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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7826BugClosed4Race conditions in SCL compilationHannu Niemistö2018-04-19 10:01 am
7787BugClosed4Empty cell contents from NatTables are not passed on to modifiersReino Ruusu2018-03-07 12:21 pm
7786BugClosed4Bug in updating of NatTable-based graph explorersReino Ruusu2018-03-07 12:14 pm
7776BugClosed4Support symbols from javaImport in module exportHannu Niemistö2018-03-07 11:58 am
7774EnhancementClosed4Improvements to HTTP client SCL APIJussi Koskela2018-03-07 12:27 pm
7772FeatureClosed4Add Future to SCL APIJussi Koskela2018-03-07 11:55 am
7770BugClosed4Add support for strings that are longer than 127 charactersAntti Villberg2018-03-07 11:52 am
7769EnhancementClosed4setSystemProperty function to Simantics/Misc SCL-moduleJani Simomaa2018-03-07 11:46 am
7767FeatureClosed4New SafeDynamic moduleHannu Niemistö2018-03-07 12:29 pm
7761EnhancementClosed4Modify createTempFile to make files to $TEMP by defaultJani Simomaa2018-03-07 12:28 pm
7758EnhancementClosed4More methods for writing transferable graph filesTuukka Lehtonen2018-02-13 07:03 pm
7752EnhancementClosed4Query control functions into Simantics/DBSupportAntti Villberg2018-02-13 11:27 pm
7751EnhancementClosed4Add orElseM (a variant of orElse) to PreludeHannu Niemistö2018-02-13 11:18 pm
7749EnhancementClosed4Another version of shared ontology import which returns the roots (SCL)Jussi Koskela2018-02-13 11:16 pm
7747EnhancementClosed4Customisable selection padding on diagramsAntti Villberg2018-02-13 11:13 pm
7744EnhancementClosed4More options for SCL progress monitoringAntti Villberg2018-02-13 11:52 pm
7743BugClosed4AbstractResponseHandler uses wrong identityAntti Villberg2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7742BugClosed4Copying SCLModule from Generic Shared Ontology to another throws NPETuukka Lehtonen2018-02-13 11:52 pm
7738FeatureClosed4Add SubMonitor features to UI/Progress SCL-moduleJani Simomaa2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7737BugClosed4Safely set part name and tooltip in ResourceEditorPartJani Simomaa2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7734EnhancementClosed4Getting rid of *Array and replace with Vector * (SCL)Jani Simomaa2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7732EnhancementClosed4Add String.getBytes to SCLJani Simomaa2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7728EnhancementIn Progress4Clean up and support internal seed resources in tg exportAntti Villberg2018-04-19 10:04 am
7721EnhancementClosed4Remove unnecessary dependencies from org.simantics.browsing.ui.modelTuukka Lehtonen2018-01-25 02:57 pm
7719EnhancementClosed4Replace System.err and System.out with SLF4J LoggingJani Simomaa2018-02-13 10:48 pm
7712SupportIn Progress4Simantics 1.33.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2018-01-08 03:06 pm
7674SupportIn Progress4Move developer & end user documentation to gitbook and store in git repositoryTuukka Lehtonen2018-03-28 10:57 pm
7638FeatureIn Progress4New implementation of SCL completionHannu Niemistö2018-03-28 10:58 pm
7005BugClosed4"Installed groups" project information in the database is not updated when new features are installedTuukka Lehtonen2018-03-07 11:15 am
6233EnhancementClosed4DependencyChangesRequest holds a strong reference on to its parameter org.simantics.db.ChangeSet which can pile up in QueryProcessor and consume a lot of memoryAntti Villberg2018-04-19 10:03 am


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