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6025BugServer literal handling error.db, loss-of-dataFixed server literal handling in cases where big literal value were modified to small value.
6027BugDatabase recovery failuredb, server, recoveryFixed an error with database recovery. Database recovery failed if database server had not exited successfully at least once. This special case is now handled correctly.
6028BugEdit Style dialog does not apply new font if only font size/style are modifieddiagram
6037BugMore generic filter/walk functions for PDF export node structuresexport, refactor
6044BugSearch Linked Objects action does not work for documents that have L0.HasLabel propertydoc, search
6051BugVirtualGraph write transactions fail with code that use cluster setsdbFixed virtual graph write transactions to work with code that uses cluster sets.
6053BugSupport numeric fields properly in lucene index queriesindexingFixed long-standing bugs in performing index queries on numeric fields, such as resource IDs. Resource (long) queries must be performed using range queries ([from TO to]) and queries need to parsed using a custom logic that uses Lucene class NumericRangeQuery.
6065BugPrevent NPE in org.simantics.modeling.All.variableIdDisplayValuesubscription, ui
6066BugSimantics/Diagram/setTransform function uses wrong value type for DIA.HasTransform literalsscl, diagram
6067BugAdd multiple-L0.HasRange support to org.simantics.db.layer0.request.PropertyInfoRequestdb, layer0
6075BugStandard diagram element cut-paste implementation can leave STR.ConnectionJoin instnaces with incorrect STR.JoinsComposite relationsdiagram, cut, flag, majorFixed long-standing bug in diagram element cut-paste implementation that caused invalid structural connection join structures (STR.ConnectionJoin) to be created when a locally connected pair of flags along with their connections and connected elements were moved to another diagram.
6087BugFailed to calculate content rect if there were stray connectionsdiagram, pdf, exportMore error-resilient content rectangle calculation for diagrams to also work in cases where a diagram contains stray connections whose dimensions are invalid (NaN).
6097BugConnectionJoinAndSplit handler causes unexpected NPEsdiagram, connection
6102BugPrevent closing a diagram editor from a published shared library from causing an unexpected exception every time it is closed.diagramPrevent diagram editor state saving from running into unexpected @CannotRemoveException@ when @DiagramViewer@ attempts to replace the diagram editor state in a published shared library. Fixed by preventing state saving when the container is published.
6107BugDiagram editor runtime model leaks a lot of memory through database client query cachesdiagram, leakAdded a lot of data structure clearing and object reference nullification to diagram runtime model structure disposal to prevent the database query cache from hogging up large amounts of memory for data structures of already disposed diagram editors.
6112BugImprove handling of virtual statements and values in denydb, clientImprove handling of virtual statements and values in deny
6118BugIncorrect hashCode calculation for DecorationOverlayIconbrowsing, decoratorFixed tree item image flickering problem in model browser. The problem occurred in all visible tree items where images had more than one decoration.
6120BugaddList function in SCL returns nulls for existing itemssclA bug that caused previous elements list elements to replaced by nulls in lists returned by @addList@ SCL function was fixed.
6122BugHeadless diagram loading hangs in various waysdiagram, pdf, lockup
6123BugMinor diagram flag utililties refactoringdiagram, utility, for-developersAdded new static method @org.simantics.diagram.flag.FlagUtil.countCounterParts@.
6124BugUndo point marking missing from diagram tools view actionsdiagram, undoAdded missing undo point marking to all actions in the Diagram Tools view.
6108FeatureSCL module for launching graphical debuggerscl, debuggerAdded new SCL module @Simantics/GraphicalDebugger@ for launching a graphical debugger window when needed.
6117FeatureBetter error messages for SCL modules/scripts with invalid UTF-8 encodingsclImproved diagnostic message when SCL function runFromFile is given something else than UTF-8 input. Now instead of producing an exception stack trace it will say something like:<pre> 1:16-1:17: Character does not conform to UTF-8 encoding. </pre>
6137Support1.18.4 release engineeringreleng
6032EnhancementGeneric text element support for diagram mapping facilities in Simantics/Diagram SCL module diagram, mapping, FupRos
6094EnhancementForce Simantics Exports wizard to add file extensions to .pdf and .zip filesexport, pdfSimantics Exports wizard now forces exported file names to have a matching extension (.pdf, .zip).
6098EnhancementGive PointerInteractor priority over scene graph event handlingdiagramReorganized diagram event handling to improve how diagram selection, element moving and connection re-routing interact with each other. Now the system will primarily start moving elements around when a drag is started on top of an element. Previously the system would start to reroute diagram connection lines in most situations with complex diagrams.
6103EnhancementGraph/Session debugger fixesdebuggerPressing enter in graph debugger lookup field now performs lookup.
6110EnhancementRemove unnecessary string computationdb
6111EnhancementAdd extensibility to ListDialogutility
6113EnhancementBatch issue validation refactoringissue, refactorAdded support for batch issue validation based on domain search. Small refactoring was also done to the batch validation framework.
6114EnhancementIgnore datatype units in history file conversionshistoryFileHistory.modify can now deal with unit changes in numeric collected data. From now on units are considered just metadata, not something that needs to converted between.
6115EnhancementReset chart editor cursor/zooming when current experiment changeschartChart editor now removes chart cursor and reset chart zoom to automatic when current experiment changes.
6129EnhancementAdd support for procedurally generated labels and descriptions in Symbols-viewsymbolsUsing @ReadGraph.get[Possible]RelatedValue2@ to support procedural values for symbol group labels and descriptions.
6130EnhancementExponential direct byte buffer growth instead of minimal in DecompressingInputStream to minimize unnecessary buffer reallocations.utility, compression
6131EnhancementDisposal support for org.simantics.structural.synchronization.client.MappingBase to help garbage collectionsynchronization, perf, leakAdded disposal support to structural mapping base structures to help garbage collector work better.


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