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6282BugSimantics desktop product uses org.simantics.desktop feature instead of org.simantics.desktop.product.featuredesktop
6345BugRuntimeEnvironmentRequest fails sometimes because there is no graph availablescl, db, client
6373BugSCLNodeManager caching is brokenscl, variable
6387BugMinor SCL standard library improvementssclAllow effects in the following functions: @maximumBy, minimumBy, mapEither@
6404BugSCL compiler generates too long methods for transformationsscl, transformation, compilerSCL compiler fixes for very long generated code from SCL transformations.
6307FeatureAllow diagram CopyPasteStrategy implementation to affect if and how a diagram copy operation worksdiagram, copyAdded new interface @CopyStrategy@ that can be implemented by the @CopyPasteStrategy@ given to diagram @CopyPasteHandler@. The implementation can affect if a copy operation can commence at all or change what exactly is copied in the operation.
6357FeatureNew functions to Prelude (mapI and scanl)scl, preludeAdded functions @mapI@ and @scanl@ to SCL @Prelude@.
6367FeatureAdd isDigit to SCL PreludeAdded function @isDigit :: Character -> Boolean@ to SCL @Prelude@.
6368FeatureSuper CSV library for processing CSV filesNew third-party library added: Super CSV ( under the Apache 2.0 License.
6371FeatureSCL DB requestsdb, client, sclAdded SCL functions to @Simantics/DB@ for executing unary SCL functions as database requests: @unaryQuery@, @unaryQueryCached@
6283SupportIntroduce FMI interface libraryFMI, simupedia-studioAdded FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) library for running FMI 1.0 Co-Simulation models.
6305Support1.23.0 release engineeringreleng
6306SupportGeneral codebase cleanup - deprecated code removal where possiblerefactor, deprecated
6278EnhancementNode-specific browse contexts for modelled browsersbrowsing
6285EnhancementStandard property page for ModelledView
6286EnhancementTabContribution enhancementsselection, transformationAdded possibility for modelled tab contributions to define their own modelled input transformations (possibly in SCL).
6287EnhancementSimulator variable refactoringsolver, variable, refactorIntroduced NodeSupport/NodeCache implementations for the standard simulator variable base implementation to bring relief to excessive reallocation of new VariableNodes inside the simulator node manager implementation.
6288EnhancementExperiment and history collection refactoringexperiment, history, collector, refactor, chart
6289EnhancementModelled browse context and action context enhancementsbrowsing, action
6299EnhancementHelp system enhancementsAdded generic Help action to modeling ontology and viewpoints.
6315EnhancementUse L0X.HasUnit for determining property unitvariable@L0X.HasUnit@ relation is now used to resolve unit in the standard property variable implementation.
6318EnhancementMake ValueAccessors available in SCLvariable, sclMade it possible to define custom Variable interface value accessors using SCL.
6335EnhancementNumber formatting utilities in SCLNew (number) formatting SCL library @Simantics/Formatting@ introduced. Contains only @formatNumberLocale@ for now.
6336EnhancementComposed variable propertiesvariableAdded support for hierarchical properties to the standard database Variable implementation through Variable interface properties.
6337EnhancementClassification methods for double valuesscl, preludeAdded @isFinite@, @isNaN@ and @isInfinite@ for Double type in @Prelude@ SCL module.
6339EnhancementNode-specific browse contexts in standard propertiesbrowsing
6344EnhancementSupport for inserting a new subtree into dependency indexindexingNew method @DependenciesRelation.addSubtree@ for manually forced indexing of a specific subtree of a model when @Indexing.setDependenciesIndexingDisabled(graph, true)@ is used and an added model/index root is not automatically indexed.
6374EnhancementProxy variable util enhancementsscl, variable, simupediaNew utility ProxyVariables.proxyVariableRoot for looking for the closest parent variable that uses the ProxyChildVariable implementation.
6397EnhancementDeprecate Callback and Callable interfaces from org.simantics.utils.datastructuresrefactor, java8Deprecated org.simantics.utils.datastructures.Callback/Callable interfaces in favor of Java 8 the functional Consumer and Supplier interfaces.
6402EnhancementContinued Desktop Product productizationdesktop, productSmall changes to continue productization of the Simantics Desktop plain workbench product. See #6242 for earlier related changes.
6407EnhancementMinor SCL library improvementsscl, graphviz


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