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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4179EnhancementClosed4Support multiple tg roots in migration frameworkAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:58 am
4178BugClosed4Move tryRemover from DeleteNodeHandler to RemoverUtilTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 01:58 am
4174BugClosed4AwtFocusHandler.hidePopups race conditionTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 01:58 am
4173BugClosed4Random access values can corrupt the database sessionAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:58 am
4170EnhancementClosed4Set exported PDF Application metadata based on IProduct informationTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 01:58 am
4169BugClosed4Modelled views fail to show content at startupAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:58 am
4167EnhancementClosed4Remove resources from index updatesAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:01 am
4166BugClosed4Session does not close properlyAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:57 am
4165FeatureClosed4Support session reconnect in SimanticsPlatformAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:01 am
4164BugClosed4Component modification metadata missing for some removed connectionsHannu Niemistö2013-03-29 01:56 am
4163BugClosed4Minor bug in connect toolHannu Niemistö2013-03-29 01:56 am
4162EnhancementClosed4runTest command for SCL consoleJani Simomaa2013-03-29 02:01 am
4161BugClosed4RouteGraph.makePersistent behaves incorrectly when the connection is simpleHannu Niemistö2013-03-29 01:55 am
4160FeatureClosed4Minor modifications to SCL documentationHannu Niemistö2013-03-29 02:00 am
4159BugClosed4Removal of connected diagram reference elements corrupts databaseTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 01:55 am
4158BugClosed4Manual activation of mapping messes up undoAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:03 am
4157BugClosed4Diagram loading can cause weird exceptions if editor is disposed during loadingTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 01:55 am
4155EnhancementClosed4Allow overriding oleEditor's title.Marko Luukkainen2013-03-29 02:04 am
4153FeatureClosed4Exporting GraphFilesMarko Luukkainen2013-03-29 02:04 am
4151BugClosed4Issues are not updated in some removal casesAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:04 am
4150EnhancementClosed4Batch issue validation performance enhancementsTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-08 07:58 am
4148EnhancementClosed4Add undo into DB.sclAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:54 am
4147EnhancementClosed4Store SCL console command history into preferencesAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:55 am
4145BugClosed4Useless error messages when pasting PNG image on top of image node in a drawing templateTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 02:03 am
4144BugClosed4Spreadsheet loses selection while editing cellAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:53 am
4142SupportClosed4Simantics 1.9 releaseTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-29 02:00 am
4132BugClosed4Workspace persistent virtual graph loading robustness / safety enhancementsAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:03 am
4114BugClosed4Flag type not verified for newly created flagsTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-08 07:56 am
3519SupportClosed4Change Sysdyn jenkins builds to bundle JRE 6Teemu Lempinen2013-03-08 11:28 am


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