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4867BugClosed4Allow TerminalUtil.findNearestOverlappingTerminals to select overlapping terminals from different elements instead of just one elementTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4866FeatureClosed4Allow ComponentNamingStrategy to validate a list of name propositions without internally reserving the validated namesTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4861EnhancementClosed4Never choose editor adapters as default actions if their priority is below zeroTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4859BugClosed4Prevent ShowError ErrorDialog from hiding parts of the error message text when message lines are longer than the width of the dialog text fieldTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4845BugClosed4TerminalInformer destroys SWT Image that is still in use in StatusLineTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4844BugClosed4Connection branching fails because of failure to resolve route graph structureHannu Niemistö2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4842EnhancementClosed4Support move in cut pasteAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4841EnhancementClosed4Validations for instance migration wizardAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4838EnhancementClosed4Better naming for annotation types in annotation type export wizardTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4837BugClosed4Chart/Subscription selection view fixesTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4836BugClosed4Picking problem for deleting route lines near terminalsHannu Niemistö2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4835FeatureClosed4Printing templateAntti Villberg2014-09-30 05:17 pm
4834EnhancementClosed4Reusable cell offset arrays in TextGridStyleTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4832BugClosed4AbstractPropertyVariable uses wrong methods for collecting existing propertiesTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4831BugClosed4MigrationStateImpl opens file handles but offers no means to explicitly close themTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4830EnhancementClosed4Support for metadata analysis in metadata listenerAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4829BugClosed4Enumerations with blank values fail in selection viewAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4828EnhancementClosed4Allow retaining folder structure in diagram export/importAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4826BugClosed4Remove mandatory label from standard variableAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4825FeatureClosed4Modelled actions for copy,cut and pasteAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4824FeatureClosed4Multiple selection support for modelled actionsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4823EnhancementClosed4Better labeling for typical diagram instantiation dialogTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4820BugClosed4Update Eclipse Nebula repository snapshots on and use them in Simantics target definitionsTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4819BugClosed4SCL commands for translating, rotating and flipping connectionsHannu Niemistö2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4818EnhancementClosed4Allow use of AltGr similarly to Alt in connection line creationTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4817BugClosed4Change ValueFormat to always use US locale number formatting with whitespace as grouping separatorTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4816EnhancementClosed4SCL console content assist enhancementsJani Simomaa2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4815EnhancementClosed4PartOf should be before ConsistsOf in Graph DebuggerAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4814EnhancementClosed4Change logger for VariableDebuggerAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4813BugClosed4RecordBinding has invalid method signatureAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4812BugClosed4Listening state fails to record first value - causes extra invocationsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4811FeatureClosed4Change historyAntti Villberg2014-09-30 05:21 pm
4810EnhancementClosed4Standard property tab improvementsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4809EnhancementClosed4Better support for subliteral variablesAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4805BugClosed4DataContainers reading methods use BinaryFile with read-write access, should use read-only accessTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4802BugClosed4NPE in ConnectionBrowserTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4801BugClosed4Synchronization does not remove components corresponding to mapping structure compositesTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4799EnhancementClosed4Structural expression utilsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4798BugClosed4Layer0Utils expression util improvementsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4797BugClosed4Variant equals throws ClassCastExceptionAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4796BugClosed4Invalid implementation PossibleActiveVariableFrom{Resource,Variable}Tuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4795BugClosed4DnD monitor function evaluation broken when configuration diagram is in a shared library, not a modelTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4792BugClosed4Modify SubscriptionItemLabel.resolveLabel() method to take synchronization information as parameterJani Simomaa2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4788SupportClosed4Easier escaping support for workbench search SearchQueryTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4785EnhancementClosed4Allow amount of shown digits to be configured for FormattingUtil separately for float and doubleTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4784BugClosed4DnD monitor editing fails occasionally and CTRL-A (select all) does not work as expectedTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4782BugClosed4Ensure diagram template flag tables are drawn on top of the drawing template base graphicsTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4775BugClosed4Default paste handler runs paste operation with async write.Marko Luukkainen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4768BugClosed4Improvements to chart item creationTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4767BugClosed4Diagram template properties cannot be modified through property viewTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4764BugClosed4Show for negative numbersHannu Niemistö2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4763BugClosed4Subscription CSV export wizard regression: doesn't find any history data from HistoryManager producing an empty CSV exportTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4762BugClosed4LZ4 history archive compression corrupts the input stream (FLZ does not)Tuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4761EnhancementClosed4Allow synchronization property skipping rules to work based on a modules connectivity in addition to other property valuesTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4757SupportClosed4Simantics 1.13.2 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-26 04:53 pm
4756BugClosed4ClusterChange.setValueBig can crash in certain circumstancesKalle Kondelin2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4688BugClosed4Layer0X-1.1 and other key resources occasionally not immutable after fresh workspace startupKalle Kondelin2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4475EnhancementClosed4Allow ontologies to contribute their own search functionsMarko Luukkainen2014-05-27 08:43 am
4325BugClosed9Workspace gets corrupted.Kalle Kondelin2014-05-27 08:44 am
3978EnhancementClosed4Multiline text node inline editingTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm


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