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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5340BugClosed4Graph debugger view/editor invoke wrong code in Add Resource actionTuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 09:55 am
5339BugClosed4Change SCLCommandSession getVariableType to return Type instead of ObjectJani Simomaa2014-09-30 09:54 am
5338BugClosed4SCLTypeUtils defaults to star instead of DoubleJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5337BugClosed4StandardGraphPropertyVariable.getDatatype throws NPE when no databoard type was availableJussi Koskela2014-09-30 09:54 am
5334EnhancementClosed4Support customization of run creationAntti Villberg2014-09-30 09:54 am
5333FeatureClosed4SCL command session variableAntti Villberg2014-09-30 09:54 am
5331BugClosed4Allow SCL-defined interface properties with unknown SCL types (evaluates as a)Jussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5330BugClosed4Same trigger assigned to all commandsJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:41 pm
5327EnhancementClosed4Support copying of stuff under structuralsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:39 pm
5325EnhancementClosed4Treat all L0 array literals as SCL VectorJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5319BugClosed4Print exception to stdout in the case where temp-directory cannot be created in ClientChangesImplHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 09:51 am
5313BugClosed4GraphExplorerImpl2 combo selection does not work with arrow keysMarko Luukkainen2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5306BugClosed4Remover for runsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5305FeatureClosed4Possibility to write to workspace persistent virtual graph from SCLJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:36 pm
5302BugClosed4Not possible to enter/paste SCL expressions directly to spreadsheet cellJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5299EnhancementClosed4Better copy utilitiesAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:33 pm
5298BugClosed4Fix SpreadSheetEditor to prevent copying null valuesJani Simomaa2014-09-30 09:58 am
5294BugClosed4TableRowResizer fired onResize too many times with mouseDragged resulting in hundreds of writes to DBJani Simomaa2014-09-30 09:48 am
5293EnhancementClosed4TextTableCellEditor.commit() to check if new value and initial value are equalJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5292EnhancementClosed4EntityRemover.remove() to throw CannotRemoveException if the resource to-be-removed is immutableJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:33 pm
5284EnhancementClosed4Add screenshot / image capture using existing CanvasContext (reduced memory usage)Marko Luukkainen2014-09-30 09:41 am
5283FeatureClosed4SCL library improvementsHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5278EnhancementClosed4Import published shared ontologies as immutableAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:37 pm
5277EnhancementClosed4Document subsystem performance enhancementsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:39 pm
5276EnhancementClosed4DB client performance enhancementsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5272BugClosed4Allow annotation types under structuralsJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5269BugClosed4SCL subsumption solver bugfixesHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5266BugClosed4Fix signatures in Diagram.sclHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5264BugClosed4Writing of sheet cell literals failsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5263EnhancementClosed4More effective reflection scl value evaluationAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5262EnhancementClosed4Little optimization in ReadGraphImpl.getSerializer()Jani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5256FeatureClosed4ValueAccessor for cell content display valueJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5253BugClosed4Node requests are not executed in realmAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:30 pm
5237BugClosed4GraphExplorerImpl2 goes randomly out of syncMarko Luukkainen2014-09-30 09:36 am
5233BugClosed4NullPointerException in spreadsheet if Variable is missing a DatatypeJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5226BugClosed4Workspace and memory persistent virtual graph collide on diskJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5225EnhancementClosed4Lift properties - button to component type viewerAntti Villberg2014-10-02 08:48 am
5216EnhancementClosed4commitAndContinue support for delayed write graphAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:38 pm
5215EnhancementClosed4Generic databoard adapters from text to numbersAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:32 pm
5213EnhancementClosed4Adding undo points to fix undo problems in platformJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:36 pm
5212BugClosed4Fix debug printing in DependenciesRelationJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:37 pm
5210FeatureClosed4Add screenshot / image capture capabilities to diagramming.Marko Luukkainen2014-09-30 09:30 am
5194BugClosed4SCL editor fails to show errors if module compilation failed earlierJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5192BugClosed4SCLModuleEditor undoes everything with CTRL + Z when the editor is first initializedJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:50 pm
5190BugClosed4Compiled SCL expressions fail to update when SCLMain changesAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5189BugClosed4Mismatching RequiresValueType and HasValueTypeAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5187BugClosed4Procedural variable properties equals is incompleteAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:30 pm
5182BugClosed4Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitionsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 09:29 am
5170EnhancementClosed4Graph Exlplorer Drag'n'Drop interfaces do not support drop operation.Marko Luukkainen2014-09-30 07:36 pm
5165BugClosed4Too long SCL commands can freeze the whole UIJani Simomaa2014-09-30 09:57 am
5142FeatureClosed4Add trace and traceShow functions to Debug.scl for tracing and debugging purposesJani Simomaa2014-09-30 09:57 am
5140FeatureClosed4Return the created root Resource at MigrationUtils.importSharedOntologyJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5117BugClosed4SCL compiler errors are lost with built productsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5116BugClosed4Merged ontologies can become mutableAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5111EnhancementClosed4User defined types for component type interface properties (for customizing selection view etc.)Antti Villberg2014-09-30 07:39 pm
5109EnhancementClosed4Partial match custom modifierAntti Villberg2014-10-02 08:46 am
5107BugClosed4BasePostSelectionProvider.setAndFireNonEqualSelection() method compares ISelection objects wrongly (==)Jani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:38 pm
5105BugClosed4Invalid drop validation message in PopulateElementDropParticipantTuukka Lehtonen2014-09-23 12:32 pm
5104EnhancementClosed4Default behavior for ModelledTabContributor part nameAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5099FeatureClosed4Add undo history to org.simantics.browsing.ui.swt.widgets.TrackedText text fieldsJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5092FeatureClosed4Fixing undo problems in platform by adding graph.markUndoPoint() calls in write transactionsJani Simomaa2014-09-30 08:00 pm
5090FeatureClosed4Add Default constructor, hashCode() and equals() methods to LabelPropertyTabContributor so that ComparableTabContributor comparison works correctlyJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5085BugClosed4Static initialization of SCL compilation request failsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:27 pm
5078SupportClosed4ComponentTypeViewer code cleanupTuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 07:38 pm
5071EnhancementClosed4Listener-based caching for DocumentHistoryCollectorAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:41 pm
5070SupportClosed4Share new project to Simantics platformJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5068SupportClosed4Include current nebula snapshot repositories into 3.7.1 target platformTuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 09:27 am
5059FeatureClosed4SCL script runner applicationHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 07:57 pm
5055BugClosed4Don't set row height to 0 in spreadsheetJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5049FeatureClosed4Remove deprecated HeterogenityConnectionConstraintHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 07:41 pm
5038EnhancementClosed4Upgrade UCanAccess to 2.0.9Tuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 07:34 pm
4982BugClosed4Make platform compile with Java 8 and Eclipse 4.4 as IDETuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 07:26 pm
4956BugClosed4Simantics 1.16.1 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2014-10-02 11:53 am
4954BugClosed4Remove references to specific products from Simantics codebaseTuukka Lehtonen2014-09-30 07:26 pm
4918BugClosed4Graph Explorer modifier do not create undo pointsMarko Luukkainen2014-09-30 07:25 pm
4591BugClosed4Undo-Redo failure with literals larger than 30KBKalle Kondelin2014-09-30 09:01 am


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