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6365BugSCL module documentation updatesmerge-me
6408BugSCLAction does not refresh when modules changeaction, sclSCLAction functions did not refresh when SCL modules are changed at runtime. Now the function is resolved before every evaluation of the action function.
6414BugHandling of negation in SCL queriessclSupport negation in SCL queries.
6420BugDiagram.setElements crashes if connections are written before componentsdiagram, sclFixed write ordering bug in @Simantics/Diagram@ function @setElements@.
6437BugLinux: Drag'n drop from model browser to Diagram does not worklinuxFixes for drag-and-drop from model browser to diagram editor under Linux.
6438BugLinux : DND between SWT components does not work when LocalObjectTransfer is usedlinux, dndFixes for drag-and-drop between SWT component under Linux with LocalObjectTransfer.
6441BugLinux: Diagram popups do not work/showlinux, menuFixed diagram popup menus to work on linux/gtk.
6443BugIncorrect handling of package name separator for data type constructors with external user defined classsclFixed incorrect handling of package name separator for data type constructors with external user defined class.
6445BugSCL compiler generates invalid bytecode for scanlscl, compilerFixed invalid bytecode generation in SCL compiler for function scanl.
6446BugHelp does not open via diagram editor context menuhelpFixed help contents to open properly also from diagram context menu.
6450BugSCLSessionManager does not remove created NodeSupportsscl, db, simupedia, leakFix @NodeSupport@ leakage in @SCLSessionManager@
6460BugSCL compiler compiles the head of list literal incorrectlyscl, compilerFixed list comprehension SCL compiler bug that caused the head of the list to be constructed incorrectly.
6462BugWrong handling of effects in SCL compilerscl, compilerFixed invalid effect handling in SCL compiler.
6470BugLinux: o.s.browsing.ui.swt.ComboBoxCellEditor2 does not work in dialogs.linux
6483BugSimulation server does not delete temporary filesexperiment, simulation, serverFixed incubated simulation server to destroy temporary files accordingly.
6493BugRuntimeEnvironmentRequest failed to register SCLContextsclRuntimeEnvironmentRequest now properly registers ReadGraph into SCLContext to prevent random SCL runtime environment evaluation failures.
6494BugCanvasCommandDelegate throws NPEE4
6506BugCauseless "No value accessor for ..." messages emitted to consoledataboardEliminated causeless "No value accessor for ..." messages that were emitted to standard output by databoard.
6519BugEditorRegistry discovery does not check for null when searching from indexroot
6521BugMinor SCL compiler fixesscl, compiler
6531BugShared Libraries tab does not layout wellui, layoutImproved Shared Libraries property tab layout logic.
6538BugIncorrect equals/hashCode implementation for SymbolProviderFactoriesdiagram, symbols
6544BugSpreadsheet.graph: GEOMEAN function calculation fixed. "Visit Comparison" for evalutation which values is bigger now works with strings in addition to numbers. AddedGEOMEAN exponent evaluation fixed. CellValueVisitor's visit comparison now supports string comparisons.
6545Bugspreadsheet.graph: Fixed SumFormulaFunctionNow properly adds all found SpreadSheetMatrix values together.
6556BugIfErrorFormulaFunction implementedspreadsheetIfErrorFormulaFunction implemented using FormulaError class from the apache.poi.
6557BugIsErrorFormulaFunction (pure boolean version of IfErrorFormulaFunction)spreadsheetImplemented "=ISERROR arg1" function. If arg1 is an error, returns true. Otherwise returns false.
6584BugError location reported incorrectly for failed relative SCL module importssclFixed error location reporting for failed relative SCL module imports.
6410FeatureSimple wrapper class for discovering and running the gnuplot executable with script filesutility, gnuplotAdded a simple wrapper plug-in for detecting and installed version of gnuplot and executing commands with it from Java. Importantly note that this plug-in does not include gnuplot itself, it only detects a system-wide installation by looking for the gnuplot executable from based on the @GNUPLOT@ and @PATH@ environment variables. PATH is expected to contain the @bin@ directory of a gnuplot installation, and @GNUPLOT@ is expected to point to either the root or the bin directory of an installation or directly to the executable itself.
6411FeatureDiagram SVG exportdiagram, export, svgAdded support for exporting diagrams as SVG. Use with SCL:<pre> include "Diagram/svg" // with DPI (double) diagramToSVGdpi diagram dpi // with size (int,int) diagramToSVGsize diagram width height // with default size diagramToSVG diagram</pre>
6467FeatureMinor SCL library improvementssclMinor SCL library improvements: 1) @possibleObjectWithType@ for @Simantics/DB@, 2) @zipVectorsWith@ for @Vector@, 3) Added @Ord@ instance for @Resource@s, 4) @addAllS@ for adding @MSet.T@ to @MSet.T@
6486FeatureMultitransferable for supporting various formats in DnDdndAdded @MultiTransferable@ for supporting multiple different types of AWT @Transferable@s by composing the into one @MultiTransferable@.
6489FeatureAdd ui context information into GraphExplorersbrowsingAdded node-specific browse contexts for GraphExplorer-based UI components.
6501FeatureAdditional support for Variant type in SCLdataboard, variant, scl, datatypeLots of improvements to using databoard Variant datatype in SCL. For details, see the description of this issue.
6502FeatureSupport translation from exported shared ontology into bundle ontologytransferable-graph, shared, ontologyAdded separate POJO application @org.simantics.graph.refactoring.FixExportedOntology@ for converting an exported shared ontology into a that can be included directly in a plug-in bundle.
6503FeatureMake it possible to access ontologies from Model Browserbrowsing, ontologyVisibility of ontologies in model browser is now configurable in preferences through the */Model Browser* prererence page.
6510FeatureMutable bundle ontologiesAllow definition of mutable ontology bundles by adding a new header in MANIFEST.MF: @Immutable: false@.
6511FeatureHot synchronization of bundle ontologiesontologyAdded function @synchronizeOntologies :: () -> <Proc> ()@ to @Simantics/Misc@ SCL module for programmatically synchronizing the currently installed ontologies on the fly.
6523FeatureIdentifier/priority masking for browse context contributionsIdentifier/Priority based masking, i.e. overriding for browse context contributions that produce children.
6528FeatureSupport collapsing all and selected nodes in Model BrowserbrowsingGeneric handlers for collapsing all or selected nodes in Model Browser.
6546FeatureQuadtree implementationutilityA QuadTree data structure added to @org.simantics.utils.datastructures.collections@.
6549FeatureMultiple data definitions componentsimupediaNew component @DefVars@ for document definitions that allows defining both an array of sources and an array of targets.
6566FeatureImplemented MatchFormulaFunctionspreadsheetInitial version of MatchFormulaFunction.
6427SupportAdd PDFBoxpdf, exportAdded PDFBox to third-party components used by the Simantics SDK.
6452SupportInclude full Batikbatik, svg, third-partyInclude complete batik 1.8 + fop-transcoder trunk version because the FOP PDF transcoder that comes with batik 1.8 is broken.
6461Support1.24.0 release engineeringreleng
6482SupportMigrate org.simantics.lp to the current SCL compiler
6520SupportInterop plug-isn using old interfaces
6529SupportNattable 1.4.0Upgrades Nattable to version 1.4.0.
6691SupportInclude Apache batik and pdfbox in the SDK rmapApache batik and pdfbox have been added to the SDK RMAP for Buckminster builds.
6127EnhancementMultiple Binding instances created for basic datatypesdataboard, datatype, refactor, perfGot rid of much unnecessary creation of Binding instances for basic data types in databoard.
6419EnhancementSCL label rulesscl, labelingAdded basic support for defining graph explorer browse context label rules with SCL code. A label rule function is expected to return @[String]@ which contains consecutive @key, value@ per-column keyed values. These values are then put into a @Map<String, String>@ structure that is returned to the system by @SCLLabelRule@.
6421EnhancementupdateEntity for batch claiming statementsscl, dbAdded function @updateEntity@ to SCL module @Simantics/DB@.
6485EnhancementSpreadsheet editor did not track input validityspreadsheet, editorSpreadsheet editor now tracks input validity.
6504EnhancementAdd the diagram into symbol filtering contextdiagram, symbol, filter
6508Enhancementtranspose function for SCL Preludescl, preludeSCL Prelude now has a generic @transpose :: [[a]] -> [[a]] function that works like "Haskell's transpose":
6522EnhancementActionBrowseContext improvementsSupport @WorkbenchSelectionElement@ selections in modelled action resolution.
6525EnhancementMinor improvement to F1 contextual help handlerhelpOpen dynamic help from Model Browser help action even if nothing is selected that has a help context specified.
6534EnhancementProper resource management in SCL code editorsscl, ui, editorFixed SCL code editors to use JFace ResourceManagers to manage fonts and other resources to prevent leaking them.
6535EnhancementAbility to disable database indexingNew Simantics workbench application argument @-disableIndex@ added for globally disabling dependencies relation based database indexing.
6540EnhancementImproved symbol library filteringdiagram, symbolsTwo symbol library filtering changes: 1) Filter symbols by matching the symbol description in addition to label with the filter expression. 2) Show symbol groups if their label matches the filter expression, even if no symbols in the group are shown (everything filtered out).
6585EnhancementPrevent user from specifying same column & decimal separator in subscription CSV export wizard and CSV preferencessubscription, export, csvPrevent user from selecting same decimal and column separator in subscription CSV export wizard and CSV preference page.
6649EnhancementMake deprecated org.simantics.utils.datastructures.Callback interface to extend java.util.function.Consumer@org.simantics.utils.datastructures.Callback@ interface now extends @java.util.function.Consumer@ in order to ease gradual deprecation of the @Callback@ interface.


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