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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3824FeatureClosed4SCL console improvementsHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3823BugClosed4Typical template to instance synchronization bugsTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3822FeatureClosed4Export/Import for drawing templatesTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3821BugClosed4Composed symbol libraries do not workTuukka Lehtonen2012-11-05 11:36 am
3820BugClosed4Fix import problems reported in Apros issue #5894.Kalle Kondelin2012-12-29 11:38 am
3819EnhancementClosed4Add possibility to ensure index updatesAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3818EnhancementClosed4Add priorities and defaults for profile itemsAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3817EnhancementClosed4WorkbenchUtils.getActiveWorkbenchWindowShellTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3816FeatureClosed4Reading diagram contents in SCLHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3812EnhancementClosed4Show URI of written variable property in exception when no data type is availableTuukka Lehtonen2012-11-05 11:34 am
3809BugClosed4TypicalUtil component name evaluation must enforce valid initial names for instantiated typical componentsTuukka Lehtonen2012-11-05 11:33 am
3808EnhancementClosed4Indexing improvementsAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3807EnhancementClosed4Query updates are slowAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3806EnhancementClosed4Added utility for writing a simple connectionAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3802EnhancementClosed4Remove naming application from TypicalUtil.instantiateTemplateTuukka Lehtonen2012-11-05 11:02 am
3801EnhancementClosed4GraphExplorer inline enumeration editing should cancel immediately on ESC and commit immediately on combo selection.Tuukka Lehtonen2012-11-05 11:01 am
3800EnhancementClosed4Select all text initially in AbstractContentAssistEnumerationModifierTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3799EnhancementClosed4WorkbenchSelectionElement to model browser NodeTypesTeemu Lempinen2012-11-05 10:55 am


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