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4744BugClosed4Persistence for complete history collector stateTuukka Lehtonen2014-03-05 03:05 pm
4743BugClosed4org.simantics.document.linking.ui has external application referencesMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:47 am
4741FeatureClosed4Dialog for creating subscriptions2014-09-30 04:27 pm
4735EnhancementClosed4Better position for SCL module documentationHannu Niemistö2014-04-11 02:07 pm
4734BugClosed4DefaultPasteHandler hides errorsMarko Luukkainen2014-03-05 03:05 pm
4732BugClosed4Property view does not show content in certain casesHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:06 pm
4730FeatureClosed4RevisionId (Long literal that is automatically set to -1 on model export)Hannu Niemistö2014-02-28 11:43 am
4727SupportClosed4Update project setHannu Niemistö2014-02-28 11:43 am
4726BugClosed4Terminating graphviz layoutingHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:52 am
4725BugClosed4Introduce IProgressMonitor argument to IExperiment.shutdownTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 09:55 am
4723EnhancementClosed4GraphExplorerImpl2 slows down considerably with large amounts of dataMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:46 am
4721FeatureClosed4More information about Inverse-named relations in graph debuggerHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:55 am
4720EnhancementClosed4Allow ComponentAndElementPasteHandler inheritanceMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:47 am
4719EnhancementClosed4Allow DefaultPasteImportAdvisor inheritanceMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:47 am
4717FeatureClosed4Compressed archive database storage implementation for history collectionTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 09:55 am
4715SupportClosed4Add org.apache.commons.compress to target platformTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 10:05 am
4711FeatureClosed4New Datatype printerHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:55 am
4710EnhancementClosed4Set TreeDialog double click listener as optional featureMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:47 am
4706BugClosed4Infinite recursion in GShow.resourceIdHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:55 am
4700BugClosed4GraphDebugger is not able to show data when URI is missing.Marko Luukkainen2014-02-09 10:44 pm
4699BugClosed4Translating symbols causes rendering slowdownsMarko Luukkainen2014-03-05 03:07 pm
4697BugClosed4Element resizing is broken.Marko Luukkainen2014-02-27 09:59 am
4690BugClosed4Rename concepts in UIHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:55 am
4689BugClosed4AssumptionException while trying to browse GraphDebugger to Villberg2014-02-09 10:44 pm
4687BugClosed4NPE in Subscription CSV export Tuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:44 pm
4686FeatureClosed4NatTable Nebula widgetMarko Luukkainen2014-02-27 10:05 am
4683EnhancementClosed4Change symbol contribution filters to be interpreted as not passing if the filters are somehow brokenTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:43 pm
4682EnhancementClosed4Search view changesTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:43 pm
4680EnhancementClosed4Timing platform startupHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:08 pm
4679BugClosed4Loop in Simantics.GShow.resourceIdHannu Niemistö2014-03-06 07:46 am
4678BugClosed4AssertionError when creating e.g. connections between symbolsAntti Villberg2014-02-27 10:05 am
4677EnhancementClosed4Allow MapList inheritanceMarko Luukkainen2014-02-09 10:43 pm
4676BugClosed4Index loading can fail with LockObtainFailedException and the top level implementations do not know about itTuukka Lehtonen2014-04-11 02:08 pm
4675BugClosed4Report customization page (Evaluator) does not allow adding nodes to empty configurationMarko Luukkainen2014-02-27 09:59 am
4674BugClosed4Removal of route line contains a bug if direct lines are usedHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 09:59 am
4673BugClosed4Synchronization bugfixesHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:11 pm
4672FeatureClosed4Add IsDesynchronized property to synchronization2014-02-09 10:43 pm
4671BugClosed4Symbol terminal names profile is broken, shows nothingTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:42 pm
4670BugClosed4Platform not shut down properly if platform startup fails e.g. due to project loading problemsTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:42 pm
4668BugClosed4Writing into the wrong virtual graph in DiagramEditorStates.saveEditorStateJani Simomaa2014-03-05 03:09 pm
4667BugClosed4Remove layer dataAntti Villberg2014-02-27 10:06 am
4666BugClosed4Minor synchronization improvements and bugfixesHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:12 pm
4664BugClosed4Fix MappedModelingRules for merged flagsHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 10:06 am
4663FeatureClosed4Apache POI library for managing Excel filesMarko Luukkainen2014-02-27 09:59 am
4659BugClosed4Ensure single-threaded index updatesTuukka Lehtonen2014-03-05 03:12 pm
4658EnhancementClosed4Change UrlDocument iconMarko Luukkainen2014-02-09 10:42 pm
4656BugClosed4Terminals of one component type's symbol can be invalidly populated to another component type's symbolTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:42 pm
4625BugClosed4PDF export fixesTuukka Lehtonen2014-03-05 03:13 pm
4624FeatureClosed4Implement layout operations as SCL commandsHannu Niemistö2014-02-27 10:06 am
4621BugClosed4Missing equals/hashCode implementationsTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:41 pm
4620EnhancementClosed4New argument to Datasource.openHandle: subscription item beanTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-09 10:40 pm
4618BugClosed4VG corruption during swapping and crashingAntti Villberg2014-04-11 02:10 pm
4617EnhancementClosed4Write db-client.log into workspace instead of current working directory when running in OSGi environmentTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:36 pm
4616BugClosed4NodeRequest should update if cache is pending and query is synchronized Antti Villberg2014-02-27 10:06 am
4614SupportClosed4Simantics 1.13.1 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2014-05-06 05:50 pm
4613EnhancementClosed4DebugNodeManager delegate implementation for tracing invocation of simulator variable NodeManagerTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 10:12 am
4612TaskClosed4Should root be added if model is null?Antti Villberg2014-02-27 10:22 am
4609EnhancementClosed4Trend, subscription and csv enhancementsAntti Villberg2014-03-05 03:14 pm
4608EnhancementClosed4Support Root %model in export/importAntti Villberg2014-02-27 10:22 am
4607EnhancementClosed4Diagram decorations for info and note severity issuesTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:36 pm
4606FeatureClosed4Support for '%' in the names in the new synchronization2014-01-07 12:36 pm
4605BugClosed4Picking of direct route lines2014-01-07 12:36 pm
4604EnhancementClosed4Import URL-links with folder import.Marko Luukkainen2014-01-07 12:36 pm
4603BugClosed4Change default chart draw mode to Line instead of DeviationAndAverageTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-05 08:33 pm
4601BugClosed4Workbench shutdown sequence order is invalidTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:35 pm
4600SupportClosed4Add g3d-plugins to SDK.rmapMarko Luukkainen2014-01-07 10:23 am
4598EnhancementClosed4Generic structural synchronizer base implementation2014-02-27 10:13 am
4597SupportClosed4Simple utility for creating a database and opening a session to it in a specified directory for testing purposes2014-01-07 12:35 pm
4596EnhancementClosed4Show different icons for three different cases of model configuration components: built-in components, user defined components and othersTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:35 pm
4595EnhancementClosed4Support getType/getPossibleType with base type argument in Variable interfaceTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:34 pm
4594BugClosed4PropertyInfoRequest may throw unexpected AdaptionExceptions2014-01-07 12:34 pm
4592BugClosed4Duplicate definition of CHART.Chart.Item.Index relation, two HasLabel propertiesTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:34 pm
4590SupportClosed4Deprecate all of org.simantics.modeling.ui.modelBrowser.modelTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:34 pm
4589EnhancementClosed4Make some subscription item properties final, i.e. read-only for the user after they are first createdTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4588EnhancementClosed4Support L0.readOnly in BasicPropertyTab contributionsTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4587EnhancementClosed4Cleanup URI-related utility classes in the Simantics codebaseTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 10:13 am
4586EnhancementClosed4Use RandomAccessBinary in GraphFileUtil for reading and writing filesMarko Luukkainen2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4585BugClosed4GraphFile implementation leaves streams open when writing file data to graphMarko Luukkainen2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4584FeatureClosed4Initial version of instance migration wizardAntti Villberg2014-03-05 03:46 pm
4582BugClosed4Deleting an imported image from model browser when image is opened in editor throws NoSingleResultExceptionTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4581BugClosed4Creating a Typical Diagram under shared library failsTuukka Lehtonen2014-03-05 03:41 pm
4580BugClosed4SCL layout bug (with where)Hannu Niemistö2014-01-07 12:33 pm
4579BugClosed4Create unique names for new modeled component type terminalsTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:32 pm
4578FeatureClosed4Full OrderedSet support for ObjMap2Marko Luukkainen2014-01-07 12:32 pm
4577FeatureClosed4Improving procedural component type editorHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:42 pm
4576FeatureClosed4Initial shared ontology supportAntti Villberg2014-03-05 03:42 pm
4575BugClosed4Partial synchronization for procedural component typesHannu Niemistö2014-10-02 02:11 pm
4574BugClosed4Fix SymbolContributions in shared ontologies2014-02-27 10:13 am
4572BugClosed4Prevent RemoverUtil.tryCollectionRemover from creating a database changeset unnecessarily if removal failsTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:32 pm
4571EnhancementClosed4Standard modelled Name/Label logic for user interfacesAntti Villberg2014-02-27 09:59 am
4570EnhancementClosed4Allow simulator variable NodeManager to return classifications for nodesTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:32 pm
4569EnhancementClosed4Remove useless method Variable.getPossibleClassificationsTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:32 pm
4568BugClosed4SceneGraphLoader was broken due to solver variable changes2014-02-27 10:13 am
4567EnhancementClosed4Retain cluster sets in export/importAntti Villberg2014-03-05 03:49 pm
4566FeatureClosed4Update SCL Compiler2014-01-07 12:31 pm
4565EnhancementClosed4SCL expression compilation reorganizationAntti Villberg2014-03-05 03:43 pm
4564EnhancementClosed4ResourceEditorInput rehaul - replace model URI with rid2014-02-27 10:13 am
4563FeatureClosed4Procedural component type editorHannu Niemistö2014-03-05 03:49 pm
4562BugClosed4org.simantics.scl.commands missing from simantics project setTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:31 pm
4561BugClosed4Floating-point inaccuracies break CSVFormatter functionalityTuukka Lehtonen2014-01-07 12:30 pm

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