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5854BugClosed4Update os.interop.mapping to 1.18Marko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:32 pm
5853EnhancementClosed4Create URI based document linksMarko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:32 pm
5851BugClosed4Document report generaror fails with internal documents.Marko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:31 pm
5850EnhancementClosed4Allow profile view context menu to use backend resourcesMarko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:31 pm
5847BugClosed4ExperimentActivator may use wrong active shell when opening error dialogTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:17 pm
5840EnhancementClosed4Introduce a Runnable interface that indicate read-only tasks to solver variable backendTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:28 pm
5839EnhancementClosed4Timeouting (non-blocking) database requests for platform implementations requiring synchronous DB access in the UI threadTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:24 pm
5837BugClosed4Import fails after recoveryKalle Kondelin2015-05-20 06:33 pm
5836EnhancementClosed4Change export wizards to enforce use of necessary file extensionsTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:33 pm
5835BugClosed4Marking/unmarking an event as a milestone event does not recalculate the milestone indexesTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:33 pm
5828BugClosed4Incorrect handling of let and do blocks in SCL consoleHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 04:38 pm
5827EnhancementClosed4Single selection profile entriesMarko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:13 pm
5826BugClosed4Diagram profile monitor MappedTypeGroup implementation doesn't do reference relation type comparisons exhaustively enoughTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:06 pm
5824BugClosed4Empty Database Trash Bin can cause database undo to failKalle Kondelin2015-05-20 04:34 pm
5823EnhancementClosed4Allow changing LineEndStyle with profilesMarko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:11 pm
5822EnhancementClosed4Prevent UI thread from getting stuck during batch issue validationTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 04:28 pm
5817BugClosed4Cleaner path for diagram element issues without URI escaped charactersTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-07 03:58 pm
5812BugClosed4Use Eclipse TextEditor implementation in procedural component type code editorTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-19 03:25 pm
5803BugClosed4Listening fixes and optimizations for subscription item labelingTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 04:18 pm
5801FeatureClosed4Utility for creating random but distinct colorsMarko Luukkainen2015-05-20 06:07 pm
5763BugClosed4StandardGraphPropertyVariable no longer returns child index variables for array property variablesTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 04:08 pm
5757BugClosed4Prevent DnD monitor expression evaluation or inversion from failing with state property expressions where property names start with lower-case lettersTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 04:03 pm
5756EnhancementClosed4Performance improvement to migrating TG import when TG has been preprocessedTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:56 pm
5751EnhancementClosed4Upgrade net.ucanaccess to Luukkainen2015-04-08 10:00 am
5747BugClosed4SCL command runProc (show 1) failsHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 03:53 pm
5745BugClosed4MigrationUtils.importMigratedMany does unnecessary work moving potentially created material to trashTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:02 am
5744BugClosed4Search service does not ensure well enough the search temporary directory exists before attempting to write to itTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:02 am
5736BugClosed4Unexpected DoesNotContainValueException thrown from AnnotationTypeLabelRuleTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:15 pm
5735BugClosed4Migration wizard usability fixesTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:03 am
5724FeatureClosed4Add possibility to add post migration actions to UC migrationHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 03:11 pm
5721BugClosed4Diagram export escaping fixes and code consolidationTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:08 pm
5720BugClosed4Prevent user component terminal and property naming conflicts and discrepanciesTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:05 am
5718BugClosed4Synchronization fix for reference loopsHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 03:06 pm
5715BugClosed4Prevent creation of monitors if the source and the target are not in the same configurationHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 03:05 pm
5711EnhancementClosed4Possibility to select models as spreadsheet inputAntti Villberg2015-05-20 03:03 pm
5708SupportClosed4Remove API deprecated for Simantics 1.2 from WriteGraph/WriteOnlyGraphTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:06 am
5707BugClosed4NPE from GENodeQueryManagerTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:01 pm
5706EnhancementClosed4Support programmatic tests in modelled browse contexts for determining removability and renameabilityTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:00 pm
5705FeatureClosed4Possibility to remove variables from CommandSessionJussi Koskela2015-05-20 02:56 pm
5704EnhancementClosed4Migrating import cleanupTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 02:55 pm
5699BugClosed4InvertBasicExpressionVisitor NPEHannu Niemistö2015-03-04 10:09 am
5698EnhancementClosed4Sort formats more logically in diagram DnD monitor property viewTuukka Lehtonen2015-03-04 08:12 am
5696BugClosed4Cluster bookkeeping gets corruptedKalle Kondelin2015-05-20 06:05 pm
5694EnhancementClosed4Sort PDF export wizard dialog model configuration tree items with alphanumeric comparatorTuukka Lehtonen2015-03-03 10:43 am
5693FeatureClosed4Add undo points to all actions modifying the graphHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 02:49 pm
5685BugClosed4TableCell's row span and column span defaulted to 0Antti Villberg2015-05-20 02:33 pm
5684EnhancementClosed4Support property variables inside proxy variablesJussi Koskela2015-05-20 02:32 pm
5682BugClosed4Simantics/Model.allModels returns also non-model resultsTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:12 am
5680BugClosed1ProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.Kalle Kondelin2015-03-19 10:42 am
5677FeatureClosed4Synchronization fixes and enhancementsHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 02:31 pm
5676FeatureClosed4Use default values for adapting records with added fieldsHannu Niemistö2015-04-08 10:20 am
5670FeatureClosed4Trash bin for deleted resourcesAntti Villberg2015-05-20 02:30 pm
5669EnhancementClosed4Enable use of single terminals for multiple kinds of connection typesHannu Niemistö2015-04-08 10:13 am
5668BugClosed4CaseInsensitiveComponentFunctionNamingStrategy uses getRelatedValue where it should be using getPossibleRelatedValueTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:13 am
5667EnhancementClosed4AbstractRemover.consultPossibleCanRemoveTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-18 03:01 pm
5663FeatureClosed4SCL documentation browser improvementsHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 02:25 pm
5662FeatureClosed4Improve handling of imports in SCL consoleHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 02:16 pm
5661EnhancementClosed4Use the same custom ErrorDialog in ShowError even when no exception is specifiedTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-23 08:20 pm
5660EnhancementClosed4Prevent resolve issue purge from deleting issues of continuous issue sourcesTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-23 03:41 pm
5659SupportClosed4Remove long-time deprecated APIsTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-07 07:22 pm
5658BugClosed4Wrong value type requirement in ontologyTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-07 07:19 pm
5657FeatureClosed4Extension point for contributing code to be executed in before Simantics platform startupTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-07 07:20 pm
5655BugClosed4TerminalInformer leaves disposed SWT images in use in the status bar - breaks the workbench UITuukka Lehtonen2015-02-06 09:38 am
5651FeatureClosed4Simantics Transformation Language, first implementationHannu Niemistö2015-05-20 02:09 pm
5650SupportClosed41.18.1 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-22 09:05 am
5642BugClosed4Model browser does not list sheets under librariesJussi Koskela2015-05-20 02:11 pm
5641BugClosed4Take chart binary item label length into account when laying out the chart editor contentsTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-08 02:18 pm
5640EnhancementClosed4Support expressions in procedural propertiesAntti Villberg2015-05-20 02:02 pm
5638EnhancementClosed4Upgrade net.ucanaccess to Lehtonen2015-01-28 03:22 pm
5636BugClosed4Prevent DnD monitor editing when monitor variable #readOnly property is trueTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-18 03:03 pm
5630BugClosed4Standard selection view property value editing fixesTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 01:27 pm
5629FeatureClosed4Reusable request for classifying the model context location of a Variable componentTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:17 am
5628EnhancementClosed4Infer literal type from given text for properties that have a wildcard SCL typeJussi Koskela2015-05-19 05:20 pm
5627BugClosed4NodeValueRequest assumes a non-null value when there is a bindingJussi Koskela2015-05-19 05:19 pm
5626EnhancementClosed4Support ontology-defined relations in migration by using L0.DomainOfJussi Koskela2015-05-19 05:18 pm
5625BugClosed4Support re-entrant syncExec in SCLRealm and execute synchronously when already in ExecutorJussi Koskela2015-04-08 10:18 am
5624EnhancementClosed4In migration search symbols also with MOD.ComponentTypeToSymbolJussi Koskela2015-05-19 05:18 pm
5623FeatureClosed4Support determination of expression effectsJussi Koskela2015-05-20 01:23 pm
5622EnhancementClosed4Procedural component properties warn and ignore null valuesJussi Koskela2015-05-20 06:42 pm
5614BugClosed4Fixed SCL function application code and some API functionsAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:59 pm
5613EnhancementClosed4Input source contributions in document viewerAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:58 pm
5612EnhancementClosed4Hardening of input encoding in document variablesAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:55 pm
5611EnhancementClosed4Standard implementation of interfaces in document.server.ioAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:55 pm
5610EnhancementClosed4Restrict PROJECT.Contributions.ModelChildren to only handle modelsAntti Villberg2015-02-08 03:23 pm
5609FeatureClosed4Modelled queriesAntti Villberg2015-05-19 03:19 pm
5607EnhancementClosed4Optimization of large removal operationsAntti Villberg2015-04-08 10:25 am
5606EnhancementClosed4SCL test function for tab contributionsAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:52 pm
5604FeatureClosed4SWT document improvements: SCL text editor, fixes, refactoringAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:49 pm
5603FeatureClosed4Spreadheet improvements: queries, expression ranges, input source selection, input encoding hardeningAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:48 pm
5602EnhancementClosed4Lifting of properties in substructure to component type interfaceAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:46 pm
5601EnhancementClosed4Selection view tab for spreadsheet rangesAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:39 pm
5600EnhancementClosed4Improved root analysis in TG importAntti Villberg2015-05-20 06:04 pm
5599BugClosed4NPE in VariableDebuggerAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:25 pm
5598EnhancementClosed4Small improvements/hardening of ExcelLinkAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:23 pm
5597EnhancementClosed4Move simantics.log into workspace directoryAntti Villberg2015-05-19 04:22 pm
5596EnhancementClosed4Add Silk companion icons to Villberg2015-05-19 04:22 pm
5595EnhancementClosed4equals+hashCode for org.simantics.browsing.ui.common.modifiers.EnumerationTuukka Lehtonen2015-02-23 08:26 pm
5594EnhancementClosed4Pass exceptions from NodeManagers to callers of Variable methodsReino Ruusu2015-05-19 04:21 pm
5593BugClosed4InvertBasicExpressionVisitor crashes when a user component's state property is of another type than DoubleTuukka Lehtonen2015-01-15 03:54 pm
5592EnhancementClosed4Left align all columns in change information viewTuukka Lehtonen2015-01-15 02:48 pm

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