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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3694BugClosed4Better error handling in ActionBrowseContextHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:38 am
3693BugClosed4Dynamic graph compilation must refer to the current version of Layer0, not 1.0Tuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:38 am
3691BugClosed4Diagram monitors do not work for components that are not in any RVIContextTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3689FeatureClosed4Better reporting of missing dependencies when installing ontologiesHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3687EnhancementClosed4Allow supplying RVI to PDFPainterAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3686EnhancementClosed4Allow rotation for monitorsAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3682FeatureClosed4Add L0.validatorAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:13 am
3681SupportClosed4Ontology version updates for 1.7Antti Villberg2012-12-29 11:13 am
3680EnhancementClosed4Test invalid inputs in SyncElementFactoryAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3679BugClosed4Error in ExternalRead listeningAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3672EnhancementClosed4Made internal Paster class available and customized it to allow use from within write transactionsTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3671EnhancementClosed4Customizable mouse scale modeAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3670EnhancementClosed4Customizable component type symbol diagram typeAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3669EnhancementClosed4Support diagram page descriptions asserted in ontologyAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3668EnhancementClosed4Support setting context menu id in generic explorer implementationsAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3667EnhancementClosed4Customizable component type editor titleAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3666EnhancementClosed4Batch issue refactoringAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:10 am
3657BugClosed4NPE in ElementUtils.getElementShapesOnDiagramTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3656BugClosed4Platform features need version bumpTuukka Lehtonen2012-09-28 10:44 am
3641EnhancementClosed4Disable connect tool from symbol editorTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3640EnhancementClosed4DiagramViewerActionContributor should disable its contributions if there's not active editor using itTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3639EnhancementClosed4Allow DiagramViewer classes to override code for saving editor stateTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:10 am
3420BugClosed4Explicit clustering specification /A,H,Ka,ToKalle Kondelin2012-09-28 10:42 am


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