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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6483BugClosed4Simulation server does not delete temporary filesHannu Niemistö2016-10-24 01:35 pm
6354BugClosed4Bind simulation experiment timer toolbar contribution mode to active chart time format preferenceTuukka Lehtonen2016-03-04 12:55 pm
6146EnhancementClosed4Experiment interface refactoringAntti Villberg2016-01-01 01:50 pm
5847BugClosed4ExperimentActivator may use wrong active shell when opening error dialogTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 06:17 pm
4996BugClosed4ExperimentActivator may use wrong parent Shell for error dialog when experiment activation failsTuukka Lehtonen2014-07-11 12:02 pm
4875FeatureClosed4PartialIC data structures for storing stateAntti Villberg2014-09-22 12:10 pm
4725BugClosed4Introduce IProgressMonitor argument to IExperiment.shutdownTuukka Lehtonen2014-02-27 09:55 am
4382FeatureClosed4Experiment pluginsHannu Niemistö2013-10-15 09:35 pm
4329BugClosed4Fix scheduleExperimentShutdown() not to be performed in UI thread2013-08-01 12:16 pm
4117EnhancementClosed4Show message log view if experiment activation produces messages whose severity is larger than OKTuukka Lehtonen2013-11-04 09:25 am
3584FeatureClosed4Remove experimentControlToolbar toolbar contribution from os.simulation.ui to allow products to contribute their own custom versions of the toolbarTuukka Lehtonen2012-08-21 11:20 am
3413BugClosed4Use progress dialog for experiment activation job /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3379BugClosed4ExperimentManager leaks all IExperiments it has started /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:20 am
3341EnhancementClosed4Add exception to signal cancelled experiment activation /TuTuukka Lehtonen2012-12-29 11:16 am
3120BugClosed4(History) Refactoring "History2" /ToToni Kalajainen2012-01-26 12:51 am


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