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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3887BugClosed4os.modeling/scl missing from buildTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 12:08 pm
3885BugClosed4Minor SCL fixes for SimaxHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:34 am
3881BugClosed4Client crashes with remove and cluster setsAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3879BugClosed4Fix undo bugs occuring in KCL-ECOHannu Niemistö2012-12-20 12:04 pm
3877BugClosed4Free Text editing with diagramming textelement is cumbersome / buggyMarko Luukkainen2012-12-29 11:33 am
3876FeatureClosed4Services for handling commands with editor specific states.Marko Luukkainen2012-12-20 12:00 pm
3872FeatureClosed4minor additions to DB.sclHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3871BugClosed4Route graph draws some segments randomly if connection contains multiple branches /HHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:34 am
3870SupportClosed4Bump drawing template export/import datacontainer format versions from 1 to 2Tuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3869EnhancementClosed4New validateHeader utilities for DataContainersTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3868BugClosed4Remove Annotation Types folder from model browser until next releaseTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3867BugClosed4Safety check for ConnectionBrowser.findConnectedComponentsTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3866FeatureClosed4Initial migration supportAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:13 am
3865BugClosed4Branch Simantics 1.8 -> 1.8.1Tuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 11:57 am
3864BugClosed4Don't use StandardCopyHandler by default in PropertyPageViewTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 11:52 am
3863BugClosed8DiagramViewer fails to initialize selection providers during editor startup.Tuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 12:12 pm
3861BugClosed4Make the platform support running of medium-long/long database jobs so that the UI is not blocked meanwhileTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 11:41 am
3860BugClosed4NPE in BundleUtils.findFileTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3855BugClosed4Basic EditorNamingService is missing title max length truncation logicTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-20 11:40 am
3853SupportClosed4Branch Simantics 1.8Tuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am


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