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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6997EnhancementClosed4Support JSON input for dragging property variables to charts/subscriptions to create new itemsTuukka Lehtonen2017-01-30 11:52 am
6996EnhancementClosed4Ignore instance definitions for Eq and HashableHannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6995EnhancementClosed4Include parser generator used to generate SCL parser to SCL plugin and remove its Antlr-dependencyHannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6994SupportClosed4Add missing org.simantics.db.{tests,testing} plug-ins to platform git repositoryTuukka Lehtonen2017-01-30 11:53 am
6987FeatureClosed4Compilation warnings and support for deprecated annotationHannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6982BugClosed4PossibleVariable request performs getVariable instead of getPossibleVariableTuukka Lehtonen2017-01-30 11:50 am
6980BugClosed4winterwell.markdown contains broken toolbar menu contribution extensionsTuukka Lehtonen2017-01-30 11:50 am
6979BugClosed4SCL console file drop problemsTuukka Lehtonen2017-03-23 01:40 pm
6948EnhancementClosed4Support purely variable based dynamic issue sources in issue viewTuukka Lehtonen2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6943BugClosed4Graph based SCL modules leaked when dependencies changeHannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6918BugClosed4Acorn cancel-related deadlockAntti Villberg2017-01-30 11:49 am
6901BugClosed4CHR relations don't support parameters with type ()Hannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
5920BugClosed4SCL GraphModuleSourceRepository.ModuleListener is not aware of situations where SCLMain is deleted (e.g. with model delete)Hannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm


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