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6229FeatureClosed4Indicate which lines are route lines when the connection is selectedHannu Niemistö2016-01-02 11:52 am
6227FeatureClosed4Support for relative imports in SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2016-09-20 11:51 pm
6226FeatureClosed4Platform modifications to support issues from SCL compilation errors in structural expressionsHannu Niemistö2016-01-02 11:51 am
6225FeatureClosed4Improvements to Variable moduleHannu Niemistö2016-01-01 10:59 am
6223FeatureClosed4Make rawVariantValue function public in SCLJussi Koskela2016-09-20 11:50 pm
6221EnhancementClosed4Many smaller chart UI enhancementsTuukka Lehtonen2016-01-01 01:43 pm
6219FeatureClosed4Possibility to remove SCLRealms from SCLSessionManagerJussi Koskela2016-01-01 10:57 am
6207BugClosed4Proc missing from SCL sleepJussi Koskela2015-12-31 10:56 pm
6206BugClosed4SCL module and script editor end-of-line comment syntax highlighting behaves erratically in some casesJanne Kauttio2015-12-31 10:51 pm
6205EnhancementClosed4Prevent user from giving invalid values for chart item propertiesTuukka Lehtonen2016-01-01 01:43 pm
6202BugClosed4Command sequences resolved incorrectlyJussi Koskela2015-12-31 10:50 pm
6196BugClosed4Layer0Utils.setExpression and related utilities are used with wrong context in standard selection view ValueAccessor implementationsTuukka Lehtonen2015-12-31 10:48 pm
6193BugClosed4DIA.HasTransform needs to define L0.RequiresValueType to allow selection view editing to workTuukka Lehtonen2015-12-14 10:09 pm
6190BugClosed4Diagram connection copy-paste routine does not copy MOD.HasConnectionMappingSpecification statementsTuukka Lehtonen2015-12-31 10:46 pm
6185SupportClosed4Remove forced Print menu contribution from the main File menuTuukka Lehtonen2016-01-01 11:10 am
6180EnhancementClosed4Refactoring generic migration stepsJani Simomaa2016-01-01 01:42 pm
6179EnhancementClosed4Remove children also from list or ordered set in Graph DebuggerAntti Villberg2016-01-01 12:11 pm
6177EnhancementClosed4Improvements to SCL documentation browserHannu Niemistö2016-01-01 12:10 pm
6176BugClosed4Procedural child variable identity is incompleteAntti Villberg2015-12-31 10:19 pm
6175EnhancementClosed4Test equality of response handlers based on their expression textJussi Koskela2016-01-01 12:08 pm
6172EnhancementClosed4Interop / Mapping: multiple mapping sourcesMarko Luukkainen2016-01-01 12:08 pm
6171EnhancementClosed4Graphviz: save to fileMarko Luukkainen2016-01-01 12:07 pm
6157EnhancementClosed4SCL module for structuralAntti Villberg2016-01-01 12:04 pm
6153EnhancementClosed4Customize UC symbol logic using SCLAntti Villberg2016-01-01 02:10 pm
6152EnhancementClosed4Support for assignments in SVGNodeAntti Villberg2016-01-01 01:56 pm
6149FeatureClosed4Convert raw value to Variant in SCLJussi Koskela2016-01-01 10:52 am
6146EnhancementClosed4Experiment interface refactoringAntti Villberg2016-01-01 01:50 pm
6145EnhancementClosed4Removed debug printsJussi Koskela2016-01-01 12:00 pm
6143FeatureClosed4Changes related to structural improvementsHannu Niemistö2016-01-01 10:50 am
6141EnhancementClosed4Collect and pass OCCT triangulation failures Marko Luukkainen2016-01-01 12:00 pm
6136FeatureClosed4SCL functions for GUID handlingJussi Koskela2016-01-01 10:49 am
6132SupportClosed4Update movie tutorial to 1.18 + trunk SimanticsMarko Luukkainen2016-01-01 11:09 am
6116BugClosed4Outline view causes NoSingleResultExceptionsMarko Luukkainen2016-01-02 11:35 am
6106FeatureClosed4Minor SCL improvementsHannu Niemistö2016-01-01 10:48 am
6105SupportClosed4Add a possibility to initialize scl devs model with a fixed seedJanne Kauttio2016-01-01 11:08 am
6093FeatureClosed4Refactor the encoding of global references in structuralHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 11:36 pm
6092BugClosed4Set SCLContext in synchronizationHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 09:39 pm
6091BugClosed4SCL compiler exception when the type of the lambda bound variable is already definedHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 09:39 pm
6090SupportClosed4Add fastutil collections to Simantics SDKTuukka Lehtonen2016-01-01 11:07 am
6089EnhancementClosed4Indexing performance enhancementsAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:56 am
6085EnhancementClosed4Improved clustering of ontologiesAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:50 am
6084SupportClosed4Switch platform to be compiled using Java 1.8Tuukka Lehtonen2016-01-01 11:06 am
6082EnhancementClosed4Renew LZ4 compression Jani Simomaa2016-01-01 11:49 am
6080EnhancementClosed4Migration refactoringAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:40 am
6069EnhancementClosed4Remove the use of entity types from SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2016-01-01 11:34 am
6068FeatureClosed4SCL functions for interpolationHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 11:34 pm
6064EnhancementClosed4Remove unnecessary write during initializationAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:31 am
6061BugClosed4Support for type aliasesHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 09:25 pm
6060EnhancementClosed4Release SCLRealm's executor thread after timeoutJussi Koskela2016-01-01 11:12 am
6058FeatureClosed4Locking component typesHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 11:30 pm
6056FeatureClosed4Support for deep references in component typesHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 11:27 pm
6055FeatureClosed4SCL record syntaxHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 11:24 pm
6054EnhancementClosed4OCCT: Add support for gp_Ax2 with two direction vectorsMarko Luukkainen2016-01-01 11:12 am
6052FeatureClosed4SCL function for searching values defined in SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2016-02-18 11:20 pm
6047BugClosed4Incorrect handling of types in the SCL compiler backedHannu Niemistö2015-12-31 09:13 pm
6045BugClosed4Expose simple NameUtils.findFreshNameNumbered/findFreshNameFormatted versions without ReadGraph argumentTuukka Lehtonen2015-12-31 09:04 pm
6041FeatureClosed4SCL state refactoringAntti Villberg2015-12-31 11:19 pm
6040FeatureClosed4Btree data structuresAntti Villberg2015-12-31 11:18 pm
6039EnhancementClosed4DB client refactoringAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:11 am
6038EnhancementClosed4Byte utility enhancementsAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:10 am
6034BugClosed4If simulator variable node manager does not produce any properties for the standard variable implementation, it can crash in org.simantics.db.layer0.function.All#getStandardChildDomainPropertyVariablesTuukka Lehtonen2015-10-06 08:32 am
6003FeatureClosed4Compile shared library contents from pgraphAntti Villberg2016-03-16 03:12 pm
5990SupportClosed41.20.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2016-02-18 01:48 pm
5954FeatureClosed4GUID identifiers for selected resourcesAntti Villberg2016-01-02 11:55 am
5918BugClosed4SCL compiler does not report problems with side effects for variables in SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2016-01-02 11:31 am
5848BugClosed4SCL compiler loops eternally on a simple buggy function definitionHannu Niemistö2015-11-06 01:59 pm


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