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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5469BugClosed4Document command resolution caused stack overflow if there were looping connectionsJussi Koskela2014-11-10 11:21 am
5461BugClosed4AlphanumComparator NPEs when the first input it ever receives is an empty stringTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:42 am
5460EnhancementClosed4Show Milestones check box control for Chart Parameters property tabTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-01 11:42 am
5459EnhancementClosed4Allow user to set default monitor template to use for new diagram DnD monitorsTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-01 11:42 am
5458BugClosed4Not possible to set SCLCommandSession variables in SCLJussi Koskela2014-11-15 01:08 pm
5457BugClosed4GraphExplorerImpl.getWidgetSelection does not produce proper selections due to SWT.VIRTUAL nature of the tree widgetTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:44 am
5456BugClosed4SCL compiler incorrectly combines applications when the inner application is effectfulHannu Niemistö2014-11-15 01:08 pm
5454BugClosed4Document command resolution did not work with branched connectionsJussi Koskela2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5453BugClosed4Equals and hashCode of procedural variables is brokenJussi Koskela2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5451BugClosed4Procedural connection resolution fails if multiple terminals are connected to an interfaceAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5450BugClosed4Procedurals do not update when SCL modules changeAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5449EnhancementClosed4Utility for updating uid:s in structural synchronization mappingHannu Niemistö2014-11-07 11:41 am
5448EnhancementClosed4Functional walking utility function for org.simantics.modeling.requests.CollectionResultTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:20 am
5446BugClosed4org.simantics.issues.ui.handler.PreferenceHandler does not support multi-selection inputTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:22 am
5444SupportClosed4Refactor and update modeling utilities and ontology to facilitate Simupedia integrationJanne Kauttio2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5443EnhancementClosed4Allow hiding Connection Routing menu in Sulca 5.0Marko Luukkainen2014-11-20 11:43 am
5442EnhancementClosed4User component interface editor fixes / improvementsTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:41 am
5440EnhancementClosed4Generic server state variable support based on experiment-bound SCL realmAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5439EnhancementClosed4More user-controlled query updatesAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5434BugClosed4Fixing errors in SCL modules does not resolve all compilation errors in expressionsAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:29 pm
5433FeatureClosed4Means for contributing diagram profiles in ontologiesAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:40 pm
5429BugClosed1Failed to open database Kalle Kondelin2014-11-07 11:17 am
5426SupportClosed41.17.1 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-15 12:03 pm
5425EnhancementClosed4Multi-selection support for Assign Diagram Template actionTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-07 11:15 am
5424EnhancementClosed4Variable performance enhancements for structural casesAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5422EnhancementClosed4Minor commitsAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5419EnhancementClosed4Performance enhancements for DB clientAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5418EnhancementClosed4Replace uses of HashMap with THashMapAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5417EnhancementClosed4Standard variable performance optimization and API refinementAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5416SupportClosed4Move ColumnFilteredItemsSelectionDialog from Sulca to SimanticsJanne Kauttio2014-11-07 11:16 am
5412BugClosed4Error handling fixes for document subsystemAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:45 pm
5407FeatureClosed4SCL usability improvementsHannu Niemistö2014-11-07 11:14 am
5406BugClosed4Shift+double clicking on user components should work even inside user component configurationsTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-01 12:50 pm
5405BugClosed4SCL module editor fails to show correct compilation errors if some imported module contains errorsJussi Koskela2014-11-15 02:44 pm
5403EnhancementClosed4GraphExplorerImpl2: cache providers and labels for better performanceMarko Luukkainen2014-11-07 11:12 am
5401EnhancementClosed4Additional functionality to the Vector SCL moduleReino Ruusu2014-11-07 11:12 am
5396EnhancementClosed4Write DB client change set temporary files in a workspace subdirectory instead of the current working directoryTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-15 02:39 pm
5395BugClosed4GraphExplorerImpl2: dynamic columns cause problems.Marko Luukkainen2014-11-07 11:12 am
5394EnhancementClosed4Copy selected GraphExplorer TreeItem content to system clipboard in Ctrl+CTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-15 02:43 pm
5391EnhancementClosed4asyncRead and asyncWrite SCL functions to DB.scl (similar to current syncWrite and syncRead)Jani Simomaa2014-11-07 10:29 am
5387BugClosed1Application fails to start because database has been corruptedKalle Kondelin2014-11-07 11:11 am
5385FeatureClosed4Split org.simantics.structural.synchronization into client and backend pluginsHannu Niemistö2014-11-15 02:33 pm
5370BugClosed4SCL documentation browser does not show all modulesHannu Niemistö2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5368BugClosed4JSONObject fieldJSON throws ClassCastException with primitve int[]Jani Simomaa2014-11-07 10:16 am
5367EnhancementClosed4AbstractNodeManager modifications for cases with no bindingsJani Simomaa2014-11-15 01:10 pm
5359EnhancementClosed4SCL Optimization for method functions with arity of 3Jani Simomaa2014-11-01 12:00 pm
5358BugClosed4Prevent insertion of empty elements in ListUtils insertFront and insertBack methodsJani Simomaa2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5355EnhancementClosed4Unify setting expression as value in classes that implements ValueAccessor.setValue()Jani Simomaa2014-11-15 01:10 pm
5352EnhancementClosed4StyleBase documentation improvementHannu Niemistö2014-11-15 02:37 pm
5347FeatureClosed4Create builds for R-related artifacts in JenkinsAntti Villberg2014-11-01 11:56 am
5344BugClosed4Fix simantics-desktop Jenkins buildTuukka Lehtonen2014-10-11 09:31 am
5341FeatureClosed4Add mapdb to SVN as third-party moduleHannu Niemistö2014-11-15 02:32 pm
5231BugClosed4ProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.2014-11-17 07:38 am
5065SupportClosed4Build Simantics SDK with Java SE 7Tuukka Lehtonen2014-11-15 02:36 pm


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