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6238BugIf database query cache is empty, query collector will throw ArithmeticExceptiondb, client, collectorPrevent division by zero in the database client query garbage collector.
6241BugSCL compiler generated hashCode does not handle Maybe type (null) correctlyscl, compilerSCL compiler: Fixed Maybe type null handling in generated hashCode implementations.
6251BugSCL ModuleRepository hangs when two threads try to compile the same module and only one is inside graph transactionscl, lockupFixed a deadlock case in SCL module repository initialization.
6277BugStringEscapeUtils does not escape backslashdataboard, utilityFixed backslash ('\') escaping bug from @org.simantics.databoard.parser.StringEscapeUtils@.
6279BugSCL compiler handles escaped unicode characters incorrectlySCL compiler: Fixed escaped unicode character handling
6284BugSupport hiding in AssertedPredicates querydb, client
6311BugSupport components attached to connections in DiagramRequests.expandConnectionsdiagram, copyFixed handling of configuration objects mapped to diagram connections in diagram copy-paste operations to keep the type of the resulting connection intact.
6317BugLinearly interpolating subscription data CSV export crashes if exported data contains NaN/Inf data itemshistory, subscription, exportFixed subscription CSV export crash when trying to export NaN/Inf values from collected history with Resampling and linear interpolation sampling mode.
6321BugIgnore empty HasSubprocessName properties in structural synchronizationstructural, synchronizationChanged structural synchronization to ignore the @HasSubprocessName@ property when its value is empty, instead of ignoring it only when it does not exist.
6324BugDiagram operations missing undo pointsdiagram, undoAdded missing undo point marking to context menu diagram operations missing them.
6330BugRemoving items from BTree's internal nodes works incorrectlyB-treeFixes for database B-tree data structure internal node removal logic.
6332BugSymbol filters with external data sources did not updatesymbolsChanged symbol library population requests to be aware that there may be external symbol contribution filters that filter out content that is located in the ontology, i.e. immutable parts of the database. Added a primitive external database request to enable using eclipse preferences as dependencies in a database query chain (see @org.simantics.db.layer0.request.external.EclipsePreferencePrimitiveRead@).
6341BugEvent Mark Baseline does not work with manually added eventsevents, uiFixed event view context menu to show *Set Baseline* action also for events that have no event source.
6342BugSupport delayed write inside transactionsdb, clientAdded support for issuing a database @DelayedWrite@ from within a write transaction.
6343BugStart box selection after scene graph nodes have processed drag eventsdiagram, selection, regression
6349BugSafer implementation of ResourceImpl.toString()db, clientAdded safety for implementation of @org.simantics.db.impl.ResourceImpl.toString()@.
6353BugE4 Workbench application sometimes loses most key bindingsworkbenchWorkaround for an annoying E4 related problem with disappearing key bindings. See for related information.
6354BugBind simulation experiment timer toolbar contribution mode to active chart time format preferenceexperimentChanged simulation toolbar timer contribution time formatting to follow and change the Chart Time format preference.
6355BugResourceTGValueModifier fails with Optional resourcesmerge-1.22-to-trunk, B-treeFix for transferable graph export of database B-tree structures.
6358Bug Claiming of L0.Literal used an invalid datatype literal (should always be instance of L0.Datatype)db, clientFixed database client to create literal instances with correct type (L0.Datatype, not L0.literal).
6359BugDelayedWriteGraph fails to resolve types for Long, Byte, LongArray and ByteArray valuesdb, clientbyte, byte[], long and long[] data type support for DelayedWriteGraph literal claiming methods.
6361BugExtended support for operations that require reading graph in DelayedWriteGraphdb, clientAdded support for invoking DelayedWriteGraph methods deny, denyValue, getPossibleObject and getPossibleValue for pre-existing database resources.
6363BugModelingUtils.CompositeInfo.resolveFolder returns wrong resultdiagram, import, regression
6364BugJoining a route graph connection to a disconnected flag that is still connected to a terminal produces an invalid connectiondiagram, connectionFixed diagram connection tools to support attaching connections to other connection through disconnected flags that are removed when the two connections are joined together in the process.
6384BugRemove excess use of Simantics/DB resource function where possiblescl, refactor, optimizationReplaced excessive use of @Simantics/DB@ resource function with ontology imports in platform SCL modules.
6395BugrunFromFile from SCL console produces double output for every printed linescl, consoleFix SCL @runFromFile@ implementation to not log console output twice into file when @startPrintingToFile@ is used from within the script file.
6406BugMissing null check in MappingBase.disposesynchronization
6409BugProcedural user component code compilation does not use block parsing modescl, structural, procedural, regressionFixed an expression evaluation regression in procedural user component code compilation: block parsing mode was turned off by default nowadays.
6417BugRemove unnecessary SWT image creation from certain plug-in Activators to avoid forced runtime SWT initialization within activatorsswt, uiRemoved unnecessary SWT image creation from plug-in activators to prevent forced SWT initialization even in headless application when the plug-ins were present and activated.
6418BugBTree removes the owner of its root node when the last item is removedmerge-to-later, B-treeSimantics database B-tree data structure item removal bug fix. Tree root was removed prematurely before the last item was removed.
6424Bugorg.simantics.diagram.profile.view.ActiveRuntimeDiagramInputSource unnecessarily performs synchronous DB requests in the UI threaddb, ui, lockupChanged synchronous database request into an asynchronous one from Profiles view input provider. Prevents the UI from getting stuck when the DB is not immediately available. Also prevented the Profiles view from being updated while it is not visible.
6426BugNPE when reading missing G2D device configurationmerge-to-later
6444BugNPE in Model Browser tree item update due to disposed tree item
5619FeatureResource browserosgi, db, debugger, headlessIntroduced new graph debugger service that runs under Jetty using a random port. When the platform is ran in development mode (i.e. -dev application argument) there will be a menu contribution _Open Debug Browser_ in the Help menu to open the debugger browser. The key difference to the old graph debugger is that this one is running as a servlet in Jetty so you can access the server with your favorite web browser outside of the running application as well as inside the application. When not running in development mode you can use the SCL console to start the debug service like this:<pre> > import "Simantics/Debug/Browser" > startDebugServer Started debug server at http://localhost:60154/debug </pre> Keep in mind that the port will vary.
6195FeatureSimantics backup generic interface and servicebackupInitial implementation of backup and restore utilities for Simantics features: * IBackupProvider interface together with an OSGI-service for clients to implement their own backup providers * BackupProviderService utility class for creating backups programmatically & SCL-module Backup.scl * Useful together with e.g. headless Simupedia products for periodical backups
6243FeatureFileDialog in SCLscl, apiNew function @fileDialog :: String -> [(String,String)] -> <Proc> Maybe File@ for the new @Simantics/UI@ SCL module.
6245FeatureModeled actions in menus and action barsmenu, action, toolbar
6249FeaturePlug-in for retrieving native memory usage informationlogging@org.simantics.nativemem.NativeMem@ class for getting information on the native memory usage of the JVM process. For now only supported on the Windows platform.
6260FeatureAlias for document URIsimupedia
6263FeatureSupport linked lists in Simantics/DBsclBasic database linked list reading support added to @Simantics/DB@ SCL module: @elementsOfList@.
6266FeatureSCL bindings to GraphivizSCL bindings for the GraphViz library. See the @Visualization@ SCL module package and the @Visualization/GraphViz@ SCL module.
6267FeatureReverse synchronization SCL modulereverse-synchronization, sclAdded new SCL module @Simantics/ReverseSynchronization@ to support performing reverse property synchronization from the current experiment context back into the model configuration context.
6269FeatureSCL module dependency graphscl, graphviz, moduleAdded new SCL module @Visualization/ModuleDependencyGraph@ and function @showModuleDependencyGraph@ to view the dependency hierarchy of all SCL modules in the system.
6292FeatureXML Schema to Ontology converterinteroperabilityAdded XML schema to Simantics ontology converter. It has originally been developed for XMpLant/Proteus schema conversion and cannot handle all XML schemas.
6294FeatureTreeMap in SCLsclNew SCL module: @MTreeMap@
6298FeatureLife cycle process contributionslife-cycle
6308FeatureGet workspace directory in SCLscl, utilityNew function for @Simantics/Misc@ module: @workspaceDirectory :: () -> File@
6309FeatureTest if File is file or directory in SCLsclAdded @isFile@ and @isDirectory@ to @File@ SCL module.
6312FeatureIntroduce Java 8 @FunctionalInterfaces that are allowed to throw DatabaseException to allow usage of lambdas with DB-related codedb, client, java8Added Java 8 <code>@FunctionalInterface</code> @org.simantics.db.function.DbConsumer@ to allow use of lambda with DB related iteration functions.
6313FeatureImprovements to SCL file APIscl, apiAdded function @syncFile@ to SCL @File@ module.
6316FeatureFix remaining issues with GUID creation in certain operationsdiagram, import, typicalGUID identifier creation fixed for typical diagram instantiation and non-replacing diagram import.
6352FeatureExecute delayed write requests in SCLsclNew @delayedSyncWrite@ API function for @Simantics/DB@ SCL module.
6237SupportFix remaining issues after Eclipse 4.5.1 target platform transitionworkbench, eclipse, rcp, platformFixed many E4 migration related issues that were left over after #3537.
6239Support1.22.0 release engineeringreleng
6246SupportPromote R project from incubator to main Simantics repositoryRPromoted Simantics R codebase from incubator to main Simantics repository.
6240EnhancementEnable the use of JavaSE-1.8 features throughout the whole Simantics codebaserefactor, java8Enabled use of JavaSE-1.8 features in the whole Simantics codebase.
6242EnhancementDesktop Product productizationworkbench, product, desktopContinued productization of the Simantics Desktop plain workbench product that can be used as a base for installing Simantics-based modeling tools from P2 repositories.
6244EnhancementSCL diagram utilities tweaksscl, diagram
6252EnhancementImprovements to selection processingselectionFixed bugs in workbench and selection view input selection processing.
6262EnhancementEq class implementation for datatype Variablescl, variableClasses Eq and Hashable implemented for datatype Variable.
6270EnhancementImprovements to SCL standard librarysclMinor enhancements to SCL standard libraries.
6272EnhancementMinor fixes to generate better error messages in SCL compilerscl, compilerBetter error messages from SCL compiler when unification fails.
6273EnhancementGUID fixesguid, identifierChanged GUID identifier creation for entities to work in the same fashion as change information updating, i.e. every that is typed as @: L0.TypeWithIdentifier@ in the ontology will get an identifier through graph change listeners.
6274EnhancementChange information fixeschange-informationAdded change information for several types through @MOD.TypeWithChangeInformation@: @SHEET.Book@, @SHEET.Spreadsheet@, @L0.Type@, @L0.Relation@.
6291EnhancementChart configurability improvementschartMinor improvements to chart configurability and the related UI. This is a continuation of #6221.
6295EnhancementMinor SCL compiler improvementsscl, compiler, testing
6303EnhancementEvent view Unmark milestone shall also remove baseline state from eventevents, uiChanged Event view context menu action _Unmark Milestone_ to also remove baseline status from the selected event if the selection contains an event that is currently marked as baseline.
6325EnhancementDB.scl improvementdb, clientAdded @untypedClaimValue :: Resource -> a -> <WriteGraph> ()@ to @Simantics/DB@ SCL module.
6329EnhancementExtensible exclusion logic for tg exportsexportAdded configurable exclusion logic for transferable graph (model, etc.) exports.
6333EnhancementError logging interface for document server
6346EnhancementDocument server should throw IOExceptions in request/response interfacessimupedia, doc, serverDocument server request/response interfaces now throw IOExceptions in I/O related methods.
6350EnhancementOption to not write comment metadata when creating annotation instancesannotation
6356EnhancementMake claimRelatedValueWithType_ SCL function publicmerge-1.22-to-trunk, scl, db, client, api@Simantics/DB@ SCL module function @claimRelatedValueWithType_@ is now public, allows giving Binding manually.
6360EnhancementImprovements to BTreemerge-1.22-to-trunk, B-treeOptimized B-tree record datatypes to remove extraneous object wrapping. Added a cached version of the B-tree content manager that works even with DelayedWriteGraph.
6362EnhancementSupport remove/deny relation in ClusterWriteOnlydb, clientSupport remove/deny relation write only graph transactions.
6366EnhancementEquals & hashCode not implemented for data structures in CollectionSupportImpldb, merge-1.22-to-trunkAdded @equals@ and @hashCode@ implementations for data structures returned by @org.simantics.db.service.CollectionSupport@ implementation.
6379EnhancementImprovements to SCL code indenting/unindenting in SCLModuleEditorscl, usability, merge-1.22-to-trunkSCL module editor improvements: 1) replace tabs with spaces always, 2) enable indent/unindent of code blocks, 3) use tab width preference from *Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Displayed tab width*.
6385EnhancementDocument dataDefinitionRelation should not be functionalsimupedia, merge-1.22-to-trunk
6393EnhancementOptimization/Cleanup for DynamicMenuContribution and its implementationsmenu, refactor, contribution, optimizationOptimized DynamicMenuContribution implementations by better input checking and doing less when input is clearly invalid, such as not doing database requests at all.
6399EnhancementNew final renaming step for generic structural synchronizationsynchronizationAdded a new final step for generic structural synchronization. This optional step checks whether it is possible to rename solver components according to their originally requested naming but @SolverNameUtil.getFreshName@ had to generate new unique names for them instead. This is needed because of the order in which synchronization works: ADD, REMOVE, UPDATE. This adds a new RENAME step at the end since it is possible that the REMOVE step makes available names that were not available in the ADD step.
6416EnhancementPrevent PointerInteractor from reacting to mouse clicked events with click count > 1 to prevent diagram selection from bouncing arounddiagram, selection, usabilityChanged diagram PointerInteractor mouse click handling to 1) only perform selections on single clicks (event click count == 1) and 2) disabled the "rotating pick" logic unless SHIFT is pressed. The idea behind the rotating pick logic is that the user is still able to select diagram elements that are located on top of each other by successively clicking on the diagram so that the clicks hit the same set of elements each time. In this case each click would always select the next element in the overlapping pile of elements. Overall these two changes make diagram editor selection work with much better predictability from the user point of view.
6439EnhancementSupport UC monitor value properties in Simantics/Diagram elementsOfR functionscl, diagram, mappingSupport user component instances with monitor properties in @Simantics/Diagram@ function @elementsOfR@.


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