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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6587SupportClosed4Simantics 1.22.1 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2016-10-22 02:20 pm
6583BugClosed4Do not invoke symbolDropHandler function in diagram element drop situations when the drop target does not have that propertyTuukka Lehtonen2016-07-07 09:29 am
6567SupportClosed4Prelude function hidden, broke existing SCL codeTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-30 02:13 pm
6559EnhancementClosed4Performance improvements for model transferable graph exportTuukka Lehtonen2016-09-20 11:43 pm
6543BugClosed4Trend value tip box rendering layout uses wrong values when deciding the final width of the boxTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-21 08:38 am
6537BugClosed4Missing image resource initialization in HistoryViewTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-15 11:28 pm
6533EnhancementClosed4Open external links in external browser from documentation wiki editorTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:27 pm
6516FeatureClosed4Extend TreeMap SCL APIJussi Koskela2016-06-17 04:25 pm
6513EnhancementClosed4More functional interfaces that can throw DatabaseException for the DB clientTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:23 pm
6507FeatureClosed4Run SCL scripts with runFromFile in SCL console by dragging script files from file explorer into the SCL console output text areaTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:23 pm
6476BugClosed4DependenciesRelation.DependencyChangesRequest does not filter MOD.changeInformation property changes out causing much too widespread synchronization due to unwanted DependencyChanges metadataTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:21 pm
6464EnhancementClosed4Allow overriding of a function in VariableModifier/VariableModifier2 that is executed after a successful write transactionTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:19 pm
6451FeatureClosed4New DB service interface ServiceActivityMonitor for general operation completion waitingTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:19 pm


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