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7713BugNew4Deadlock during Acorn snapshottingAntti Villberg2018-01-08 10:19 pm
7692BugClosed4TimeoutingRequest uses listener as procedureAntti Villberg2018-01-09 11:15 am
7690BugClosed4BTree creates multiple child resources with the same nameJussi Koskela2018-01-09 11:32 am
7671EnhancementClosed4Style support in IListItemJussi Koskela2018-01-09 11:30 am
7652BugNew4It's possible to delete same item in model browser multiple times2017-11-30 01:56 pm
7641BugNew4Cancelling transaction does not work after performing nested delayed sync writeAntti Villberg2017-11-24 12:53 pm
7637BugFeedback4Clusters are persisted earlier than intendedJussi Koskela2017-11-23 11:42 am
7635BugClosed4Undo operation takes up to 5 secondsJussi Koskela2017-11-23 10:51 am
7634BugClosed4Unsafe reverting of SCL contextJussi Koskela2017-11-23 10:49 am
7633BugClosed4AbstractEventHandler catches exceptions prematurely within the requestsJussi Koskela2017-11-23 09:42 am
7620BugNew4Shared library dependencies not updated when migrating to new version2017-11-15 09:03 am
7612BugClosed4NPE when disposing uninitialized SCL module editorJussi Koskela2017-11-13 03:03 pm
7611BugClosed4Low performance when opening log viewJussi Koskela2017-11-13 03:03 pm
7589BugClosed4Shared libraries view brokenJussi Koskela2017-11-13 03:02 pm
7577BugClosed4StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving issue pathJussi Koskela2017-11-06 09:26 am
7566BugClosed4Asynchronously applied styling missing from exported diagramsJussi Koskela2017-11-06 11:00 pm
7565BugClosed4Async transaction count not declared volatile but accessed from multiple threadsJussi Koskela2017-11-06 10:57 pm
7558BugClosed4Closing svg tag not added by SCLScenegraphJussi Koskela2017-11-06 10:26 pm
7557EnhancementClosed4Generate tidier SVG from diagramsJussi Koskela2017-11-06 08:42 pm
7502BugNew4RouteGraph rendering ignores duplicate RoutePoints with identical coordinatesJani Simomaa2017-09-25 09:00 am
7442EnhancementClosed4Option to pass custom TG configuration to exportModel functionJussi Koskela2017-11-05 11:15 pm
7441EnhancementClosed4Add rounding to Simupedia connection linesJussi Koskela2017-11-05 11:11 pm
7419EnhancementClosed4Export org.simantics.modeling.ui.sharedontology.wizard packageJussi Koskela2017-11-05 10:47 pm
7418BugClosed4ModelImportWizard.doImport does not import the model to specified targetJussi Koskela2017-10-09 02:45 pm
7405BugClosed4Improvements to resolving primitive properties in document serverJussi Koskela2017-08-07 01:56 pm
7403BugClosed4PropertyMap.get does not return null if there is no mapping for the keyJussi Koskela2017-08-07 01:56 pm
7354EnhancementClosed4Fix "Retry mutex acquire"Jussi Koskela2017-07-06 08:47 am
7348BugClosed4New GUIDs are not generated for copy-pasted diagram elementsTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-28 11:04 am
7310BugNew4SysDyn property view for variables is broken2017-11-05 11:09 pm
7300BugClosed4Fail-safe import fails to create correct ExternalEntities if they have slashes in their namesJussi Koskela2017-08-07 01:56 pm
7299BugClosed4Fail-safe import fails to create ExternalEntities as root resource's childrenJussi Koskela2017-08-07 01:56 pm
7231BugClosed4Calculating bounding box for dynamic symbol fails if its SVG contains empty TSpanJussi Koskela2017-05-29 02:58 pm
7203BugClosed4FileImportService fails to match file extensions2017-05-29 02:16 pm
7106BugClosed4Opening symbol code editor / symbol drop handler code editor failsJussi Koskela2017-06-12 02:29 pm
7101BugClosed4Not possible to open declaration of SCL module from import with relative path (F3)Jussi Koskela2017-06-12 03:01 pm
7075BugClosed4Hardening of DB index integrityJussi Koskela2017-06-12 02:22 pm
7074BugClosed4Incorrect filtering condition in file deletionJussi Koskela2017-06-07 04:52 pm
7005BugNew4"Installed groups" project information in the database is not updated when new features are installed2017-04-26 01:03 am
6944EnhancementClosed4Add stack trace to document server event handler error messagesJussi Koskela2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6931FeatureClosed4SCL module should be able to specify bundle for class loadingHannu Niemistö2017-06-07 04:52 pm
6906BugClosed4Cluster sets are written to wrong directory until first DB snapshot is madeJussi Koskela2017-02-23 03:29 pm
6904EnhancementClosed4Save cluster sets only when creating DB snapshotsJussi Koskela2017-02-23 03:31 pm
6890EnhancementClosed4Show modelled STS tests in model browser in execution orderJussi Koskela2017-01-27 12:21 am
6889EnhancementClosed4Run modelled STS tests in alphanumeric order in case of equal execution priorityJussi Koskela2017-01-27 12:22 am
6886FeatureClosed4Remove a file on the R serverJussi Koskela2016-12-31 04:35 pm
6885BugClosed4Import/export menuitems missing from Simantics Desktop productJussi Koskela2016-12-31 08:29 pm
6878FeatureClosed4Show compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the testsHannu Niemistö2017-07-10 10:58 pm
6863BugClosed4ValueConversion.parsePrimitive consumes NumberFormatException silentlyJussi Koskela2016-12-13 01:26 pm
6833FeatureClosed4Test RExp inheritance in SCLJussi Koskela2016-12-05 06:58 pm
6821FeatureClosed4Possibility to skip bytes when reading InputStream in SCLJussi Koskela2016-11-23 04:36 pm
6814EnhancementClosed4Introduce better AWT FlowLayout replacement - WrapLayoutJussi Koskela2016-12-06 01:38 am
6774SupportClosed4Move Simupedia specific interfaces to Simupedia pluginsJussi Koskela2016-12-05 07:21 pm
6772EnhancementClosed4Improvements to document file/folder exporting/importingJussi Koskela2016-12-06 12:35 am
6771EnhancementClosed4Store byte array data to GraphFile using RandomAccessBinaryJussi Koskela2016-12-06 12:37 am
6770BugClosed4ActionContext contributions do not bubble downJussi Koskela2016-12-13 10:45 am
6766FeatureClosed4URI escaping via document request interfaceJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:20 pm
6764BugOn hold4Acorn: Heap overflow when importing 1GB+ FileDocumentAntti Villberg2017-08-14 05:08 pm
6741BugClosed4Resource value stream should return -1 on read when no more bytes are availableJussi Koskela2016-12-06 01:03 am
6740EnhancementClosed4Caching improvements for some queriesJussi Koskela2016-12-06 01:01 am
6739EnhancementClosed4Improvements to FormattingUtil number formatterJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:20 pm
6735FeatureClosed4Interface for document server to read FileDocumentsJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:40 pm
6731FeatureClosed4Generic implementation of NewDocumentFolder actionJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:42 pm
6681FeatureClosed4Poll listener for document serverJussi Koskela2016-12-05 11:37 pm
6613BugClosed4SCL text editor's content assist didn't work with relative importsJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:57 pm
6610FeatureClosed4Create temporary directory in SCLJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:56 pm
6609FeatureClosed4Resource copying in SCLJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:41 pm
6608FeatureClosed4Read variant's datatype in SCLJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:39 pm
6606FeatureClosed4Improvements to document history handlerJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:38 pm
6589BugClosed4SCL: NPE when referring from type alias to another type alias declared laterHannu Niemistö2016-10-23 10:20 pm
6584BugClosed4Error location reported incorrectly for failed relative SCL module importsJussi Koskela2016-10-23 09:43 pm
6549FeatureClosed4Multiple data definitions componentJussi Koskela2016-10-23 04:59 pm
6538BugClosed4Incorrect equals/hashCode implementation for SymbolProviderFactoriesJussi Koskela2016-09-28 03:08 pm
6516FeatureClosed4Extend TreeMap SCL APIJussi Koskela2016-06-17 04:25 pm
6471BugOn hold4Refactor subscriptions and charts to use L0.identifier+Name instead of Name+LabelTuukka Lehtonen2016-12-05 06:42 pm
6452SupportClosed4Include full BatikJussi Koskela2016-10-22 03:50 pm
6427SupportClosed4Add PDFBoxJussi Koskela2016-09-25 10:16 pm
6426BugClosed4NPE when reading missing G2D device configurationJussi Koskela2016-04-26 09:24 am
6418BugClosed4BTree removes the owner of its root node when the last item is removedJussi Koskela2016-04-20 12:32 pm
6385EnhancementClosed4Document dataDefinitionRelation should not be functionalJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:17 am
6379EnhancementClosed4Improvements to SCL code indenting/unindenting in SCLModuleEditorJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:16 am
6366EnhancementClosed4Equals & hashCode not implemented for data structures in CollectionSupportImplJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:14 am
6360EnhancementClosed4Improvements to BTreeJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:24 am
6356EnhancementClosed4Make claimRelatedValueWithType_ SCL function publicJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:12 am
6355BugClosed4ResourceTGValueModifier fails with Optional resourcesAntti Villberg2016-04-19 04:15 pm
6352FeatureClosed4Execute delayed write requests in SCLJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:09 am
6350EnhancementClosed4Option to not write comment metadata when creating annotation instancesJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:08 am
6346EnhancementClosed4Document server should throw IOExceptions in request/response interfacesJussi Koskela2016-04-21 10:07 am
6333EnhancementClosed4Error logging interface for document serverJussi Koskela2016-02-26 11:07 am
6330BugClosed4Removing items from BTree's internal nodes works incorrectlyJussi Koskela2016-04-19 02:43 pm
6313FeatureClosed4Improvements to SCL file APIJussi Koskela2016-02-22 11:08 am
6309FeatureClosed4Test if File is file or directory in SCLJussi Koskela2016-04-21 12:23 am
6308FeatureClosed4Get workspace directory in SCLJussi Koskela2016-02-22 11:03 am
6294FeatureClosed4TreeMap in SCLJussi Koskela2016-02-22 11:01 am
6293BugOn hold4Annotation property relations are created without change information and GUIDJussi Koskela2016-12-06 12:27 am
6277BugClosed4StringEscapeUtils does not escape backslashJussi Koskela2016-02-22 10:48 am
6274EnhancementClosed4Change information fixesJussi Koskela2016-04-21 08:42 am
6273EnhancementClosed4GUID fixesJussi Koskela2016-04-21 08:41 am
6260FeatureClosed4Alias for document URIJussi Koskela2016-04-21 12:20 am
6223FeatureClosed4Make rawVariantValue function public in SCLJussi Koskela2016-09-20 11:50 pm
6219FeatureClosed4Possibility to remove SCLRealms from SCLSessionManagerJussi Koskela2016-01-01 10:57 am

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