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6875EnhancementClosed4VariableValueWithBinding requestAntti Villberg2016-12-29 12:39 pm
6829EnhancementClosed4Introduce org.simantics.db.function.DbOptional for cleaner functional null value handling in DB related codeTuukka Lehtonen2016-12-05 12:05 pm
6741BugClosed4Resource value stream should return -1 on read when no more bytes are availableJussi Koskela2016-12-06 01:03 am
6721EnhancementClosed4Add possibility to check if database was rolled back via XSupport interfaceJani Simomaa2016-12-06 02:56 pm
6709EnhancementClosed4Acorn: Fix WriteRunnable.runReally() to use LRU.MapValue mutex instead of borrowMutexAntti Villberg2016-12-06 01:58 pm
6596EnhancementClosed4Merge and modify db codes for easier javacore usageJani Simomaa2016-12-05 07:23 pm
6576EnhancementClosed4Better error reporting for Layer0Utils.getSingleDomainOfAntti Villberg2016-12-07 07:35 am
6575EnhancementClosed4Performance of document propertiesAntti Villberg2016-12-07 07:34 am
6551EnhancementClosed4Change org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Simantics into an internal class and rename to SimanticsInternalTuukka Lehtonen2016-10-23 11:24 pm
6535EnhancementClosed4Ability to disable database indexingMarko Luukkainen2016-10-23 04:37 pm
6513EnhancementClosed4More functional interfaces that can throw DatabaseException for the DB clientTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:23 pm
6451FeatureClosed4New DB service interface ServiceActivityMonitor for general operation completion waitingTuukka Lehtonen2016-06-17 04:19 pm
6412BugClosed4Cut-paste problemsAntti Villberg2016-09-27 04:54 pm
6366EnhancementClosed4Equals & hashCode not implemented for data structures in CollectionSupportImplJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:14 am
6361BugClosed4Extended support for operations that require reading graph in DelayedWriteGraphAntti Villberg2016-04-20 12:20 pm
6359BugClosed4DelayedWriteGraph fails to resolve types for Long, Byte, LongArray and ByteArray valuesJussi Koskela2016-04-20 12:17 pm
6358BugClosed4 Claiming of L0.Literal used an invalid datatype literal (should always be instance of L0.Datatype)Antti Villberg2016-04-20 12:16 pm
6349BugClosed4Safer implementation of ResourceImpl.toString()Tuukka Lehtonen2016-04-19 04:06 pm
6342BugClosed4Support delayed write inside transactionsAntti Villberg2016-04-19 02:58 pm
6325EnhancementClosed4DB.scl improvementAntti Villberg2016-04-21 08:44 am
6312FeatureClosed4Introduce Java 8 @FunctionalInterfaces that are allowed to throw DatabaseException to allow usage of lambdas with DB-related codeTuukka Lehtonen2016-02-22 11:07 am
6284BugClosed4Support hiding in AssertedPredicates queryAntti Villberg2016-03-03 01:08 pm
6238BugClosed4If database query cache is empty, query collector will throw ArithmeticExceptionTuukka Lehtonen2016-04-19 02:32 pm
6233EnhancementClosed4DependencyChangesRequest holds a strong reference on to its parameter org.simantics.db.ChangeSet which can pile up in QueryProcessor and consume a lot of memoryAntti Villberg2018-04-19 10:03 am
6112BugClosed4Improve handling of virtual statements and values in denyAntti Villberg2015-11-06 01:45 pm
6110EnhancementClosed4Remove unnecessary string computationAntti Villberg2015-11-06 01:34 pm
6085EnhancementClosed4Improved clustering of ontologiesAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:50 am
6067BugClosed4Add multiple-L0.HasRange support to org.simantics.db.layer0.request.PropertyInfoRequestTuukka Lehtonen2015-10-06 08:34 am
6051BugClosed4VirtualGraph write transactions fail with code that use cluster setsAntti Villberg2015-12-02 02:10 pm
6039EnhancementClosed4DB client refactoringAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:11 am
6038EnhancementClosed4Byte utility enhancementsAntti Villberg2016-01-01 11:10 am
6027BugClosed1Database recovery failureKalle Kondelin2015-11-06 01:47 pm
6018BugClosed4VariableRepository holds references to old SessionImplDb in SimanticsPlatform shutdown and startup cyclesJani Simomaa2015-10-06 08:29 am
6007BugClosed4SessionImplSocket peekService fails to return services.Marko Luukkainen2015-10-06 10:18 am
6001BugClosed4Allow org.simantics.db.layer0.util.SimanticsClipboard.Representation.getValue to throw DatabaseExceptionTuukka Lehtonen2015-11-05 08:48 pm
6000BugClosed4ReadGraphImpl.createRandomAccessBinary creates ResourceFiles in to wrong temp directoryJani Simomaa2015-10-06 08:47 am
5996EnhancementClosed4Improved query collectorAntti Villberg2015-11-05 08:37 pm
5993BugClosed4Do not generate dependency changes from statement changes that contain virtual resourcesAntti Villberg2015-10-06 08:51 am
5982BugClosed4ResourceList does not support all operationsAntti Villberg2015-11-05 08:06 pm
5980EnhancementOn hold4Database client plug-in cleanup effortAntti Villberg2018-02-16 05:14 pm
5979EnhancementClosed4Undo stores unnecessary lists in OperationImpl-instancesAntti Villberg2015-11-05 08:07 pm
5977BugClosed4Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitionsTuukka Lehtonen2015-10-06 08:34 am
5898BugClosed4External read caching dependencies break when requests are reissued during updateAntti Villberg2015-11-05 01:32 pm
5837BugClosed4Import fails after recoveryKalle Kondelin2015-05-20 06:33 pm
5770BugClosed1Database recovery corrupts workspace.Kalle Kondelin2015-04-15 05:42 pm
5756EnhancementClosed4Performance improvement to migrating TG import when TG has been preprocessedTuukka Lehtonen2015-05-20 03:56 pm
5708SupportClosed4Remove API deprecated for Simantics 1.2 from WriteGraph/WriteOnlyGraphTuukka Lehtonen2015-04-08 10:06 am
5696BugClosed4Cluster bookkeeping gets corruptedKalle Kondelin2015-05-20 06:05 pm
5680BugClosed1ProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.Kalle Kondelin2015-03-19 10:42 am
5607EnhancementClosed4Optimization of large removal operationsAntti Villberg2015-04-08 10:25 am
5493EnhancementClosed4Query semantics change - old equal value is retained instead of new computed oneAntti Villberg2015-01-13 08:02 am
5455BugClosed4Database client crashes while performing query updates due to cluster table refreshKalle Kondelin2015-05-19 03:11 pm
5439EnhancementClosed4More user-controlled query updatesAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5429BugClosed1Failed to open database Kalle Kondelin2014-11-07 11:17 am
5419EnhancementClosed4Performance enhancements for DB clientAntti Villberg2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5396EnhancementClosed4Write DB client change set temporary files in a workspace subdirectory instead of the current working directoryTuukka Lehtonen2014-11-15 02:39 pm
5358BugClosed4Prevent insertion of empty elements in ListUtils insertFront and insertBack methodsJani Simomaa2014-11-15 02:36 pm
5319BugClosed4Print exception to stdout in the case where temp-directory cannot be created in ClientChangesImplHannu Niemistö2014-09-30 09:51 am
5306BugClosed4Remover for runsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5299EnhancementClosed4Better copy utilitiesAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:33 pm
5292EnhancementClosed4EntityRemover.remove() to throw CannotRemoveException if the resource to-be-removed is immutableJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:33 pm
5278EnhancementClosed4Import published shared ontologies as immutableAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:37 pm
5276EnhancementClosed4DB client performance enhancementsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5263EnhancementClosed4More effective reflection scl value evaluationAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5262EnhancementClosed4Little optimization in ReadGraphImpl.getSerializer()Jani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:34 pm
5226BugClosed4Workspace and memory persistent virtual graph collide on diskJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:29 pm
5216EnhancementClosed4commitAndContinue support for delayed write graphAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:38 pm
5213EnhancementClosed4Adding undo points to fix undo problems in platformJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:36 pm
5189BugClosed4Mismatching RequiresValueType and HasValueTypeAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5182BugClosed4Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitionsAntti Villberg2014-09-30 09:29 am
5172EnhancementClosed4Generic diffing utility into Layer0UtilsAntti Villberg2014-09-22 12:32 pm
5171BugClosed4Use getSerializer in getPossibleValueAntti Villberg2014-09-22 12:32 pm
5167BugClosed4ClusterTable trashes with large model importAntti Villberg2014-09-22 12:31 pm
5140FeatureClosed4Return the created root Resource at MigrationUtils.importSharedOntologyJussi Koskela2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5116BugClosed4Merged ontologies can become mutableAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:35 pm
5099FeatureClosed4Add undo history to org.simantics.browsing.ui.swt.widgets.TrackedText text fieldsJani Simomaa2014-09-30 07:40 pm
5092FeatureClosed4Fixing undo problems in platform by adding graph.markUndoPoint() calls in write transactionsJani Simomaa2014-09-30 08:00 pm
5087BugClosed4getStatements return collection with faulty toArrayAntti Villberg2014-09-10 12:49 pm
5073BugClosed4Remove unused createArraySet from CollectionSupportAntti Villberg2014-07-11 12:08 pm
4998BugClosed4Databoard wants to deserialize default resources (id=0). Work around this.Antti Villberg2014-09-23 12:28 pm
4849EnhancementClosed4New undo paradigm - combine if not specifiedAntti Villberg2014-09-30 07:24 pm
4830EnhancementClosed4Support for metadata analysis in metadata listenerAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4812BugClosed4Listening state fails to record first value - causes extra invocationsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4798BugClosed4Layer0Utils expression util improvementsAntti Villberg2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4796BugClosed4Invalid implementation PossibleActiveVariableFrom{Resource,Variable}Tuukka Lehtonen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4775BugClosed4Default paste handler runs paste operation with async write.Marko Luukkainen2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4756BugClosed4ClusterChange.setValueBig can crash in certain circumstancesKalle Kondelin2014-05-12 04:07 pm
4734BugClosed4DefaultPasteHandler hides errorsMarko Luukkainen2014-03-05 03:05 pm
4731BugClosed4Change set merging to undo points does not work2016-11-22 06:30 pm
4719EnhancementClosed4Allow DefaultPasteImportAdvisor inheritanceMarko Luukkainen2014-03-06 07:47 am
4591BugClosed4Undo-Redo failure with literals larger than 30KBKalle Kondelin2014-09-30 09:01 am
4497EnhancementClosed4DB optimizationsAntti Villberg2013-11-27 10:19 pm
4287BugClosed4PossibleActiveVariableFromVariable request implementation does not follow possible logicTuukka Lehtonen2013-05-15 10:18 am
4285BugClosed4ClientChangesImpl must be more robustTuukka Lehtonen2013-05-15 10:18 am
4248BugClosed4Query collector fails to collect some discarded parentsAntti Villberg2013-04-12 12:37 am
4185BugClosed4undo(int numberOfOperations)Jani Simomaa2013-03-20 07:37 am
4173BugClosed4Random access values can corrupt the database sessionAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:58 am
4166BugClosed4Session does not close properlyAntti Villberg2013-03-29 01:57 am
4132BugClosed4Workspace persistent virtual graph loading robustness / safety enhancementsAntti Villberg2013-03-29 02:03 am
4067BugClosed4Fix ExternalReadEntry result memory leaksAntti Villberg2013-03-04 11:34 am

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