Simantics 1.13.5 Closed Issues

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5530BugAnnotation selection tab source selector is stuck in a loop changing the annotation back and forthselection, annotation, loss-of-data, uiFixed a repeated UI updating issue from SWTCombo and the Annotation property tab which consumed a lot of CPU and eventually completely blocked the UI. Also makes repeated selection in Model Browser (i.e. pressing up/down arrow key down) work better than in the past.
5532BugUnwanted exception thrown from RuntimeVariable.perform when a model is removed with diagrams open from itdiagram
5582BugCut-paste is invalidly prevented when diagram selection contains connections that are attached to reference-type elementsdiagram, cutAllow cut-paste for diagram reference elements when all its connections are selected
5584BugPerform pending removal component undo state saving and removal in separate passes during variable-based synchronizationsynchronization, structuralPrevent undo state storage "race condition" in structural synchronization component removal.
5531Support1.13.5 release engineeringreleng
5473EnhancementUpdate introp plugins to Simantics 1.13
5587EnhancementMake modelled SWT dialogs resizableui, swtMade all pgraph-modelled SWT dialogs resizable


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