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6476BugDependenciesRelation.DependencyChangesRequest does not filter MOD.changeInformation property changes out causing much too widespread synchronization due to unwanted DependencyChanges metadatasynchronization, undoFixed @DependenciesRelation.DependencyChangesRequest@ to filter out @MOD.changeInformation@ property changes to prevent structural synchronization from spreading unnecessarily wide.
6537BugMissing image resource initialization in HistoryViewteam, ui
6543BugTrend value tip box rendering layout uses wrong values when deciding the final width of the boxchart, layoutFixed layout bug from chart value tip box layout that caused the width of the box to be too small in some cases. This resulted in a wobbly end result when the user drags the value hairline around the chart.
6583BugDo not invoke symbolDropHandler function in diagram element drop situations when the drop target does not have that propertydiagram, dnd, monitorFixed diagram DnD population logic to take into account that not all target diagram elements have a custom @symbolDropHandler@ defined.
6451FeatureNew DB service interface ServiceActivityMonitor for general operation completion waitingdbNew database service interface @org.simantics.db.service.ServiceActivityMonitor@ for generic registering of operations and waiting for their completion.
6507FeatureRun SCL scripts with runFromFile in SCL console by dragging script files from file explorer into the SCL console output text areascl, uiAllow running external SCL scripts with runFromFile in SCL console by dragging script files from file explorer into the SCL console output text area.
6516FeatureExtend TreeMap SCL APIscl, merge-me, merge-to-later
6567SupportPrelude function hidden, broke existing SCL codescl, preludeMade SCL @Prelude@ module function @getList@ visible again after it was hidden (marked private) in release 1.19.0 since it has already been used in existing SCL scripts.
6587SupportSimantics 1.22.1 release engineeringreleng
6464EnhancementAllow overriding of a function in VariableModifier/VariableModifier2 that is executed after a successful write transactiondb, variable
6513EnhancementMore functional interfaces that can throw DatabaseException for the DB clientdb, clientAdded interfaces @DbSupplier@, @DbPredicate@, @DbFunction@, @DbBiConsumer@ and @DbBiFunction@ to package @org.simantics.db.function@ that match the ones found from the Java 8 but these can throw @DatabaseException@.
6533EnhancementOpen external links in external browser from documentation wiki editorwiki, doc, editorChanged the old Lobobrowser based wiki documentation editor to open external links, such as @ in an external web browser.
6559EnhancementPerformance improvements for model transferable graph exportperf, refactor, db, model, export


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