Simantics 1.15.1-1.18.3 Closed Issues

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4345BugFix procore linux version to compile
4749BugPointerInteractor pick distance is configurable, but most of the code refers to the default value
4755BugWidget disposed exception in
4760BugGraphExplorerImpl2 slows down considerably with large amounts of data (part 2)
4780BugSpreadsheet improvements
4789BugComponentAndElementPasteImportAdvisor creates overlapping element names
4791BugGraphExplorerImpl2 does not handle label decorator removals correctly
4806BugGraphSourceLoader fails from SCL console
4843BugPrinting is broken because of SCL context modifications
4874BugAbstractVariable.getPossibleVariable can throw
4912BugCreateVersionDialog allows creation of new User Components / Shared Libraries with duplicate version numbering
4914BugLabeling problem in user component terminal properties
4916BugDiagram framework does not create undo points
4945BugDiagram copy paste system eats exceptions
4989BugMulti-line text editing on diagram has issues on line change points
4991BugMore extensible LabelModifier
4992BugChanging PartialIC's datatype from Map to two different Arrays
4995BugDocumentClient deadlock possibility when deleting/renaming Simupedia documents
4998BugDataboard wants to deserialize default resources (id=0). Work around this.
4599FeatureDocument linking feature
4747FeatureSCL improvements related to Simantics-R connection
4864FeatureRelational sublanguage to SCL
4870FeatureSyntactic sugar for Variable access
4875FeaturePartialIC data structures for storing state
4915FeatureImplement undo in SCLModuleEditor
4993FeatureTime UI operations
5006FeatureRefactoring SCL-package format
5014FeatureSCL console improvements
5018FeatureSupport for deep ontology references for example L0.Migration.from
4758SupportSimantics 1.15.1 release engineering
4769SupportApache POI 3.10
3552EnhancementMinor fixes
4754EnhancementRouteGraphNode has configurable pick tolerance but it is not used with selections
4790EnhancementBinding serializer caching for better serializer retrieval performance
4821EnhancementR product development
4839EnhancementChange SelectionProcessor's method getIndexRoot to return L0.IndexRoot in instance of SIMU.Model
4846EnhancementGet errors from SCL compilation
4847EnhancementBetter editor for SCL modules
4848EnhancementAllow for setting pick sorting
4849EnhancementNew undo paradigm - combine if not specified
4862EnhancementSCL UserComponent enhancements and implementation of importSVGElement
4863EnhancementAdd bindings in o.s.datatypes as default bindings
4873EnhancementRid of deprecated os.utils.datastructures.HashMultiMap
4879EnhancementAllow customizing diagram viewer selection processing
4886EnhancementUse SCL lists in creating simupedia JSON
4887EnhancementAllow event handlers to return values to client
4890EnhancementExport MigrationWizard
4908EnhancementAdd category resolution hook into standard selection view
4911EnhancementConstant parameters for document events
4934EnhancementNew IsShownUnder / UnderOf relation for selection view properties for grouping similar properties
5041EnhancementAdding more functionalities to SCL modules
5044EnhancementAdd browsePossible
  1.16.1 76 Collapse all/Expand all
4591BugUndo-Redo failure with literals larger than 30KB
4918BugGraph Explorer modifier do not create undo points
4954BugRemove references to specific products from Simantics codebase
4956BugSimantics 1.16.1 release engineeringreleng
4982BugMake platform compile with Java 8 and Eclipse 4.4 as IDE
5055BugDon't set row height to 0 in spreadsheet
5085BugStatic initialization of SCL compilation request fails
5105BugInvalid drop validation message in PopulateElementDropParticipant
5107BugBasePostSelectionProvider.setAndFireNonEqualSelection() method compares ISelection objects wrongly (==)
5116BugMerged ontologies can become mutable
5117BugSCL compiler errors are lost with built products
5165BugToo long SCL commands can freeze the whole UI
5182BugDatatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitions
5187BugProcedural variable properties equals is incomplete
5189BugMismatching RequiresValueType and HasValueType
5190BugCompiled SCL expressions fail to update when SCLMain changes
5192BugSCLModuleEditor undoes everything with CTRL + Z when the editor is first initialized
5194BugSCL editor fails to show errors if module compilation failed earlier
5212BugFix debug printing in DependenciesRelation
5226BugWorkspace and memory persistent virtual graph collide on disk
5233BugNullPointerException in spreadsheet if Variable is missing a Datatype
5237BugGraphExplorerImpl2 goes randomly out of sync
5253BugNode requests are not executed in realm
5264BugWriting of sheet cell literals fails
5266BugFix signatures in Diagram.scl
5269BugSCL subsumption solver bugfixes
5272BugAllow annotation types under structurals
5294BugTableRowResizer fired onResize too many times with mouseDragged resulting in hundreds of writes to DB
5298BugFix SpreadSheetEditor to prevent copying null values
5302BugNot possible to enter/paste SCL expressions directly to spreadsheet cell
5306BugRemover for runs
5313BugGraphExplorerImpl2 combo selection does not work with arrow keys
5319BugPrint exception to stdout in the case where temp-directory cannot be created in ClientChangesImpl
5330BugSame trigger assigned to all commands
5331BugAllow SCL-defined interface properties with unknown SCL types (evaluates as a)
5337BugStandardGraphPropertyVariable.getDatatype throws NPE when no databoard type was available
5338BugSCLTypeUtils defaults to star instead of Double
5339BugChange SCLCommandSession getVariableType to return Type instead of Object
5340BugGraph debugger view/editor invoke wrong code in Add Resource action
5049FeatureRemove deprecated HeterogenityConnectionConstraint
5059FeatureSCL script runner application
5090FeatureAdd Default constructor, hashCode() and equals() methods to LabelPropertyTabContributor so that ComparableTabContributor comparison works correctly
5092FeatureFixing undo problems in platform by adding graph.markUndoPoint() calls in write transactions
5099FeatureAdd undo history to org.simantics.browsing.ui.swt.widgets.TrackedText text fields
5140FeatureReturn the created root Resource at MigrationUtils.importSharedOntology
5142FeatureAdd trace and traceShow functions to Debug.scl for tracing and debugging purposes
5210FeatureAdd screenshot / image capture capabilities to diagramming.

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