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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7288SupportClosed4Update to tycho 1.0.0Tuukka Lehtonen2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7285SupportClosed4Upgrade to Eclipse Collection 8.1.0 and fastutil 7.2.1, remove gnu.trove2Tuukka Lehtonen2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7284BugClosed4SCL Module Editor does not open if an error location is invalidHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7279BugClosed4A lambda inside runProc causes an InternalCompilerErrorHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7278BugClosed4Empty do-block causes an internal compiler errorHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7277EnhancementClosed4Enhancements to modelled tests; isolated SCL CommandSession, Test dependencies, support for large variablesJani Simomaa2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7275EnhancementClosed4Fix E4WorkbenchUtils.getMPartById to create the part if not already createdJani Simomaa2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7274BugClosed4Merge TG only if it is set as immutableJani Simomaa2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7273EnhancementClosed4Resolve some dependency problems with db.client.featureJani Simomaa2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7272EnhancementClosed4Support updating named Graphviz windows instead of always creating a new windowHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7271EnhancementClosed4Console printing enhancements for documents (Simupedia)Antti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7270EnhancementClosed4Improved Statement API in Simantics/DBAntti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7264EnhancementClosed4Better updating of SCL module treeHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7260BugClosed4Code generation removes derived definitions that are marked private when export is usedHannu Niemistö2017-07-11 01:13 am
7259EnhancementClosed4More SCL set manipulation functionsHannu Niemistö2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7258EnhancementClosed4sclChildRule template for defining child rules with SCL codeAntti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7257EnhancementClosed4ResourceCollectionVariableMap for defining custom variable spaces in SCLAntti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7253EnhancementClosed4Diagram to SVG enhancementsAntti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7252BugClosed4OpenDefaultEditor should not cache adapters that cannot be opened (with priority < 0)Antti Villberg2017-07-11 01:11 am
7251BugClosed4Fixes to variable implementationsAntti Villberg2017-06-12 02:03 pm
7173BugClosed4Spreadsheet fixesMiro Eklund2017-06-12 02:03 pm


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