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5898BugExternal read caching dependencies break when requests are reissued during updatedb
5904BugUndo destroys literalsdb, undo, loss-of-dataFixed literal data loss during repeated undo in situations where required database cluster data is not in memory at undo time.
5963BugSCL console content assist not working correctlyscl, consoleFixes camelCase content assist bug in SCL console. Previously the SCL console would only fill the missing letters in correctly without fixing the casing of the existing letters based on the content assist list selection.
5977BugDatatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitionsdb, utility
5981BugDiagram editor connect tool use with ALT doesn't work if the editor doesn't have focusdiagram, usability, connection
5982BugResourceList does not support all operationsdb, scl
5983BugRemember SCL Manage Imports dialog settingsscl, ui
5985BugRemove useless setMonitorTask from Simantics/DiagramMapping SCL modulesclSimantics/DiagramMapping SCL module: removed useless setMonitorTask function.
5986Bugorg.simantics.document.server uses CaseInsensitiveComponentNamingStrategy2 invalidly
5988BugSimantics DB "Operating System Exception" debuggingdb, loss-of-data
5991BugUndo point creation missing from UI operationsundo, ui
5993BugDo not generate dependency changes from statement changes that contain virtual resourcesdb
5997BugSWTChassis can be null in DiagramViewer setFocusdiagram
5999BugSCL function undo does not have effectscl, undoFixed SCL module @Simantics/DB@ functions @undo@, @redo@, @queryListSupport@ and @queryDebugSupport@ to to contain side-effect <Proc> to ensure the functions are ran properly in all cases.
6000BugReadGraphImpl.createRandomAccessBinary creates ResourceFiles in to wrong temp directorydb, perf
6001BugAllow org.simantics.db.layer0.util.SimanticsClipboard.Representation.getValue to throw DatabaseExceptionclipboard, refactororg.simantics.db.layer0.util.SimanticsClipboard.Representation#getValue was changed to throws DatabaseException. Previously implementations had to handle and log exceptions internally which was not the right thing to do in almost all places.
6007BugSessionImplSocket peekService fails to return services.majorWith certain conditions SessionSocketImpl.peekService() could return null for installed services. This could cause system wide errors.
6008BugPrevent NPE in AlphanumericSorterbrowsing
6011BugSeveral diagram export and diagram content copy-paste fixesdiagram, copy, cut
6026BugReal-time issue validation system leaks database metadata listenersleak, db, majorFixed a database metadata listener leak in the real-time issue validation system.
5989Support1.18.3 release engineeringreleng
5942EnhancementSelect newly dropped elements in diagram editor and activate diagram editor automaticallydiagram, dndElements that are added to diagram editors via drag-and-drop are now automatically selected in the diagram editor. Also the drop target diagram editor is automatically activated.
5978EnhancementSupport L0.SCLValue evaluation to enable definition of SCL function -valued propertieslayer0, ontology, scl, expression
5979EnhancementUndo stores unnecessary lists in OperationImpl-instancesdb, undoFixed undo facilities to not store quadratic amounts of undo-related operation data for each created database change set. This was a big problem especially when command scripts are run that create lots of change sets
5992EnhancementUse target diagram cluster set in diagram copy pastediagram, copy
5994EnhancementOptimization of structural connectivity analysis codesstructural, perf
5995EnhancementOptimization and hardening of continuous issue validationissue
5996EnhancementImproved query collectordbImproved scheduling and completeness of the database query garbage collector.
5998EnhancementEnhance uriValidator
6012EnhancementAdd denyValue to Simantics/DB modulescl, db, client


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