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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3358FeatureClosed4Issue refactoringAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:13 am
3357BugClosed4Log unexpected errors encountered by QueryProcessor task scheduling /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3356BugClosed4Changed diagram element double click handler to consult a single for highest priority editor adapter before showing properties view for selection /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3355BugClosed4Bugs in component type interface propertiesAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3354FeatureClosed4Refactoring of command sequence tests /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:13 am
3352BugClosed4Scene graph node memory consumption optimization /Tu /ATuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3351BugClosed4Fixed DiagramToCompositeMapping3 for external input flags (when removing connection) /HHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:34 am
3350BugClosed4CancelTransactionException in write causes "Write transaction caused an unexpected error" error to be logged unnecessarilyTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3349BugClosed4HistoryImportUtil.importHistory doesn't close StreamAccessorTeemu Mätäsniemi2012-06-15 10:52 am
3348BugClosed4Unescape issue context path segments /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3346BugClosed4Make IPropertyTab/PropertyTabContribution javadoc more logical and consistent with implementation /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3344BugClosed4Bugs in literal creation /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3342EnhancementClosed4Allow SWT FileTransfer as accepted DnD target transfer for GraphExplorerView /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3341EnhancementClosed4Add exception to signal cancelled experiment activation /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3340BugClosed4Bug in Join does not copy exact predicate of the statements from RouteGraphConnection to Connector and causes problems in subsequent split /HHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:34 am
3339BugClosed4Minor fixesAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3338BugClosed4Do not compute selection view contents if the view is not visible /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3337FeatureClosed4getInstanceResource method added to StructuralConfiguration for supporting state undo in Apros /HHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3335FeatureClosed4ExternalOperation support in UndoRedoSupport /AHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am
3334BugClosed4Fix connection split so that it does not generate extra signal in Apros /HaHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:34 am
3333BugClosed4Missing required Binding adaption in SubliteralPropertyVariable /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3332BugClosed4Missing use of Binding in org.simantics.db.layer0.function.All.standardValueAccessor /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3331BugClosed4DiagramGraphUtil.getTerminals always returns empty results /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3330BugClosed4BatchIssueSource to ISSUE.IsManagedBy range /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3327BugClosed42.4.2012 Simantics developer presentation /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3326SupportClosed4Agree "daily scrum" schedule and practice /Tu, A, HaTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3324SupportClosed4Investigate the causes for eventual application slowdown /A,Ha,TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3323BugClosed4Fix Dependencies relation listener leaks /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3322SupportClosed4Update Variable wiki documentation /ATuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3311BugClosed4DependenciesRelation gathers an indefinite amount of listeners from Dependencies function /AAntti Villberg2012-06-15 10:48 am
3260BugClosed4Interface property creation for component types is slow /AAntti Villberg2012-12-29 11:32 am
3210BugClosed6Several HasLastUpdateRevision relations in Source /AAntti Villberg2012-04-10 12:01 pm
3188BugClosed4SVGSalamander cache structures need rewriting /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
2941FeatureClosed4Specification of how selection view works /A, HaHannu Niemistö2012-12-29 11:25 am


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