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5231BugProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.Minor bugs fixed with starting up the server.
5344BugFix simantics-desktop Jenkins buildci
5358BugPrevent insertion of empty elements in ListUtils insertFront and insertBack methodsdb
5368BugJSONObject fieldJSON throws ClassCastException with primitve int[]simupedia
5370BugSCL documentation browser does not show all modulesscl, ui, doc
5387BugApplication fails to start because database has been corrupteddb, loss-of-dataError handling of opening database improved.
5395BugGraphExplorerImpl2: dynamic columns cause problems.
5405BugSCL module editor fails to show correct compilation errors if some imported module contains errorsscl, compiler
5406BugShift+double clicking on user components should work even inside user component configurationsui, diagram, structural, browsingShift+double click diagram substructure navigation works also in user component configurations
5412BugError handling fixes for document subsystem
5429BugFailed to open database loss-of-data, db
5434BugFixing errors in SCL modules does not resolve all compilation errors in expressionsscl
5446Bugorg.simantics.issues.ui.handler.PreferenceHandler does not support multi-selection inputuiMulti-selection support for standard issue view actions.
5450BugProcedurals do not update when SCL modules changeprocedural, variable, scl
5451BugProcedural connection resolution fails if multiple terminals are connected to an interfacevariable, procedural
5453BugEquals and hashCode of procedural variables is brokenprocedural, variable
5454BugDocument command resolution did not work with branched connections
5456BugSCL compiler incorrectly combines applications when the inner application is effectfulscl, compiler
5457BugGraphExplorerImpl.getWidgetSelection does not produce proper selections due to SWT.VIRTUAL nature of the tree widgetbrowsingGraphExplorerImpl publishes more complete workbench selections when user selects more tree nodes than are currently visible with e.g. Select All (CTRL+A)
5458BugNot possible to set SCLCommandSession variables in SCLsclAdded setVariable :: String -> Type -> a -> <SCL> ()
5461BugAlphanumComparator NPEs when the first input it ever receives is an empty stringutility, regressionFixed NPE corner-case from AlphanumComparator encountered when the first ever input to AlphanumComparator was an empty string
5469BugDocument command resolution caused stack overflow if there were looping connections
5341FeatureAdd mapdb to SVN as third-party moduleMapDB 1.0.6 ( added as a third-party module.
5347FeatureCreate builds for R-related artifacts in Jenkinsci
5385FeatureSplit org.simantics.structural.synchronization into client and backend pluginsrefactor, synchronizationDatabase client specific parts of org.simantics.structural.synchronization have been split into a separate plug-in org.simantics.structural.synchronization.client
5407FeatureSCL usability improvementsscl, usability* Standard Eclipse text editor features for SCL module editor * new function: typeOf
5433FeatureMeans for contributing diagram profiles in ontologiesadd-release-notes, todo
5065SupportBuild Simantics SDK with Java SE 7releng, ciBuild Simantics SDK with Java SE 7
5416SupportMove ColumnFilteredItemsSelectionDialog from Sulca to Simanticsui, refactorAdded ColumnFilteredItemsSelectionDialog which is essentially FIlteredItemsSelectionDialog from Eclipse with column support into Simantics user interface utilities.
5426Support1.17.1 release engineeringreleng
5444SupportRefactor and update modeling utilities and ontology to facilitate Simupedia integrationrefactorRefactor ModelingUtils and Modeling ontology to make Simupedia integration more straightforward.
5352EnhancementStyleBase documentation improvementdocJavadoc fixes for org.simantics.diagram.profile.StyleBase diagram profile style implementation base class
5355EnhancementUnify setting expression as value in classes that implements ValueAccessor.setValue()db, refactor
5359EnhancementSCL Optimization for method functions with arity of 3perf, scl
5367EnhancementAbstractNodeManager modifications for cases with no bindingssimupedia
5391EnhancementasyncRead and asyncWrite SCL functions to DB.scl (similar to current syncWrite and syncRead)db, sclSimantics/DB SCL module: added asyncRead and asyncWrite SCL functions
5394EnhancementCopy selected GraphExplorer TreeItem content to system clipboard in Ctrl+Cclipboard, copyCtrl+C now copies TreeItem content to system clipboard in GraphExplorer-based UI components
5396EnhancementWrite DB client change set temporary files in a workspace subdirectory instead of the current working directorydbDatabase client now writes its temporary files inside the workspace directory instead of the current working directory
5401EnhancementAdditional functionality to the Vector SCL modulescl, Vector (SCL Module)New SCL functions in the Vector module: * containsVector * vectorToList
5403EnhancementGraphExplorerImpl2: cache providers and labels for better performanceperf
5417EnhancementStandard variable performance optimization and API refinementperf, api, refactor
5418EnhancementReplace uses of HashMap with THashMapperf
5419EnhancementPerformance enhancements for DB clientdb, perf
5422EnhancementMinor commits
5424EnhancementVariable performance enhancements for structural casesvariable, perf
5425EnhancementMulti-selection support for Assign Diagram Template actiondiagram, template, uiAssign Diagram Template action now supports multi-selection input
5439EnhancementMore user-controlled query updatesdb
5440EnhancementGeneric server state variable support based on experiment-bound SCL realmscl, realm
5442EnhancementUser component interface editor fixes / improvementsui, structuralUser component interface property names should be valid SCL identifiers and for this reason they must now start with a lowercase letter or an underscore. The user component interface editor generates labels automatically based on camelCase property name if user has not edited them manually.
5443EnhancementAllow hiding Connection Routing menu in Sulca 5.0
5448EnhancementFunctional walking utility function for org.simantics.modeling.requests.CollectionResultutilityAdded utility function: boolean org.simantics.modeling.requests.CollectionResult.walkTree(Function1<Node, Boolean>)
5449EnhancementUtility for updating uid:s in structural synchronization mappingstructural, synchronization, variable, perfNew utility for structural synchronization: UpdateComponentUids
5459EnhancementAllow user to set default monitor template to use for new diagram DnD monitorsSet As Default button for diagram DnD monitor Basic Parameters property tab allowing the user to set the default template used for new monitors
5460EnhancementShow Milestones check box control for Chart Parameters property tabchart, selection, eventsShow Milestones check box added to standard Chart Parameters property tab


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