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6230BugPrevent NPE while opening chart viewer context menu during viewer initializationchart
6232FeatureSCL documentation improvementsscl, docSCL function searching (CTRL+H) and jumping to documentation added to SCL Documentation browser. Also minor improvements to Simantics/{DB,Variable} module documentation.
3537SupportSwitch to 4.x Eclipse as the development platformreleng, ci, patch, majorSimantics is now built on top of Eclipse RCP 4.5.1 (Mars.1), which was released in September 2015. The previous platform (3.7.1) was released in September 2011 and it contained bugs and problems that would never get fixes. This move was the first step towards the E4 platform. It was in the making for a long time and it is far from done. Most of Simantics is still based on legacy contributions that will in time be migrated over to E4 mechanisms.
6194Support1.21.0 release engineeringreleng
6231EnhancementOCCT environment variable checkopencascade
6234EnhancementHandle multiple files with the generic file selection widgetsutility


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