, or F3 in editor). 3) Open module (C-S-m).
6611FeatureGeneralization of component type editoruser-component, editor, refactor
6674FeaturePage event service for PDF exportspdf, exportAdded a new OSGi service for hooking into PDF export page events using new @org.simantics.export.core.pdf.PdfExportPageEvent@ interface.
6591SupportSimantics 1.22.2 release engineeringreleng
6440EnhancementAdd completion proposals to SCLModuleEditorAdded content assist completion proposals for SCL Module Editor (content assist can be triggered with CTRL+SPACE)
6449EnhancementWiki documentation enhancementswiki, doc, merge-trunk-to-1.22Several enhancements to the wiki Documentation view, standard browser based HTML rendering instead of the old and deprecated LoboBrowser library and PhantomJS based PDF rendering for the HTML pages generated from the wiki documents. See description of r33148 for more information on the smaller enhancements.
6459EnhancementMake diagram profile etc. text rendering searchable text in PDF and SVG exportsdiagram, svg, pdf, export, searchMade all text rendered on diagrams searchable in PDF and SVG exports. Previously all text was rendered as paths but now it is rendered as text. Required fonrs are not yet embedded in the export PDFs.
6463EnhancementImprovements related to component type scriptsuser-component, scl, scripting
6487EnhancementPropertyInfo enhancementdb, client, variableAdded @literalRange@ information to @PropertyInfo@.
6492EnhancementLayer0Utils enhancementsdb, utilityNew utility methods for @org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Layer0Utils@: @getSingleDomainOf@, @getDomainOf@, @claimLiteralDataboard@.
6517EnhancementText padding could be smaller than current or configurablediagram, selection, usabilitySmaller (2mm -> 0.5mm) border padding for normal text elements without rendered boundaries.
6526EnhancementMake component type editor more customizableuser-component, refactorRefactoring to make the component type editor more customizable for the future.
6573EnhancementDefault expressions for component type interface propertiesuser-component, scl, expressionAllow SCL expressions to be defined for property default values in the component type interface editor.
6602EnhancementAllow typical diagram template masters to be stored in shared librariestypical, diagram, libraryMade it possible to store typical template diagrams in shared libraries and instantiate them from there.
6636EnhancementAllow tagging UC interface terminal connection relations to indicate connection components should be generated inside the UCdiagram, mapping, user-component, merge-trunk-to-1.22Added a new tagging mechanism for component type interface terminal connection relations that is used to indicate that possible components mapped to a connection attached to that terminal should be generated internally in the component type configuration already. Normally component type interface terminal connections do not generate components.
6684EnhancementAllow event handling in org.simantics.diagram.elements.TextNode even when the text node is not editable if necessarydiagramImproved event handling in the diagram TextNode to handle events even when the text node is not editable in order to support sourcing drag-and-drop operations from it. Also minor space-optimization by several packing TextNode fields into a bitmask.
6695EnhancementTypical diagram synchronization support for diagram specific propertiestypical, diagram, synchronizationAdded support to typical diagram synchronization to synchronize also properties of the master diagram itself into the instance diagrams. Currently the only implementation usable for this purpose is @PageSettingsTypicalRule@.
6699EnhancementTypical synchronization SCL API supporttypical, diagramAdded SCL module @Simantics/Typicals@ for performing typical diagram synchronization. See SCL documentation of this module for more information.
6706EnhancementchildWithPath and possibleChildWithPath SCL functions for Simantics/DBscl, dbAdded @childWithPath@ and @possibleChildWithPath@ SCL functions to @Simantics/DB@.
6722EnhancementAllow scrolling CSV export wizard page contentsui, wizardCSV Export wizard page now has vertical scrolling if the UI doesn't fully fit vertically on screen.
6742Enhancement(Re-)indexing UI feedback improvementrefactor, ui, usabilityWrap database index root reindexing in an Eclipse Job to provide the user information that 1. an index rebuild is happening and 2. how it is progressing.
6744EnhancementImprove typical synchronization to be able to synchronize connections that have customized branching on the instance sidetypical, diagramSupport typical synchronization for diagram connections that contain custom branching on the typical instance diagram side.
6748EnhancementImproved connection action (remove/reconnect) highlighting and outlookdiagram, connection, actionImproved the visual attractivity of branched diagram connection action cues and their highlighting.
6751EnhancementSupport diagram connection creation from terminal to existing connection branch diagram, connection, branchingIn cases where connection branching is supported, basic connection creation on diagrams now supports starting from terminals and ending the connection as a new branch in an existing connection. It is the responsibility of domain-specific @IConnectionAdvisor@ and @IModelingRules@ and @IConnectionConstraint@ implementations to further restrict how connections can be made, as before. Note that this also changes the default logic in @ModelledConnectionAdvisor.canBeConnected@ to allow connections to be created if the connection can be made legal. Previously the logic only allowed connections that were considered legal.
6793EnhancementProgress monitoring for UC migration wizarduser-component, migrationAdded progress monitor support to UC migration wizard and other related code.
6803EnhancementAllow hiding annotation type and its instances from the userannotation, uiAllow hiding annotation types and their instances by marking an annotation type as a system annotation.
6812EnhancementTypical inheritance highlighting improvementdiagram, profile, typical


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