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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7831BugClosed4ByteArray has two "show" implementationsMiro Eklund2018-03-28 10:59 pm
7830BugClosed4Document/All.scl getTuples implementation changed from [a] to [Dynamic]Miro Eklund2018-03-28 07:58 pm
7679BugClosed4Compiling ontologies from UI causes null display and failsMiro Eklund2018-03-07 11:30 am
7182BugClosed4ExternalEntities found incorrectlyMiro Eklund2017-07-10 11:50 pm
7173BugClosed4Spreadsheet fixesMiro Eklund2017-06-12 02:03 pm
6729EnhancementClosed4Improved file import to take account mismatching dropins and absolutepathMiro Eklund2016-12-06 02:03 pm
6669EnhancementClosed4PossibleModel changed to PossibleIndexRoot in a few important locations related to FMU Models and their functionality outside their default locationMiro Eklund2016-12-06 12:13 am
6665EnhancementClosed4Added new function for importing FMU models to SCLMiro Eklund2016-12-06 01:44 pm
6659EnhancementClosed4SpreadsheetCell value evaluation improvementsMiro Eklund2016-12-06 01:27 pm
6658BugClosed4(Fixed) Search-field in Help -> Contents gave infinite nullpointerexceptionsMiro Eklund2016-12-06 01:24 pm
6652EnhancementClosed4Added new, helpful description to Hyperlink Widget target descriptionMiro Eklund2016-12-06 09:49 pm
6644EnhancementClosed4Added support for TreeTableCells to be found and used by SCL. Also expanded available functions in DB and VariablesMiro Eklund2016-12-07 06:45 am
6640EnhancementClosed4Imported excel files using ExcelImport are now guaranteed a unique nameMiro Eklund2016-12-05 11:19 pm
6627EnhancementClosed4New Spreadsheets are immediately synchronizedMiro Eklund2016-12-06 01:21 pm
6601EnhancementClosed4PlatformUI now shows property tab for shared ontology selectionsMiro Eklund2016-10-23 10:34 pm
6588EnhancementClosed4ExcelImport now finds column and row sizeMiro Eklund2016-10-23 10:10 pm
6581EnhancementClosed4FormulaFunctions now recognize excel error values and handle them the same way as excel wouldMiro Eklund2016-12-06 12:50 am
6566FeatureClosed4Implemented MatchFormulaFunctionMiro Eklund2016-10-23 09:10 pm
6557BugClosed4IsErrorFormulaFunction (pure boolean version of IfErrorFormulaFunction)Miro Eklund2016-10-23 09:11 pm
6556BugClosed4IfErrorFormulaFunction implementedMiro Eklund2016-10-23 05:29 pm
6545BugClosed4spreadsheet.graph: Fixed SumFormulaFunctionMiro Eklund2016-06-20 12:33 pm
6544BugClosed4Spreadsheet.graph: GEOMEAN function calculation fixed. "Visit Comparison" for evalutation which values is bigger now works with strings in addition to numbers. AddedMiro Eklund2016-06-20 11:49 am


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