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5767BugBug in STL implementationscl, transformation
5783BugMany scl compilation codes failed to return existing graph into contextsclFixed many SCL compilation codes to properly handle setting and returning the previous value of ReadGraph into SCLContext
5846BugSCL module loader deadlock during application startup when using persistent imports for project modules (URIs)sclFixed SCL module loader deadlock during application startup when using persistent project module imports (URIs).
5864BugDon't print normal prints to console during the execution of printingToFile
5872BugFunction typeOf is not working properly when used in the consolescl, consoleFunction @typeOf@ was broken when used from the SCL console.
5883BugMigrating import cleanupregression, migration, importCleaned up code in org.simantics.db.layer0.migration.
5886BugMake database revision after TG import available to the migrating import procedure through MigrationStateimport, migration
5894BugEnsure that MappingBase.configurationByUid map contents are reset if MappingBase.trustUids is set to falsesynchronization
5907BugDiagram export does not exclude joins with flags to external diagrams that are not connected to anything on the external diagramdiagram, exportFixed bug in diagram export (or copy/paste) code that prevented exporting when the exported diagram was linked via a joined flag to another diagram (D) where the flag counterpart was not connected to anything and diagram D was not part of the export.
5909BugExpanding merged flags leaves RouteGraphConnections without namediagram, connectionGive proper names for new RouteGraphConnection when expanding merged flags
5912BugChange sets bookkeeping error.db, loss-of-dataFixed database server change set bookkeeping error that caused loss of data. Unfortunately these changes seem slow the server down.
5921Bugorg.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed property view loses focus in the middle of editing dialogselectionFixed bug in SingleClickStartEditMouseListener that caused SWTExceptions to be thrown due to tree widget being disposed already.
5922BugImplement flag disconnection as Eclipse command handler to allow user shortcut key bindingdiagram, flag
5932BugOntology changes for low level relation range issue validationsissue
5933BugCannot define higher-order functions with effectful parameters in SCL consoleregression, scl, console
5950BugDiagram copy+paste fails for a monitor that has no DIA.HasMonitorComponent relationdiagram, copy, monitorFixed diagram copy-paste to work also for monitors that have no monitored component information.
5740FeatureSimantics Transformation Language improvementsscl, compiler, transformation
5866Support1.18.2 release engineeringreleng
5871EnhancementSmaller memory allocation pressure by reducing THashMap rehashes in critical solver variable child/property requestssolver, variable, perfSmaller memory allocation pressure by initially allocating hash maps to correct target size in the solver variable node structure request.
5925EnhancementDiagram memory allocation pressure optimization (part 1)perf, diagram


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