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5455BugDatabase client crashes while performing query updates due to cluster table refreshdb, regression
5475BugStandard default property logic fails with exceptionvariable
5486BugSCL compiler does not accept an empty modulesclDevelopers: SCL compiler now accepts an empty SCL module
5500BugSheet editing was broken after SCL changesscl, spreadsheet, regression
5509BugNot possible to copy spreadsheet cells with Float, Integer or Long valuespreadsheetSpreadsheet now supports also copying of cells with float, integer or long values.
5510BugName collision: eventHandler is defined in two SCL modulesscl, api
5511BugDependencyIssueSource2 should fail gracefully is user extension function failsissue
5519BugExternal reads fail with exceptionsdbFixes for DB's ExternalRead exception handling.
5535BugSceneGraphVariable loses its transient propertiesvariableFixed problems with lost parameters when using modelled SWT dialogs.
5536BugDragging subscription items on top of charts does nothingchart, subscription, dnd, regressionFixed regression causing dragging of subscription items on top of charts to do nothing. The regression was introduced in 1.16.1.
5539BugNPE in SingleSWTViewNodeswt
5543BugFix hazard implenentation of EString.implode(Object[])utilityDevelopers: Fixed hazardous implementation fo EString.implode(Object[]) that did not take character sets properly into account.
5552BugGraphExplorer inline text editing does not give TreeEditor proper layout until text is editedbrowsing, inline, edit
5561BugDefining UC configuration component properties to reference UC parameters through #HasExpression fails in datatype conversionstructural, scl, testability
5562BugStandardModelingRules judgeConnection returns nondeterministic connection type results for unfinished connectionsdiagram, connectionDevelopers: StandardModelingrules.judgeConnection now returns a deterministic connection type based on alphanumeric connection type name sorting a possibly unfinished connection has multiple possible connection types.
5564BugText style editing dialog forcefully sets font when it is not previously defineddiagramEdit Style dialog no longer forcefully sets a font when -- keep current font -- is selected from the font list
5565BugReplace use of gnu.trove2 with gnu.trove3 where applicablerefactorAll dependencies on gnu.trove2 replaced with gnu.trove3.
5568BugSCL: operator precedenceSCL default operator precedence changed to 9 as in Haskell so `foo` binds tighter than $, where foo is a binary function.
5593BugInvertBasicExpressionVisitor crashes when a user component's state property is of another type than Doublediagram, profile, monitorFixed set value operation to work also for other numeric types than Double in user component state properties.
5599BugNPE in VariableDebuggervariable, debugger, regressionFixed NPE from Variable Debugger view that occurred when variable had no resource representation.
5614BugFixed SCL function application code and some API functionssclFixed Simantics facade SCL function application code to take ReadGraph argument properly into account when updating the SCL evaluation context.
5625BugSupport re-entrant syncExec in SCLRealm and execute synchronously when already in Executorscl, realmDevelopers: re-entrant syncExec support added for SCLRealm. Executes synchronously when already in executor thread.
5627BugNodeValueRequest assumes a non-null value when there is a bindingvariable, solverAllow solver variable NodeValueRequest to produce null values even when a databoard binding is defined for the request.
5630BugStandard selection view property value editing fixesselection, db, edit* Fixed component type editor to set proper L0.HasValueType properties for values when user modifies a state property's type in the user component configuration editor. * Fixed org.simantics.selectionview.All to set a proper L0.HasValueType value for newly created literal values if necessary (calculated value type differs from the asserted one) * Fixed PropertyInfoRequest to resolve requiredValueType from L0.HasRange + L0.HasValueType definitions if that is the only thing that is defined for a property relation.
5636BugPrevent DnD monitor editing when monitor variable #readOnly property is truediagram, monitor, dndPrevent DnD monitor editing when visualized variable #readOnly property is true
5641BugTake chart binary item label length into account when laying out the chart editor contentschartConsider binary chart item label text width when laying out the contents of the chart editor.
5642BugModel browser does not list sheets under librariesbrowsing, spreadsheetStandard modeling viewpoint used by Model Browser now lists spreadsheet books found under generic libraries.
5655BugTerminalInformer leaves disposed SWT images in use in the status bar - breaks the workbench UIdiagram, terminalRemoved green bullet image from the terminal info shown in the status line when the control key is pressed and hovering on top of an element terminal.
5658BugWrong value type requirement in ontologyontology, scl
5668BugCaseInsensitiveComponentFunctionNamingStrategy uses getRelatedValue where it should be using getPossibleRelatedValueFixed CaseInsensitiveComponentFunctionNamingStrategy to not throw unexpected exceptions whilst looking for L0.HasName properties from index results. The indexing system can't currently guarantee that the results gotten directly from the index are 100% up-to-date with the current database contents and therefore all results must be handled as if they might no longer exist.
5680BugProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.db, serverAdded/reactivated console commands for the database server process. These commands can be useful in debug situations where the server is the only thing user has for accessing corrupted data. Database client now uses the console commands to track the state of the server. Added support for deletion of cluster(s) which is currently available via scl command emptyTrashBin. Currently only deleted models are moved to trash bin which can then be purged with the fore mentioned scl command.
5682BugSimantics/Model.allModels returns also non-model resultssclSimantics/Model.allModels function now only returns results that are instances of SIMU.Model.
5685BugTableCell's row span and column span defaulted to 0spreadsheetDefault spreadsheet TableCell's row and column span to 1 instead of 0.
5696BugCluster bookkeeping gets corrupteddb, regressionFixed database cluster bookkeeping bug from the latest database server/client implementation.
5699BugInvertBasicExpressionVisitor NPE
5707BugNPE from GENodeQueryManagerbrowsing, regressionFixed NPE from GraphExplorer's GENodeQueryManager.
5715BugPrevent creation of monitors if the source and the target are not in the same configurationmonitor, diagramPrevent user from creating diagram monitors by dragging properties to diagram if the source component of the monitor is not from the same model configuration as the as the target diagram. Allowing this caused export problems due to unexpected broken links between models.
5718BugSynchronization fix for reference loopsvariable, synchronization, structuralAllow structural variable synchronization to break reference loops that may occur in model's where components reference each other.
5720BugPrevent user component terminal and property naming conflicts and discrepanciesbrowsing, regressionPrevent giving user component interface properties same names as are already given to UC terminals. Also always modify all terminal and symbol terminal names when one of them is modified to keep them in sync. Previously symbol terminals could be renamed separately due to a regression. This could cause UC version migration to malfunction.
5721BugDiagram export escaping fixes and code consolidationdiagram, export, importFixed diagram export name escaping to be complete with all different name segments properly escaped. *Note:* This makes the diagram export format incompatible with previous versions.
5735BugMigration wizard usability fixesmigration, wizard, usabilitySmall usability improvements for user component/symbol/shared library migration wizard.
5736BugUnexpected DoesNotContainValueException thrown from AnnotationTypeLabelRulebrowsingFixed AnnotationTypeLabelRule not to throw unexpected DoesNotContainValueExceptions which can happen when data is removed and queries are updated.
5744BugSearch service does not ensure well enough the search temporary directory exists before attempting to write to itsearch, regression, workbench
5745BugMigrationUtils.importMigratedMany does unnecessary work moving potentially created material to trashimport, migration, cancel
5747BugSCL command runProc (show 1) failsscl
5757BugPrevent DnD monitor expression evaluation or inversion from failing with state property expressions where property names start with lower-case lettersstructural, monitorFixed DnD monitor expression (inverse) evaluation (parsing) to work also with properties whose name doesn't start with capital letters [A-Z] since in SCL all variable names must start with lower-case letters [a-z].
5763BugStandardGraphPropertyVariable no longer returns child index variables for array property variablesregressionFixed StandardGraphPropertyVariable regression caused by r30486 in Simantics 1.17.1.
5803BugListening fixes and optimizations for subscription item labelingvariable, subscription, perfPerformance optimization and listening fixes for subscription item labeling in Model Browser.
5812BugUse Eclipse TextEditor implementation in procedural component type code editorprocedural, structural, sclBetter text editor for procedural user component code based on Eclipse TextEditor. Undo/Redo now works properly.
5817BugCleaner path for diagram element issues without URI escaped charactersissueDiagram element -related issue paths are now shown in unescaped form, not as escaped related URIs.
5824BugEmpty Database Trash Bin can cause database undo to faildb, server, undo, regression, trashbin
5826BugDiagram profile monitor MappedTypeGroup implementation doesn't do reference relation type comparisons exhaustively enoughdiagram, profile, monitor, regressionImproved subtyping tolerance in diagram profile MappedTypeGroup implementation.
5828BugIncorrect handling of let and do blocks in SCL consolescl, consoleFixed handling of let and do blocks in SCL console.
5835BugMarking/unmarking an event as a milestone event does not recalculate the milestone indexesevents, regressionEvent view *Mark/Unmark Milestone* actions have been fixed to recalculate milestone event indexes.
5837BugImport fails after recoverydb, loss-of-dataFixes for database recovery to prevent producing a broken database as a result of the recovery procedure.
5847BugExperimentActivator may use wrong active shell when opening error dialogexperiment, ui
5851BugDocument report generaror fails with internal documents.regression
5854BugUpdate os.interop.mapping to 1.18
4556FeatureNon-blocking requests for org.simantics.db.SessiondbImplemented simple non-blocking (timeouting) synchronous database request facilities on top of the existing database API. This allows implementing certain UI functionality, such as platform PropertyTesters in a much less blocking manner to keep the UI more responsive even if the database does not respond.
5432FeatureDatabase purgedb, server, purgePurge operation added to database. Removes old history i.e. change sets from database. Before this the only way to purge old history was to export the database content, create new database and to import the exported content to the new database.
5515FeatureConvert Strings to uppercase/lowercase in SCLapi, sclAdded String toUpperCase and toLowerCase to Prelude SCL module
5523FeatureHiding entities in SCL importscl* added new keyword 'hiding' to SCL and ability to include or exclude chosen symbols from import (see
5549FeatureInterrupting execution of SCL command in SCLConsolescl, consoleAllow users to try to interrupt SCL command execution using a stop button in SCL console.
5590FeatureSCL compiler tells if unresolved symbol is just written with wrong case lettersscl, compilerSCL compiler can now tell if an unresolved symbol is just written with wrong case letters
5603FeatureSpreadheet improvements: queries, expression ranges, input source selection, input encoding hardeningspreadsheetSpreadheet improvements: queries, expression ranges, input source selection, input encoding hardening
5604FeatureSWT document improvements: SCL text editor, fixes, refactoringswt, ui, scl, refactorAllow ontology-based contribution of an SCL text editor in SWT document UIs
5609FeatureModelled queries
5623FeatureSupport determination of expression effectssclDevelopers: Added AbstractExpressionCompilationRequest.getExpressionEffects for determining the effects of SCL expressions.
5629FeatureReusable request for classifying the model context location of a Variable componentvariable, structuralDevelopers: new structural utility request: org.simantics.structural2.queries.GetComponentLocation
5651FeatureSimantics Transformation Language, first implementationscl, transformationFirst version of the _Simantics Transformation Language_ included in SCL
5657FeatureExtension point for contributing code to be executed in before Simantics platform startupNew extension point *org.simantics.startup* for contributing code to be executed in before Simantics platform startup that can potentially prevent platform and thus program startup.
5662FeatureImprove handling of imports in SCL consolescl, console, importSCL console import handling improved. Imports can now be managed in a separate dialog that allows the user to import SCL module in different ways. It also allows users to control whether the imports are enabled/disabled and persistent/transient. Transient imports go away when user closes and reopens the SCL console.
5663FeatureSCL documentation browser improvementssclBack/Forward buttons added to SCL documentation browser
5670FeatureTrash bin for deleted resourcesdb, trashbin, sclAdded http://Projects/TrashBin folder for storing deleted models until they are eventually garbage collected, i.e. deleted from there using optimized code. See *Simantics/DBSupport* SCL module for the related SCL function *emptyTrashBin*.
5676FeatureUse default values for adapting records with added fieldsdataboardDevelopers: databoard can now adapt records to other records containing added fields. Previously this has worked only if the field was an any Object and defined @Optional. The added fields are given values based on the default value of each data type.
5677FeatureSynchronization fixes and enhancementssynchronization, structuralGeneric structural variable synchronization logic fixes for attached components.
5693FeatureAdd undo points to all actions modifying the graphundo, regressionAdded missing undo point marking to most known UI operations to prevent undo from returning the database state too far back into the past in one operation. Also made it easier to mark undo points by adding the API method markUndoPoint to org.simantics.db.Session interface. This makes it possible to mark an undo point without starting a transaction which often makes UI code cleaner and easier to write.
5705FeaturePossibility to remove variables from CommandSessionsclDevelopers: added possibility to remove variable bindings from SCL CommandSession
5724FeatureAdd possibility to add post migration actions to UC migrationuser-component, migrationDevelopers: Added possibility to define post-migration actions for user component type migration. To do this, implement @org.simantics.modeling.migration.UserComponentPostMigrationAction@ and add a database adapter for your implementation.
5801FeatureUtility for creating random but distinct colorsutilityDevelopers: ported old utility to for creating random but visually distinct colors
5650Support1.18.1 release engineeringreleng
5659SupportRemove long-time deprecated APIsRemoved APIs that were deprecated a long time ago and supposed to be removed in Simantics 1.8.
5708SupportRemove API deprecated for Simantics 1.2 from WriteGraph/WriteOnlyGraphdbDevelopers: Removed long-time deprecated API from WriteOnlyGraph and WriteGraph: addValue + claimValue methods that were replaced by addLiteral and claimLiteral.
4304EnhancementRefactoring and documenting existing SCL modulessclNumerous additions and changes to the Simantics SCL APIs mainly for unit testing purposes. There are too many changes to enumerate.
5354EnhancementPerform spreadsheet cell updates in transactionspreadsheetPerform spreadsheet cell updates within a spreadsheet transaction for better synchronization.
5468EnhancementJava 1.8 code compatibility fixesjava8Resolved problems that prevented Simantics codebase compilation with JavaSE 1.8.
5472EnhancementSCL compiler API refactoringscl* Improved API to SCL module and expression compiler including classes representing compilation environments * Expression compilation speed improvements: some expressions are compiled even 10 times faster
5488EnhancementExport com.kitfox.svg.xml from org.simantics.scenegraphdiagram, svgPackage com.kitfox.svg.xml is now exported by org.simantics.scenegraph.
5492EnhancementSCL CommandSession enchacementsscl* SCL console accepts multiple commands (including imports) at the same time * Function runFromFile supports comments, empty lines, and recursive function defintions consisting of multiple definition lines * Similar improvements to runTest
5493EnhancementQuery semantics change - old equal value is retained instead of new computed onedb, semanticsDB query semantics changed: if query result doesn't change with respect to equals(), the old value is retained in cache instead of the new one
5496EnhancementMove RuntimeEnvironment resolution into db.layer0scl, dbRuntimeEnvironmentRequest moved from org.simantics.scl.db to org.simanics.db.layer0
5497EnhancementNew variable methods: getPropertyInfo and getIndexRootvariable, apiDevelopers: new methods in Variable interface:<pre> * getPropertyInfo * getIndexRoot </pre>
5498EnhancementCleanup of deprecated Variable implementationsvariableDevelopers: all old and deprecated Variable implementations have been removed
5499EnhancementL0.HasDefaultLiteralType for telling relations which type to use for new literalsdb, layer0Added L0.HasDefaultLiteralType for telling relations which type to use for new literals
5501EnhancementRecompile only modified SCL modules and their dependencies in refreshscl* When SCL modules are changed, only modified modules and their dependencies are recompiled
5518EnhancementContributing SCL tests from pluginsscl, testingAdded a mechanism to configure SCL tests from Simantics plugins by putting them into sclTests folder. The tests can be run with methods in Commands/Tests -module.
5521EnhancementFix SCL module editor save/restore to worksclSCL module text editors are once again properly restored after restart
5525EnhancementShortcut key sequence for opening the SCL console viewscl, consoleAdded CTRL+SHIFT+Q S shortcut for opening the SCL console
5534EnhancementSupport for NodeManager-based propeties and children for property nodesvariableSupport for variables from by solver-provided node managers has been extended by allowing property nodes to contain sub-properties and child nodes.
5537EnhancementImplement Variable.adaptPossible without throwing exceptionsvariable, perfDevelopers: Variable.adaptPossible implementations should throw and catch as little exceptions as possible internally.

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