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5410BugTabbedPropertyTable input processing up-to-dateness problemsworkbench, ui, selection, propagation, usabilitySelection view no longer fails to show controls for current workbench selection when the view is made visible after selection
5411BugIndexing fails if an encountered type does not have a nameindexing, dbIndexing no longer fails if nameless types are encountered
5438BugTerminalInformer stores and uses a wrong instance of IStatusLineManagerdiagram, terminalCTRL+mouse hover diagram editor terminal information showing is now more reliable. Previously it would stop working very often until the editor was reopened.
5452BugAllVisibleIssues searches model for indexed issues with wrong argumentuiUser issues among model contents were not discovered by the issue view due to giving wrong parameter to a model index query
5408FeatureActive diagram profile selection should be model specificdiagram, profile, scopeActive diagram profile selection is per-model instead of per-diagram
5409Support1.13.4 release engineeringreleng
5343EnhancementMore user-friendly behaviour for annotation property tab Remove and Save buttonsui, usability, annotationImproved usability for Annotations property tab Remove and Save buttons
5372EnhancementEvent view improvementsevents, uiEvents view improvements: CSV export, time field sorting fixed and source name visible in context menu, event type is now also an integer
5414EnhancementChart item property fields Chart and Variable text should be possible to selectchart, subscription, uiThe text in Chart/Variable -fields in subscription/chart item properties dialog can be copied to clipboard
5423EnhancementDeterministic source ordering for Annotation selection tabannotation, selectionChanged Annotations property tab to always show annotation sources in the same order (Component, Element) if there are many sources


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