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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7491EnhancementIn Progress4Allow G2D clients to request text rendering mode without depending on iTextTuukka Lehtonen2017-09-19 09:46 am
7490EnhancementIn Progress4Prelude documentation improvementTuukka Lehtonen2017-09-19 09:47 am
7489EnhancementIn Progress4Add replicate function to PreludeHannu Niemistö2017-09-19 09:47 am
7477EnhancementResolved4ListUtils.create alternatives for creating new lists by type with WriteOnlyGraphTuukka Lehtonen2017-09-11 11:57 am
7458FeatureResolved4Editing of texts inside SVG elementsAntti Villberg2017-09-05 12:53 pm
7450FeatureIn Progress4SCL script storage, editing and validation supportTuukka Lehtonen2017-08-26 01:07 am
7447BugIn Progress4Add missing jersey-client to target platform and force osgi-resource-locator version to 2.5.0b32Jani Simomaa2017-08-25 06:32 pm
7443EnhancementFeedback4Ignore stray routelines when loading route graph connectionsTuukka Lehtonen2017-08-21 07:23 pm
7439EnhancementIn Progress4Speed up SCL Console output speedHannu Niemistö2017-08-18 02:46 pm
7419EnhancementFeedback4Export org.simantics.modeling.ui.sharedontology.wizard packageJussi Koskela2017-08-09 01:10 pm
7418BugFeedback4ModelImportWizard.doImport does not import the model to specified targetJussi Koskela2017-08-09 01:10 pm
7416BugResolved4Remove useless constructor from class GraphLayerUtilTuukka Lehtonen2017-08-10 06:56 pm
7415EnhancementIn Progress4Optimize shallow index queries to only query data from the requested index rootTuukka Lehtonen2017-08-07 06:11 pm
7396SupportIn Progress4Simantics 1.31.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-08-01 05:50 pm
7358SupportIn Progress4Move to Eclipse Oxygen 4.7 target platformJani Simomaa2017-08-11 09:25 am


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