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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4047BugClosed4Annotation framework and UI adjustmentsTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-25 11:37 am
4046BugClosed4NPE in GalleryViewerTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-23 09:48 am
4045SupportClosed4Ontology dependency cleanupTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-23 09:48 am
4042EnhancementClosed4Migration framework enhancementAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:25 am
4040BugClosed4Remove some internal type checks in SCL compiler that cause problemsHannu Niemistö2013-02-23 09:48 am
4039BugClosed4Make ConnectionRelationToTerminal functionalHannu Niemistö2013-02-23 09:49 am
4038BugClosed4TabbedPropertyTable doesn't check whether a tab creates a control or not but invokes itTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 12:03 am
4036BugClosed4Use RVI.toPossibleString instead of RVI.asPossibleString in places that require only RVI visualization, not Variable instance resolutionTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-04 11:28 am
4034EnhancementClosed4Spreadsheet refactoringAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:28 am
4033EnhancementClosed4Layer0Utils.setValueAsStringAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:27 am
4032EnhancementClosed4Column support for graph explorer selection elementsAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:27 am
4031EnhancementClosed4DynamicStroke support for RouteGraphNodeTeemu Mätäsniemi2013-02-14 12:02 am
4029EnhancementClosed4Add a mapping relation between a configuration connection and a diagram connectorAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:26 am
4028EnhancementClosed4Add extensibility to RouteGraphConnectToolAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:26 am
4027EnhancementClosed4Multi-selection support for symbol group assignment actionTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 12:02 am
4026BugClosed4Symbol library background gradient looks bad for large symbol groupsTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 12:01 am
4025EnhancementClosed4Support property testing options for multi-resource selectionsTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-22 08:00 am
4023BugClosed4STR.HasAttachmentRelation should be functionalTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 12:01 am
4022BugClosed4Subscription CSV export fails if referenced variable resolution failsTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-25 01:05 pm
4017EnhancementClosed4Remove property label/description in component type interface editor instead of marking them empty on empty inputTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4016BugClosed4TimeSeriesEditor canvas initialization must be made asynchronousToni Kalajainen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4015BugClosed4Subscription item DnD on charts and chart editors is brokenTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4013BugClosed4More accepting parsing for boolean values in VariableWrite/VariableWriteImpliedTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-25 10:03 am
4012BugClosed4Deprecate VariableWrite2Tuukka Lehtonen2013-02-22 07:59 am
4010FeatureClosed4Generate line segments from RouteGraphHannu Niemistö2013-02-14 12:00 am
4008FeatureClosed4Don't produce degenerated lines in RouteLine (getPath2D)Hannu Niemistö2013-02-14 12:00 am
4006BugClosed42-level annotation copying is broken, never copies 2nd level valuesTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4005BugClosed4Monitor editing broken by invalid variable writingTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4003FeatureClosed4Support autosave of virtual graphsTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 12:00 am
4002EnhancementClosed4Annotation Property Tab: sort available annotations and select first available if there is no previous selectionTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
4001EnhancementClosed4Stable sorting for NavigateToTarget list selection dialog contentsTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:06 pm
3998EnhancementClosed4Diagram.scl: genericFlagType ()Tuukka Lehtonen2013-02-22 07:59 am
3997BugClosed4Support text cut/copy/paste in the workbench search trimTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 09:01 am
3996BugClosed4ChartVariable is missing equals/hashCodeMarko Luukkainen2013-01-24 01:07 pm
3995FeatureClosed4Improvements in DB.sclHannu Niemistö2013-03-04 11:29 am
3993EnhancementClosed4syncExecute option for TagUtilTuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:07 pm
3992BugClosed4Typos in AdaptionService2 error messages (an -> a)Tuukka Lehtonen2013-01-24 01:07 pm
3989FeatureClosed4Map signal names in SCL Diagram APIHannu Niemistö2013-03-04 11:32 am
3987BugClosed4Problems with cluster management in DelayedWriteGraphAntti Villberg2013-02-23 09:49 am
3982BugClosed4A separate method for importing in SCLCommandSessionHannu Niemistö2013-03-04 11:32 am
3981FeatureClosed4Minor Fupros-oriented refactoring of SCL APIAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:33 am
3980FeatureClosed4Support joins in SCL APIHannu Niemistö2013-03-04 11:33 am
3931EnhancementClosed4Add SCLValue.environment to be able to control the modules loaded by the scl valueAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:34 am
3915BugClosed4DependenciesRelation doesn't release pending index update operation handles when session is shut down in between scheduling the updates and running the updatesTuukka Lehtonen2013-03-06 10:10 pm
3902EnhancementRejected4Investigate how to invoke Eclipse standard copy handler from Simantics StandardCopyHandler to enable copying of text to SWT clipboardTuukka Lehtonen2013-02-14 09:02 am


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